Show Lock Screen Background Picture on Sign-in Screen in Windows 10

Microsoft’s Windows 10 has swept the floor with its amazing features. This version of Windows is being used by most people in the world compared to any version of the Windows. The developers Windows 10 are constantly upgrading this version since the start with new features, new looks and much more. All these developments by Microsoft has made Windows 10 an amazing operating system for the users. This is the only version of Windows which can be used by any kind or type of person. Even if it’s a gamer, a business man, developer or a student at home it usable for everyone.
Windows 10 is certainly an awesome operating system out there, which is being used by millions of people from across the globe. From the day 1 of Windows 10 development, Microsoft is trying to implement something new every day and as a result, they have created an awesome OS for the users, which can be used by any kind of people including students, developers, gamers, businessman etc.
The developers of windows 10 has included a very easy to use options panel, this has contributed a lot to the popularity of this operating system. This options panel allows the user to do anything faster than before. For example, if you want to change the background image of your Windows 10 Lock Screen, you can easily do this in your new Settings Panel. This version of Windows is very easy to use and allows any nonprofessional person to complete any task on this OS.
If you are a user of Windows 10, you will be well aware about the preloaded Lock Screen, which is the first thing you see when you switch on your PC. Lock Screen can also be activated by pressing Win + L keys from your keyboard. The Lock Screen is almost empty and does not contain anything important or anything that threatens your privacy. You can view, date & time, a background and notifications from some apps you enabled it for. When on Lock screen if you click on it, the lock screen slides up and Sign in screen appears. Here you are provided with the username or computer name, email ID and a password field. You just have to enter the password to sign in to your PC.
Now the problem occurs when you try to change the background picture for your Sign in screen. It is surely possible to change the background image of your Lock Screen but same is not allowed for the Sign in screen. There is no option in any settings allowing the user to do this. Anyhow like many other users you may also want to change the look of your Sign in screen. It is not much of a big deal but it really looks amazing when it is done. To change your traditional Windows 10 background image from the Sign in Screen and add up any image you want you need to follow the guide explained below. It is very easy and any person carry out these steps.
But before getting into this guide you should be well aware that this problem cannot be dealt with in a stable version of Windows 10. You must have Microsoft Windows 10 insider preview Build 14291 to enable this feature on your computer. Microsoft has included this feature in this version and may as well include it in all the later versions as well, so if you have Windows 10 insider preview Build 14291 or later version of Windows 10 build, you can follow the steps below to show the background of your Lock Screen on your Sign in Screen.

How to Show Lock Screen Background image on Sign-in Screen in Windows 10

This feature very easy to enable on your computer, it does not require any third party app or software. It does not consume much of your time because it is a built in option in your new settings panel of Windows 10. To complete this task, follow the steps below.

  • First of all, open the new settings panel by pressing Win + I or through your new Start Menu.
  • No select the option of Personalization and click on it, to open the Personalization settings.
  • After opening the Personalization Settings, you may find different options on the left pane. Here select Lock Screen option.
  • Once the window has switched to Lock Screen settings, now, you can find the option called Show lock screen background picture on the sign-in screen.

  • Just toggle the button to get things done.

That’s it! That all you have to do to make your Lock Screen background image as your Sign in Screen background image. I hope this tutorial was helpful to you and I made it really easy for you to understand the procedure.



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