How to Use Mobile Data Connection Plan for Personal Computers [Android]

You can reverse tether Android to share internet connection from a PC to your Android phone. But, what if you want the process back i.e you want to share the internet connection of your Android phone with any PC or Laptop? There may be some process, but that will require you to use the internet plan for your Android phone. If you want to use your android phone just like a modem for your PC or Laptop and want to use the normal mobile data connection plan for PC, here is how to do it.
From the brilliant developers of DeskSMS and ClockworkMod a new app comes between us, which allow us to browse internet on personal computer just by Mobile Phone Data Connection Plan. Which means that you can now use your Android phone as a modem to browse internet in your computer.
The ClockworkMod Tether app (no root) allows us to use mobile data connection plan through USB tethering to browse in the internet on pc or laptop and this great app works for non-rooted as well as rooted Android Phones. Another best thing about that app is that you don’t receive any data change problem.
tether amazing way to use Mobile Data Connection Plan for Personal Computers

Requirements for ClockworkMod Tether app:

To get started with the Tether app follow the list below:
1. Download and install virtual network adapter on your system. You can download this for all the three OS-

2. Again, you need to download and install ClockworkMod Tether app(no root) from Android Market or click here to download APK.
3. Go under the path Settings > Applications > Development to enable USB debugging. Also check for ‘Unknown Source’ under the path Settings > Applications.
4. Lastly, you need to uninstall other tethering apps like PdaNet in order to run Tether app.

Installation Processes to use the Android phone as modem:

Now you need to install and set tether app in your Mobile and PC.
1. When your Laptop/ Desktop browser direct you to ClockworkMod website, then you have to download extra ADB driver for your Mobile support. This ADB driver will allow you to connect between PC and mobile.
2. Connect the Android phone with your PC with the help of USB cable.
3. Now, open Tether app on Mobile and start you USB Tether by clicking the USB logo.
4. Go to your desktop and run Tether app to connect. In case, if it fails then restart the process till you find the successful connection.
Well, after this you can the browsing facility on your PC by using Mobile data connection. The Android phone will work like a modem for your computer. Enjoy it.



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