Four Ways You Can Test Software without Messing Up Primary OS [Bloggers Guide]

First thing first. This tutorial is only for tech bloggers by a tech blogger. If you write on various software tutorials, reviews etc. you might have already messed up your primary computer. This is a common problem among a major percentage of tech bloggers. Tech bloggers need to test various software before writing on them. This seems very easy for a different niche blogger or writer, but it is actually very difficult to maintain a healthy environment all the time.
Being a tech blogger from initial days, I know how it feels, when you need to format your PC or dual-boot your PC to write on latest operating system or something else. Therefore, today I am going to introduce some well-known and very helpful guide that will let you prevent other software and entire writing environment from being cluttered. Let’s check out the solutions.

Use VMware

This is one of the best solutions out there. VMware is the best virtualization software available for Windows, Mac and Linux. That means, no matter what ever Operating System you are using, but you can virtualize your primary OS using this software. VMware assists everyone to create virtual machine and then users can install operating system using the .iso image. For example, if you want to use Ubuntu 14.04 virtually, simply download the .iso image from the official website and then set it up as per your requirement.
The best part is you can include as much hard drive space as you want. There would not be any limitation. The only limitation you might get is RAM. Generally, it recommends users to use 50% of physical RAM for the virtual machine. But, you can use more than 70% RAM if your processor is good enough. On the other hand, if you have 8GB+ RAM, there is no need to go higher than 50% to install any OS.


This is yet another brilliant virtual machine creator for popular platforms including Windows, Mac etc. Alike VMware, you can virtually install any operating system using VirtualBox. You can even run WhatsApp on your PC using VirtualBox. However, when it comes to stability and overall performance, VMware seems better than VirtualBox. Nevertheless, VirtualBox requires a minimum set up and everyone can make use of this tool without having any issue like lagging.
Just like VMware, you should keep in mind that some problems may occur if you include more than recommended RAM to install any OS using VirtualBox. If you want to use internet on the virtual machine, there should not be any required setup since VirtualBox can implement the existing settings for the virtual machine.


Cameyo helps users to install any application virtually in the browser. Cameyo is a cloud based application and available at free of cost. Instead of installing multiple software on the primary operating system, you can simply virtualize it using Cameyo. Nevertheless, the performance would not be as good as it gives on a real PC. That means, not all the applications can be installed and not all installed applications can perform as you are thinking.
To install apps virtually using Cameyo, just head over to the website, create an account, upload your application and install it. However, it has some restrictions. You cannot upload software that is more than 30MB. At the same time, you cannot put the url of any software that is more than 120MB.

Get a Separate Machine

If virtualization does not help you to keep away from problems, the last solution will certainly help you a lot. If you have a separate machine for work, you can get rid of all kind of problems. No matter, what software you need to install or how many software you have to get, you can simply use them on your work computer and your personal computer or computer for entertainment will be healthy all the time.
Bottom Line
In initial days, I have effectively used VMware for virtualization – I am still using though. Later on, the last solution helped me a lot to keep away from all kind of problems and errors in operating system.
Hope these little tricks will help you as well.


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