How To Share Posts in Both Google Plus and Facebook At The Same Time

    Folks are going to make their new community at Google plus regardless of whether they have a Facebook account or not. Those who were using Facebook for their social purpose are also giving this new social network a try. While you can add all Facebook friends to Google plus circle(s), sharing your thoughts in both Google plus and Facebook at the same time might be worth for saving your time.
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    Sharing things manually in both is nothing but a lengthy process. The same thing can be done between Twitter and Facebook accounts by a Facebook app i.e your Twitter updates will be automatically published at your Facebook account. But, Google plus does not allow any third-party access of its API. But there is a way to do the same between Google+ and Facebook.

    Consider to follow this complete guide on how to automatically share your Google plus posts with Facebook friends.

    How to share Google plus post with Facebook friends

    Facebook allows mobile users to upload their Facebook status, photos etc. via a secret email address. Though this feature was included in Facebook for the sake of their mobile users, you can use that secret email id to send your Google post as a status update to Facebook. Here is the steps to go.
    1. Browse Facebook mobile page and log-in with your Facebook account credentials (If you did not still activated the Facebook mobile feature, do it now). You can see your unique email address at the bottom of the page. This email id can be used to upload any status update or photo without opening the Facebook. Simply grab it.

    2. Now, go to your Google plus profile, write something that you want to share at the Google plus stream, add that secret email address along with the Google plus Circles* at the visibility box and press the Share button.

    * If you don’t add any Circle in the visibility box, the post will remain invisible for your Google plus friends. So, make sure to select the visibility as public or add the circle(s) before sharing the post.
    3. You are done!! Your post will be shared with both your Google plus and Facebook friends.
    4. However, you can add the secret Facebook email address in a new circle in your Google plus profile. This will help you to handle the email address easily. You won’t have to remember it each time you share a post.
    5. For convenience of use, you can give the circle name as Google + Facebook (say) and add that circle when sharing any post from the Google plus stream.

    If you add any email address that is not related with any Google plus profile, the post updates are emailed to that email address. Hence, when you share any post from your Google plus profile mentioning the visibility for that secret Facebook email address, it will send the post as email to that address and will be published in Facebook as your status update.
    It takes some time to be published in Facebook because Facebook goes for an authentication process before accepting the content from an email address.
    Remember that the Facebook email uploading system does not accept more than 50 characters. So any thing larger than it will automatically rejected by the uploading system.
    This works in both desktop and mobile. Just open your Google profile in mobile, add the Facebook + Google circle as well as the other circle(s) and press Share button. Your posts will be shared in both Google plus and Facebook profile shortly.
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    Install a simple Chrome Extension to Cross post updates in Facebook, Twitter from Google plus

    If don’t want to go through the above process, you can install a simple extension Extended share into your Google Chrome browser.
    Once you install that in your browser, simply type the post at the share box in Google plus stream and press the Share button. As long as you do this, an overlay window will seem like this.

    Clicking on the Facebook icon will take you into your Facebook account in a new browser tab and your post or link will be automatically copied at the text box. To share it with your Facebook friends, just press the Share button.
    Similarly, clicking the Twitter icon will do the same for your Twitter account.
    Tip: Learn about Google plus formatting to compose posts in Google plus.
    Which one do you like to prefer: the Facebook mobile uploader email address or the Chrome extension?
    Tip: Also share post on Twitter from Google plus and Setup Facebook video call.


    1. The email idea works great until you see that the crosspost has been truncated. Does Facebook have a setting for that? My crossposts are limited to 45 characters.

    2. @Dave: I tired that and the limit was 50 characters. But it seems you have a different character limit. Sadly, I could not find any such settings for Facebook.
      BTW, Thanks for commenting here.

    3. Yup, same thing happened with my trial. I think the assumption on that mode of posting is that the text accompanying pictures would be no more than a simple caption.
      I wonder how FB will react when it comes to their attention…

    4. The char limit is not on the facebook side. I’ve tried to send an email with a large subject and it all went ok.
      From my perspective is a Google+ problem, that doesn’t places all the post text on the email subject.

    5. It must be in the formatting of the email. I just had G+ send a stream update to a separate email account and it appears just fine. FB must be expecting more or less plain text. Google wants to format the crap out of it with html email.

