Top 10 Meta Search Engines to Get More Search Result

There are different types of search engines. As per the workflow, we can differentiate search engine in two different types. First one is the regular search engine. For example, Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. And the second one is the Meta search engine. We all know about regular search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc. which index webpages and show results against your search query. This is as simple as said.
However, a Meta search engine is such a search engine that collects data from other regular search engines, consolidate the gathered results and show them to the user. That means, there is a high probability to get more and refined result from a Meta Search Engine.

The Architecture of Meta Search Engines

I am sure the following image can simplify everything,
Now, if you want to know about some great and useful Meta Search Engines, read on. Here are some useful search engines for you.


Dogpile is being developed by InfoSpace LLC and it shows data from Google and Yahoo. Although, it doesn’t support any other search engines except these two giants yet you will get a good result from it. Not only web search but also you can get images, videos, news, local listing, shopping deals and white pages right from this Meta search engine.


This is one of the best Meta search engines out there. It can help you to get results from tons of search engines and standalone websites including Google Web search, Google Image search, Google News, Google Maps, Yahoo, Bing,, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion, LiveLeak, LinkedIN, IMDb, Slashdot,,, New York Times and more others. This is very easy to get search results from search engines as well as social media websites using Sputtr.F


This is a completely new side of Meta search engine. The user interface looks really good because of the simplicity. By making use of Clusty, you can search for news, web, job, Wikipedia, Govt. websites, blogs and many more. Clusty includes various major search engines as well as websites such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, CNN, New York Times, Wikipedia and more others. However, the only drawback is you cannot search for images.


They are not competitor. Instead, StartPage is a developed version of IxQuick. Rather than indexing tons of search engines’ results, IxQuick shows result from only Google. It indexes results from different Google search including Web, Image, News, Videos, Maps, eBooks etc. The most important thing is that you will get exact Google search result but your IP address, Cookies will not be tracked by IxQuick or StartPage. This is where these two search engines excel.


Although, it doesn’t show results from Google or any other major search engines yet the result is very accurate. Mamma shows the result about web, news, image, video and local. It shows pictures from Picsearch, yellow pages from Yelllow Book, Maps from Mapquest and so forth. The overall features and user interface are up to the mark. Actually, it looks like Bing web search.


This is another awesome Meta search engine that comes with high indexing rate. The start screen looks pretty cluttered. This is because Symbaloo shows all sources of search result on the start screen. It shows result from Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIN, Reddit, YouTube, Gmail, Wikipedia, Tumblr, WordPress, Weebly, Walmart, Zappos, EBay, Amazon,, Tripadvisor, Target, Netflix, Yalp, Skype, IMDb and many more. In one line, this is the nearest competitor of Sputtr.
The most neat and clean search engine, which has more than enough types of search result. You can search for Music, Blogs, Books, Fonts, image, Social Bookmarks, Web 2.0 sites, Jobs, People, Recipes, Videos and more others. is the most useful search engine for everybody who wants to get refined search in just a click.

This is probably the most interactive Meta Search Engine out there. is developed by Cnet and it shows different search results including web search, image, video, games, shopping, people, news and entertainment. If you search for live score or something like that, you will realize that it shows results from Google. Not only Google but also it gathers results from Ask Jeeves, AltaVista, MSN and more other giant search engines. consolidates results from Google, yahoo, Bing and Yandex. These four search engines are more than enough to provide tons of results about Web search, jobs, image, video, news, sopping, flights & hotels, webmail, online classifieds and more others. The UI is pretty good and the search result page shows related search terms. Hence, you can get more accurate result using those search terms.


It is yet another awesome Meta Search Engine for getting results from various regular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing,, AOL etc. The search result type is very limited. It shows web search, news, image, videos and blogs. Unlike other search engines, PolyMeta provides option to select any particular source to get results.
If you are not satisfied with Google or Yahoo’s search result, this is the perfect time to go with a Meat Search Engine. As we have enlisted top 10 Meta search engines here, this would very easy to find out the best one for you. Hope this list will assist you for sure.


  1. From your description above “IxQuick shows result from only Google.” This is incorrect.
    It is actually Start Page that shows only results from Google, as stated at Start Page’s About page. IxQuick searches a variety of search engines.

  2. I’ve been using alot lately. Very nice design, user friendly, and highly relevant results. I’d consider adding them to the list.

  3. Sorry, but not only do you misspell “meta” as “meat” in your conclusion, but your recommendation that Sputtr is “one of the best meta search engines out there” is a load of crap!!!
    I tried a search for which I got loads of results in Google, yet Sputtr lived up to its name, sputtered and died telling me “NO RESULTS”
    Will never use it again. There was only ever one TRUE metasearch engine that disappeared about 10 years ago (probably due to lack of funding) and NONE has ever even come close (sorry but I can’t remember the name anymore). Even then it was simple, elegant, fast and displayed each search engine it was using and the progress that had been made, and all results were in order of relevance and displayed the search engine from which the result was obtained.
    Bye Bye


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