How to Search the Background Audio of a YouTube Video

    I was recently watching a video on YouTube and liked the song being played in the background very much. That was a quite popular song and I tried to recall that song but couldn’t get it. Watched that video again and again in hope that there might be some song name or artist name but sadly there was no such clue. I then asked one of my blogger friends and got the solution. The tricks helped me a lot to search the background audio of a YouTube video.
    I thought to share that solution with all my readers so as to help them if they are in such situation. Below are a few tricks which may help you getting the desired background audio song in such situation.
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    6 ways to Search YouTube Background Audio

    If you are lucky enough you can probably find that song in the YouTube Swap Library. Usually the background music in YouTube videos is taken from the Audio Swap Library of YouTube which is easily traceable.
    1. Tracking the song from audio swap library
    Click on button of video statistics. This button is placed below the video. When you will click this button you will get the complete information about the background sound, the album which song belongs to and also the name of artist.
    Remember this trick would help to know only the songs taken from the audio swap library, otherwise look for other tricks mentioned ahead.
    2.Using an app
    If the video you are watching has a very popular track in background, you can identify it using the music identification services on internet. These services work well and can also identify the instrumental music.
    To use this service you first need to install the app name Shazam on your mobile phone and keep in near your system speaker (Desktop or laptop). Then play that video on YouTube again, the app on your phone will identify the song. Wonderful!! Isn’t it?
    I used the same trick and got the song identified. In case your cell phone is not supporting the app Shazam you can use Midoni on your computer system. It works likewise.
    3. Using twitter to find the song
    This is somehow the trial and error method but it may work at times. To get the background song identified through twitter put the particular video ID in search box of Twitter. (Remember video ID is not the video URL).
    You can grab the video id from the URL itself. The yellow part of the following screen shot is the video id.

    Doing this may bring all the tweets done about that particular YouTube video and you may get your answer somewhere in these tweets. Foreign music can be identified easily in Twitter.
    4.Extracting the song from the video itself
    If you are tech savvy, you might be aware of the sound forge software. You can download that particular video and extract the sound using a Sound Forge Software.
    5. Searching the lyrics at Google
    One very simple and straight way to identify is to focus on the lyrics of the song. If you are able to recognize the first few words, you can Google it and get the song recognized. Google might show some similar and some exact results, get your song from the search results.
    6.Taking help from the YouTube Comment section
    Next very common and obvious solution is to check the comments on the particular video. Someone might have left the name of the song or mentioned the name of artist or album in comment because if the song is really melodious many people might have liked it and some might have identified too.
    I hope my tips and tricks were understandable. 😉 I guess using the above mentioned tricks you can now easily get any song you loved being played in YouTube videos. I might definitely like to add some more tricks in the list, so if you have any you can mention them in the comments box.
    Got any more tips about how you can search the audio in a YouTube video? Please share in the comments.


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    1. The you tuber said she didn’t know the name of the musician or title of the song in the background. It’s hard to hear the lyrics b/c her voice overpowers the lyrics. Midomi, Shazam nothing has helped so far.

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      Dragon Ball Xenoverse – The Wrath of Xicor (Epic DLC) (Mods)

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    4. Trying to find the song that plays at the end of this video (15:15) the creator says his editor is the one who picks the songs but hasn’t gotten back about it.

    5. What the name of the song used in this video? I been searching for this song for a long while and nobody had replay to my comments. please tell me what the song called.

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      Melody starts on 0:25 finisz at 3:30.. i know it is something from youtube editor but i cant find it. Help….please please

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