    6. When I tried it, the truncation suspiciously occured, in my very short post, right before the word Google+. I suspect Facebook truncated the message out of self-serving censorship.

    7. Andres, I observed that too. But then sent a shorter message “Updated with Google+”, and it came through to Facebook profile OK.

    8. It seems that Facebook is using the subject of the email that Google+ send, which is the truncated version. The full text of the update is in the body of the email.

    9. Did it change recently? I can’t seem to get G+ to send any sort of email from a post. Even when i try to send to my personal email address.

    10. If there were a way to increase the amount of characters before truncation, this would be an OK workaround. Anybody found an easier way that allows for slightly longer posts?

    11. yeah it seems to get truncated for me,too. i emailed and it doesn’t get truncated but through google+ it does. unless Facebook is specifically blocking it from google+. However, i think it is just something that google+ is doing.

    12. The reason for the trouncing is that facebook reads only the subject of the email and google+ only sends a trounced version of the post in the subject line when emailing to someone.
      If google+ simply had an option not to trounce status in subject it would be much much more usable 🙂

    13. The 50 character limit, is not a facebook limitation. I tested just sending an email to the mobile status upload email with more than 50 characters and it worked. Google must be limiting the amount of text to put in the subject line.

    14. I can’t get the post to work using my address. Is there another trick? do I need to set up a profile in g+ for the address? anyone else having problems?

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      We just have to see how google treats them. Another place to buy google plus votes is
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    16. The 50 character limit is because a) e-mail updates to facebook pull the subject line of the email for the status update & b) google+ truncates the subject heading of the email at 50 characters.

    17. Tanmay, Can I update my Google plus account through my Gmail or Yahoo mail account ?
      Same query I am having for Facebook.
      I am not having access to G+ and facebook in office. It will help a lot.

    18. What about cross posting by adding a third party email address, such as, to a circle. I haven’t tried the Google Chrome thing (not familiar with it) but would be interested in hearing more results.

    19. FB, TWITTER, MYSPACE, ORKUT AND GOOGLE + AND LINKEDI ARE FORNTEER ON SOCIAL MEDIA. They should have the feature of stream sync between them. Myspace is having it for twitter, face book, youtuebe. But what about inluding other applications and what about all these applications to add inter-sync feature immediately once brand social network site is introduced to market like Google Plus. Are you people( technicians) reading this atFACEBOOK, TWITTER, ORKUT, LINKEDIN help center.

    20. The method in this article will not work for mobile.
      The best way to do this is using, via (there’s a recipe for this at ifttt).

    21. 1. It does still work. If you tap to upload something, it shows you the address.
      2. I am using this since I have no access to facebook on a work network (but I can still get to plus). I was hoping to be able to set the ‘default’ audience to “only me”, and then on my iphone use the FB app or mobile facebook to then adjust the visibility as desired. However I cant figure out how to do this. Anyone know?

    22. how to share one textbox value in different different browser same that we r write at Google Crome textbox,should be show same time on Firefox or Internet Explorer.

    23. Yes, that is true. Facebook takes the post text from the email subject heading – which Google+ truncates to 50 char when sending. Works fine from anywhere, for what it’s worth (not much unfortunately). It also strips links & photos.

    24. Look, the “Facebook mobile page” is changed, and now, I can´t see my “personal upload mail”. Where I can find it? Can help me?
      Lucas Castro (from Brazil)

    25. Updated way of getting email address:
      1. Go to Help Center by clicking the arrow on far right of page, clicking help then “Go to Help Center”
      2. Search for “What is my personalized upload email address?”
      3. click the link in blue and then click “Photo upload page”
      4. your Facebook email is on the bottom left.

    26. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but when I try this, my Facebook post ends up just saying “Alex has invited you to join Google+”

    27. Thank’s for the tip! It would be great if there would be a “Facebook to Google+” share. After all, there are still more active people on Facebook …

    28. Any tips for Firefox? I would like to be able to post from my Facebook fan page TO Google Plus if possible.

    29. well i tried the email thing,whatever i post in google plus(with the post shared in email to the facebook address),in facebook my status is “##### ahs invited you to google plus”

    30. Is the email link info still valid? I think I’ve followed all these steps but still haven’t been able to get it to work. I can post in google+, email to FB from my home address and receive emails from google+ to my home address but can’t get the posts to appear in FB. Any tricks? Thank you.

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