How To Upload YouTube Videos From Google Drive

Google Drive, just like Dropbox, offers lots of features. It’s just we, the users, have to explore a bit more about it. If in case, you are not using Dropbox to the fullest, then I would recommend you to read our previous article which offers you some out of box tips to get the most out of Dropbox. Now it’s time to explore Google Drive, and guess what, we’ve found a handy trick using which you can upload YouTube videos straight from Google Drive. It’s easy, requires one time setup and rest it’s a cake walk. So lets begin with the tutorial on how to upload YouTube Videos using Google Drive.

Requirements for uploading YouTube videos from Google Drive

  • Google Drive Account.
  • YouTube Account (with mobile phone verified). If it’s not, then do it.
  • Few videos in Google Drive.

The Steps

  • Get straight into your YouTube account. Drive direct into the ‘Settings’ Page.
  • Note down the ‘Mobile Upload’ email address which would be similar to this address:
  • Now, jump over to Google Drive account, search for the video that you want to upload it at YouTube.

share video email attachment

  • Right-click the video, move down to Share, through the sub-menu choose ‘Email as attachments’.

email as attachments google drive

  • In the ‘To’ field, write down the Mobile Upload Email address that you noted down in the previous step. Add a subject name and message to be printed along with the video there at the YouTube account.
  • You can also mail the same video to your Gmail account by simply ticking the ‘Send a copy to myself’ check-box. With this, your video will be mailed to your Gmail account too.
  • Lastly, click on ‘Send’ button and thus your video is uploaded to your YouTube account right from the Google Drive.

confirmation mail youtube account

  • What else, along with the video there in your Gmail account and the YouTube account, you’ll also get a confirmation mail, saying “Your video has been received by YouTube and is being processed”. Don’t believe my eyes? Here’s a screenshot(above) for you people.
  • Now have some rest, or enjoy Social Media posts over here at TechTipsApp.Com till YouTube is done with processing your mailed video.
  • Once done, you’ll be able to view it on your YouTube channel. From there you can share the link to the rest of the world.

google drive video on youtube

  • But first, go to Video Manager in YouTube and edit the needful, share it with the world after the finishing touch.

Note: If your video is too large, YouTube may refuse as there is a limit of uploading videos at YouTube. But you can still do that by removing YouTube Video upload limit.
That’s how you can send videos stored in Google Drive account to your YouTube account. If facing any issues, please let me know.


  1. I was disappointed to discover that there is a 25MB limit for attachments sent via Google Drive. So while this trick has some usefulness it really doesn’t help to upload most videos to YouTube I would think.

    • can you please review this method, I did not see the options under Share in drive and the email window that popped up looks different.
      So glad, that with all this technology, I am recording a video from my tablet, uploading to drive, then downloading to my computer and uploading to youtube.
      yeah, if I hit “record” from youtube and the chose my camera, could have avoided all this, but FFS

  2. @Tim: I partially agree with you. But this service has been just launched. Hope Google will expand the size in future.

  3. It’s an inherent limitation of email attachment size. Google needs to add a ‘share to’ link for Youtube as this “trick” will not ever be likely to support videos over 25mb.
    So sad Google….
    You want people to start using Drive and Google+ you better put this feature in. Fast!

  4. One of the best articles I’ve seen over the web for a while ago. I was trying to upload a video from my Laptop directly to YouTube, and I don’t know why, the network was refusing it. This way, I simply put the video on my Google Drive, and from there, emailed it to YouTube. Thanks.

  5. Very interesting article…but I face the same issue of size limit of 25MB by email. It’s impossible to send my Gameplay with this technique as their size is about 400-800 MB…hope Google will fix that soon.

  6. How long does it usually take for the video (sent via email) to appear in youtube videos list? I’ve sent mine like 30 minutes ago, and nothing yet. But when I send it to another email address. I received it. 🙁

  7. For large videos, try this: Add them to an album in Google+ directly from Drive, then import from Google+ to Youtube using then new import option (should be to the right in youtube after you select upload). I was able to transfer a 2GB file from Drive to Google+ to Youtube using this method.

  8. In the new Google drive there are no options to “share”
    I did email from the “advanced” button but the vids did not
    reached my youtube account… any workaround known ?? 1000 thnx!!

    • When I use Google+ So I can import the video it’s say ” The server has rejected the file ” and I do what it’s say but no useful! So can anyone help?

  9. I am looking for a way for my online community to easily share / push their gaming videos to our community’s YouTube playlist. I was hoping to do this by having them simply send the video using this mobile email address method along with playlist rules I added to auto populate the playlist if specific tags were used. Is there a way to do something like this with Google+ and Drive? In other words I need a way for numerous members who want to collaborate and add videos to a communal YouTube channel.

      • Thanks Tammy I read that one previously and used that advice to transfer ownership of our YouTube channel. It was originally created before the Google acquisition and did not have a Gmail associated with it. The only way to use my email vs. the original creators was to do this Google+ management thing. However we have nearly 400 users so I’d like to limit their admin access to the channel. I’m really blown away there isn’t some sort of collaboration thing integrated yet. I also looked into YTDL which is an API you can use to allow folks to submit clips via a website. It didn’t work out too well due to the size of the files. Most of our folks are uploading game clips and montages which are in the 500 to 1500MB range.

  10. Hi! I’ve read this article and watched a video tutorial made by a man who made his video in 2012, but it seems to be updated as I have tried 3-4 times to upload my videos onto YouTube. . .
    I would like to say though, I made a new gmail account for extra Google Drive space and allowed sharing between my main e-mail and that e-mail, and I uploaded videos to place onto the main YouTube account I use and tried the method you used.
    What was popping up after the step:
    – Right Click on video pick (+) Share – E-mail Attachement
    This was popping up instead: – Share – E-mail – – – upper right hand corner of e-mail message box shows a “Can Edit”/”Can Comment”/”Can View”
    So, I tried to go through that a couple of times. . .However, since there was no “e-mail as attachment option” I figured that the feature has changed, but I don’t know that this is because this video was in the “Shared With Me” portion of my drive.
    – – Then again, I don’t think that it should matter because it’s an e-mail.
    So, my question is, has it really changed and there is a different way of doing this? Or did I pick the wrong choice – and should try clicking “Can View” Or does it just not work anymore and a new way of sharing video files between google accounts should to be found?
    I for one would LOVE to find a FASTER way of sharing between Google Drive and YouTube, however I’m running out of space and there should already have been a way to share content between gmail accounts to place onto YouTube, so. . .I’m just trying to figure it out without having to download the content back onto my computer and use more of my computer’s disk space since I’ve been trying to keep that as clean as possible.


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