How to Run WhatsApp on Windows PC and MAC

More than 600 million users! This statistic tells all about the WhatsApp. Isn’t it? Well, if you’re hearing about this first time, let me introduce. WhatsApp, the million dollar Android app is a cross platform mobile based messenger. It lets you chat and share images, videos etc. with your friends using a mobile phone. What you need to use WhatsApp is a smart phone and an internet connection. At this time, it is available for only the mobile operating systems like Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone OS, Symbian etc.
So, if you qualify the above requirements, you can get the WhatsApp at your phone. Just get the application according to your phone OS, install it and go through a simple verification phase. Once verified, you can use it for the first one year with free of cost. After one year, you will have to pay $ 0.99 to use this awesome mobile messenger. But what if you wanted to run WhatsApp on PC or Mac?
Run WhatsApp on PC
Various reasons might be there behind this approach to run WhatsApp on a PC.

  1. Your phone does not support any app installation, that means your phone is incompatible with WhatsApp.
  2. You have a smart phone but there is no data connectivity, but your home PC does have.
  3. You have both the smart phone and data connectivity, but don’t want to use the mobile data package for this purpose.
  4. You spend a lot of time with your PC and want to use WhatsApp right from your desktop.
  5. Last and least that you just want to do an experiment.

How to Run WhatsApp on PC or Mac

Unfortunately, there was no desktop (Windows, Linux or MAC) version for WhatsApp till this time. It is only available for the mobile devices.
But, now it is available for your PC officially; WhatsApp released the official web version of WhatsApp which is currently available for Google Chrome browser. It means you can now run WhatsApp on your Chrome browser, hence on your desktop or laptop.
Before starting the procedure of running WhatsApp on Chrome in details, let’s take a glance on the purpose behind releasing the web version of WhatsApp.
WhatsApp has more than 600 Million of users; all of them are from mobile phones. Nevertheless, this approach from the company is some thing more interesting. They want to make this wonderful app available for you at anytime any where. Suppose, you just received a message on your mobile phone but you’re in front of your PC without the mobile device. You’d like to handle that message right from your desktop.
So, here is how to access WhatsApp on your PC without installing extra app or emulator.

How to Run WhatsApp on Chrome Browser

It is quite easy to setup WhatsApp on Google Chrome. The first thing you need to do is updating WhatsApp to its latest version at your smartphone. If you face any trouble with the update procedure, continue to the end of this article to learn how to update WhatsApp instantly to setup WhatsApp at Google Chrome.
However, once you updated your app, just visit this link from the Chrome browser or simply paste at the Chrome address bar in your desktop. Should you remember that the web version of WhatsApp is available only for Google Chrome browser at this time. If you try to access the above URL with other browsers like Firefox etc. then you should get the following message in your browser.
WhatsApp is only available for Chrome
So, when you browse the above link in Chrome on your desktop, you will be given a QR code to clone the installed WhatsApp instance from your mobile phone.
QR code for WhatsApp Web
Take your phone and launch the WhatsApp and navigate to Menu > WhatsApp Web.
WhatsApp Web Menu
Once you tap on the “WhatsApp Web” option, you will be automatically taken into its inbuilt QR Code scanner.
Scan QR Code in WhatsApp
Now scan the QR code from your Chrome browser. This is the authentication stage between your PC and mobile. Once the authentication is done successfully, you will get some screen in your Chrome browser like the following picture.
WhatsApp on Chrome Browser
You can do now everything on that screen. To start messaging, click on any profile from the left sidebar. You can enter anything like smiles, text, attachments etc. exactly what you did in your phone.
You can also enable the desktop notification for your WhatsApp messages. Just click on the “Turn on desktop notification” link from the left sidebar and then click the “Allow” button.
Turn on desktop notification for WhatsApp
Allow WhatsApp in Chrome Browser
If you want to start a chat, just click on the “New Chat” button.
Start New Chat on WhatsApp from Desktop
You can also edit your WhatsApp profile information inside from your Desktop browser. Just click on the profile picture and edit everything.
Edit WhatsApp profile from desktop
That’s it! No double the desktop version of WhatsApp will save a lot of time for the people who spend their major times in front of a desktop or laptop. As Google Chrome is available in almost all major operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac etc. you can access WhatsApp on PC platform independently.

