5 Windows 10 Ideas and Features Copied from MAC

Microsoft and Apple are perpetual antagonist since the initial days. There might have some features of MAC those are copied from Windows but today, I am going to write down some very propitious features of Windows which are actually featured on Apple’s MAC for the first time.
Although, Microsoft has come to the cutting edge to release Windows 10 stable version, yet, some of the charismatic features of this version have been available on MAC from past few years. Anyway, let’s check out the list.

Windows 10 Ideas and Features Copied from MAC

1. Free Upgrade

This is not a feature. Rather, this is an idea that brought MAC to a higher level. Once you buy an Apple Mac Book, Mac Mini or iMac, you will start receiving free OS upgrades whenever it is released by Apple. Apple has given away OS X Mavericks and OS X Yosemite for free to all the previous version users. This single decision has helped Apple to grow up rapidly in the competitive market.
However, now, Microsoft has announced that their upcoming version of Windows will be giving away to all the Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users at no cost. That means, if you are now using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you will be able to upgrade your PC to Windows 10 for free once it is launched in near future.

2. Windows App Store

Until, Windows 7, there was no such in-built app store in the operating system. Whenever the users needed to download any software they had to open up a browser and download. However, Windows 8 had got a dedicated app store, which was consisted with loads of apps. The same yet much improved Windows App Store is available on Windows 10 as well. This is cool. Right?
If you have used MAC, you can realize that MAC already had an in-built App Store that is being managed by Apple itself. MAC users can simply create an Apple ID and start download/purchasing applications.

3. Notification Bar

Do you like the brand new notification bar of Windows 10 Technical Preview? But, if you check MAC Yosemite or any other older version, you will find the same yet more powerful Notification bar. The notification bar displays all the notifications, different widgets and many more things on Yosemite. On the other hand, Microsoft has included such a notification bar in Windows 10 Technical Preview that displays quite same notifications, settings pane, wireless device connection settings and many more. But, the actual idea was first featured on MAC.

4. Photo Editing

The latest Photos app of Windows 10 can be used as a photo viewer as well as basic photo editing tool. Yes, you can give some effects and do basic editing with the help of brand new enhanced Photos App of Windows 10. But, if you peek into MAC, you can find iPhoto, which has been available from years. The only difference is Microsoft has just integrated the iPhoto like feature in their Photos app. That’s it. The overall idea was first launched with Appleā€™s MAC.

5. OneDrive Integration

Have you heard about iCloud Drive? If ‘Yes’, you have already realized what I want to say. If ‘No’, let me explain. All Apple devices can be used and synchronized using the same Apple ID. That implies, if you have a photo on MAC and synchronized it via iCloud Drive, you can easily check that from another device that contains iCloud Drive.
Almost the same feature is available on Windows 10 Build 9926. As Windows 10 is coming soon to tablets and mobiles, Microsoft has started rolling out some features which will help users to synchronize files over OneDrive. Now, you can synchronize your files using OneDrive from Windows PC and that will be available on tablets and mobiles running Windows 10.
There may have some more features of Windows 10 which are actually copied from Apple’s MAC. However, we are digging into this.
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