How to Test Website in Various Mobile Devices without Physically Owning Them

Designing of your site for the internet users is a difficult job as it appears differently in different browsers and resolutions. Here a complete guide to test website in various mobile devices without physically owning them.
Your website would be looking different when browsing from a different browser like Firefox, Opera, Sea Monkey, Google Chrome, Netscape etc. Again, you might be knowing that the view of your website may differ in the same browser but different operating system. As example, if you test your website with Firefox in both Windows and Linux, you’d see the difference in there appearance. You may get some difference in font, mainly.

How to Test Website in Various Mobile Devices?

There are various methods to test website in different mobiles without owning them. You can check out the following tools.

Browser Shots

Browser Shots
Browser Shots is the best web application to check your newly designed website in more than fifty browsers and operating systems. Just click on the link and type the address of your website. The application provides a good number of slandered browsers to be tested with your website. The only drawback of this tool is this is bit slow.

Mobile Test

Mobile Test is yet another awesome tool but it has limited features or platform support. As of now, you can test your website on Apple iPhone 5, HTC One, Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung Galaxy Y, Google Nexus 7 and Apple iPad Mini. This is very easy to use tool. Just go to the website and enter your website url after selecting a mobile. That’s all.

Opera Mobile Classic Emulator

Opera Mobile Classic Emulator is a standalone software, which is available at free of cost for Windows, Mac and Linux. It does support various mobiles as well as tablets including Asus Nexus 7, HTC Desire, HTC Evo 3D, HTC Evo 4G, Motorola Droid RAZR HD, Motorola Droid RAZR M and more others. You will get a complete Opera Mini environment to check your websites.


iPadPeek is for you if you would like to test your website from iOS devices. Although, the website is not updated with latest iOS devices, yet, you can check your website from old iPad and ipad. This is also possible to change the orientation in order to get better view.

Mobile Phone Emulator

Mobile Phone Emulator helps users to test website in plenty of mobiles including iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, Apple iPad Air, HTC HD 2 and so forth. It also provides technical information about the browser that is currently being used. On the other hand, this is possible to alter the screen resolution to check landscape view.


In terms of number of supported features, Screenfly is the best. Screenfly comes with not only mobiles but also desktop, tablet, HD TV with predefined as well as custom resolution. That means, you can easily check how your website looks in a particualr resolution. You can test your website on 10-inch Netbook as well as 24-inch desktop. Some popular mobiles and tablets including Motorola RAZR V8, Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S5 etc. are supported by this web application.

Responsiveness Checker by Studiopress

Studiopress is a widely popular WordPress Framework maker. To check mobile responsiveness, you can try out their official tool. Although, it doesn’t show any mobile device name, yet, you can check any website in various resolutions. Just head to the website, enter your website url and hit enter.

Cross Browser Testing

Cross Browser Testing is a premium cloud based application that assists users to check their website from more than 300 web browsers. You can get desktop as well as mobile devices without physically owning them. It supports Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Blackberry and more other operating systems. The price of premium account starts from $29.95 per month. However, you can try the trial edition before purchasing premium account.


This is another premium website check for you. The price of Browshot is comparatively less than Cross Browser Testing. Anyway, you can obviously try the trial version of this tool. You will get various mobile browsers including iPhone 5, iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad Mini, Android Nexus 7, BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet and more others.

Google Chrome

This is one of the best tools to test website in various mobile devices. You do not have to install any third party extension or do anything else. Just open up your website and press F12. If you are on Mac, you can press Cmd + Opt + I. Now, click on the “Mobile” button.
Now, you can select any mobile that is enlisted and also change the Network.
This is most useful because you can check your website on a graph. hence, it would be far better and easier for you to design your website.
Bottom Line
This is obviously very costly to purchase expensive mobiles and tablets only for testing purpose. That is where these aforementioned websites and tricks step in to test website in various mobile devices without physically owning them.


  1. doesn’t work. It just loads the website in a smaller (iPhone-sized) window. It doens’t recognise any special iphone device code and related css.

  2. That’s right, so many of the “iphone” test sites just load the page into an iframe surrounded by a graphic of the phone. All a swizz.


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