How to update WhatsApp to its Latest Version in Android

The minimum version required to access WhatsApp from Chrome browser is v2.11.498. However, many users reported that they are unable to find the Web option at their installed version.
APKMirror has been able to grab the latest APK version of WhatsApp which supports “WhatsApp Web”. Here is the details.

Version: 2.11.505 (450258)
File name: com.whatsapp-2.11.505-450258-minAPI7.apk
File size: 15.58 MB (16,336,973 bytes)
Minimum Android version: Android 2.1+ (Eclair, API 7)
SHA1: 143ba57c25252a4388f6434bec9660f9ae140fb9
Uploaded: January 23, 2015 at 6:04AM GMT+0530

Download the WhatsApp APK : Link.
Let’s know if you face any problem to run WhatsApp on Google Chrome browser in your PC.
But, if you want to install WhatsApp directly on your PC (Desktop or Laptop) run it as an independent instance, you need to do something different.

How to Install & Run WhatsApp on Windows PC or Mac

The WhatsApp is available for Android OS and there are more than a couple of ways to run Android apps at your computer. What you need is either a well running Android emulator or SDK.
Run WhatsApp on BlueStacks
Where plenty of Android emulator is available in the market, we found BlueStacks as the best and well performing treat. It has a smooth and full-screen interface. Then, you can either install any app using the Android APK file or download the apps from the Google play into it by signing in with your existing Google account.

How to Install WhatsApp on Windows PC

Download the appropriate version of BlueStacks which fits with your OS from here and install it by following the onscreen installation guides. Once installed, open it, add a Google account, set the sync option etc. (Other wise BlueStacks will ask for those at the time of WhatsApp installation).
Now, you can install the WhatsApp on BlueStacks emulator in two ways.

1. Installing WhatsApp from the Google Play App Store

Click the ‘Search app’ icon at the BlueStacks home screen, type ‘WhatsApp’ and click the Google play search button. Then follow the onscreen instruction to install it.

2. Installing WhatsApp from the APK file

You can also download the Android APK file from here and install it directly at your emulator. Right-click on the downloaded file and choose ‘Open with BlueStacks APK Installer’ from the context menu. This should install the app at the emulator.
Install WhatsApp on Windows

How to Setup and Run WhatsApp on BlueStacks

After the successful installation, you need to setup it to get ready at your emulator. Open BlueStacks and click the WhatsApp icon from the home screen. Agree with the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and continue. Now, select your country and a working phone number.
Add phone number to Verify WhatsApp
Note: As for as the Terms and Conditions from WhatsApp, you’re only allowed to use it with a single device. So, if you enter a phone number which is already using WhatsApp, it should stop working at that one in work after the verification with your computer emulator.
As soon as you press the OK button, it will send a verification code at your number and try to verify the mobile device automatically. You do not need to put the verification code manually. As your mobile device is not with WhatsApp, the verification will be failed. Don’t worry! WhatsApp will repeat the verification process again after 5 minutes. So, keep your patience, have a cup of tea and then focus on your computer screen again.
Verify WhatsApp with Phone Call
WhatsApp now wants you to verify your mobile phone by a phone call. Tap the ‘Call Me’ button and immediately, you’ll get a call at your phone. Receive the call and put the code at WhatsApp. You should get verified.
Congratulations! You can now run WhatsApp on your Windows computer. With the very similar way, you can install and run WhatsApp on your MAC. You just need to grab the MAC version of BlueStacks.

