Testify App Review: The Social Media of Videos

Smartphones are an integral part of one’s lifestyle, whether it is a 7-year old kid or a 60-year old granny, every average Joe now owns a smartphone. Apparently smartphones were made to make our lives easier and to a huge extent they have actually made our life easier but now it looks as if everyone is addicted to it! And the reason behind this addiction is none other Internet!
People are going gaga over videos on internet! A smartphone is capable of doing some amazing things and one of those is video editing, there are not much “good” apps that allow proper video editing on a smartphone. Testify is one such video editing app that has been developed by Garima Juneja and Gaurav Mishra but it’s not just another video editing app, it is a lot more.400x250
Testify is a social media of its own! You can easily call it the Instagram of videos. But is that enough to credit this app as a “good video editor”?  Let’s find it out in our review of Testify!


Testify is the perfect example of a social media that is specifically designed just for videos. This app not only comes with features to edit a particular video but it even allows you to share it with people in different ways.
If you are using the app for the first time then the app will request you to log in and create a profile on it, this profile just acts like other profiles on different social media platform, in short it is your identity on the app. The user needs to follow at least 5 people in order to proceed. If you ask me then this is not really the best thing to do, following 5 unknown people is something that not everyone would love to do.  Although the developers say that it is done so as the user doesn’t sees an empty feed for the first time. After creating the profile and following 5 people, all other features of the app open up and you can finally start creating and editing videos.
The app has got a really striking user interface that will attract you the very first time you use it. Testify allows you to edit existing videos on your smartphone or you can shoot a new video right from the app itself and edit it. If you are choosing a video from the gallery then it should be noted that the app only allows media content  upto 50MB, meaning that if your video exceeds this size then the app won’t import it. If you plan to shoot a video from the app then you can select from both; the rear and the front camera.
Editing options include cutting the video, muting the audio, changing the playback speed, adding subtitles and rotating the video layout. All of the features work perfectly but at times they can be a bit tedious to use. You can even put a sticker on your video from the range of stickers that the app provides.
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After editing, user can choose whether he wants to save the video offline or wants to share it with the rest of the community. You can even add a title for the video, choose location and choose a category while sharing the video. And after that you can finally share it with everyone.
Other users can like, comment and share your video whereas you can also do the same on others videos. If you want then you can even share the video on your other social media platforms.
What’s my final word on this app?  Actually it is a really great application and is based on a great concept but still there is a huge scope of improvement. The app sometimes gets glitchy and there are few small things that need to be fixed here and there. If you’re someone who shoots a lot of videos and wants to edit it on the go as well as share it with someone else then Testify is the app for you.
Testify is available on Google Play Store and can be downloaded from here.


  1. Never knew testify was such an amazing social media platform, though I never heard about it before. But reading about it now, made me change my mind. Hope one day everyone would start using it just like any other video social media. Well written article.


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