How to Add Contact to WhatsApp in Windows Computer

As you’re using a computer not a smart phone, your contacts will not be synced automatically into the emulator. So, the next step is adding your contacts manually for only one time. For this purpose, I would recommend the Address book App. Once you installed the app on your emulator, simply add contacts and export them as vCard to the SD card. Now, in WhatsApp, import the contacts from the SD card.
Have fun! Start chatting with your friends or family who are using WhatsApp right from your desktop/laptop.

Run WhatsApp on PC Without BlueStacks – An Alternative Way

One of the highest used mobile applications today is WhatsApp, there are no two ways about it. In fact, it is the clear front runner in the instant messaging space on mobile. There have been many added requests about having the application available for iPads and tab devices, but it hasn’t really gone through.
However, many users tried WhatsApp with BlueStacks and sent their feedback. According to their experience, we were convinced to find out some alternative of BlueStacks as its performance is not so good. And here is the good news for all us WhatsApp addicts – we can now install and run WhatsApp on Windows PC without BlueStacks. With a brilliantly functioning Android application called AirDroid 3 you can now send and receive WhatsApp messages remotely using a PC or Laptop with Windows or Mac OS as the operating system.
Airdroid connection
The AirDroid version 3 application has been made with the aim to allow remote access to your android device using your personal computer or Mac. This entire process is done by using the Airmirror service, and this needs your device to be pre-rooted. This is the only way it works – so make sure you get this done. Airmirror allows you to see and control your Android device using a laptop. The usage is as easy as it gets, you can tap on buttons using your mouse and type with the keyboard. There is a web based version too, but this is yet to be at its best. The overall process is quite simple and at the end of it, you would be able to transfer files, read and compost messages, call logs and basically everything else too.
Here are the things you need to start using AirDroid:

AirDroid on Android

Guide to Access WhatsApp on Windows PC or Mac Using AirDroid

  • Install AirDroid 3 on your system and log into your AirDroid account; in case you are a new user – create an account.
  • Similarly, install and launch AirDroid on your Android mobile device and then log-in using the same credentials that you have used earlier for the desktop application. Extremely important that it has to be the same.
  • Once this is done, you would get a notification or a pop up on your desktop about a device that has been successfully connected.Install AirDroid on Windows or Mac
  • Enable notification mirror on your mobile phone when asked by AirDroid. This is quite simple. Head to settings and then on notification. Once here, all you have to do is enable AirDroid notification mirror service.
  • With this, all the notifications routed through WhatsApp would be sent to your mobile device.Enable AirDroid Notifications

The application is pretty straightforward and easy to use. It does bring a lot of ease by being able to manage WhatsApp on your computer. There have been many other applications that have tried to bring WhatsApp to a parallel device but have not been successful. Remember that this method ensures that the same connection used on the mobile remains and that a new connection or account is not installed.

Advantages of AirDroid 3

  1. One can send as well as receive SMS messages from PC or Mac.
  2. Ability to transfer files, music files, video files, photos, etc. between Android and computer using any network.
  3. Getting total control over the Android apps and possibility to use WeChat, Line, WhatsApp, etc. from your desktop PC.
  4. One can even take static screenshots after root and view real-time Android screen from computer.

The takeaway benefit of the AirDroid 3 application is being able to continue using WhatsApp with no coordination of your mobile device. In most cases, having the mouse to communicate all texts would have been a massive negative. With the keyboard to type in your texts, it does become all too easy to use. Would come as no surprise if we see more Android users flipping AirDroid to experiment this application and by the looks of it, it seems to be a good addition as far as accessing WhatsApp on PC and Mac is concerned.
In fact, it is a great option to access your Android device from computer. Give it a try and let us know just how well it works for you!
By the recent release of WhatsApp Web, you can access WhatsApp from your Chrome Browser. This will obviously ditch the need of AirDroid but you would still like to use the BlueStacks method to run a complete and independent instance of WhatsApp on Windows or Mac PC.



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