Restore Folder Options in Tools Menu When Disabled by Virus

Windows users find a very useful tool in the “Folder Options” located in the “Tools” menu whenever they need to hide any confidential folders or to view hidden ones. Folder Options also provides the user the privilege to manage pairs of web pages and folders. Be it simple file sharing, customizing the appearance of various folders or viewing the file extension types, Folder Options acts as a perfect base for executing these operations.
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Folder Options can be accessed from the “Tools” menu when you open My Computer or Windows Explorer in Windows XP or from the Control Panel. In case of Vista and Windows 7 Folder Options can be accessed by clicking on “Folder and Search Options” in the “Organize” menu.

Now, what if this useful tool gets disabled? This may happen due to a virus or a malware infection to your system. In such a case, the Folder Options vanishes from under the “Tools” menu in Windows XP. In Vista and Windows 7, the option gets grayed out. “Folder Options” icon in the Control Panel also gets disabled or vanishes. The user gets himself in a problematic situation where he can neither hide a folder, nor view one that is previously hidden which may be quite important. Customization of folders, management of web pages and other operations of the Folder Options are also hindered.

We here at Tech-Tips-Geek, have come up with 3 different ways to restore your Folder Options and its operations back to their original place so that it continues to help you without any problem.

Fix 1 : Using the Registry Editor

The Registry Editor, like in many other solutions to various problems like re-enabling the Task Manager, comes to the rescue once again.
1. Click “Start” and then select “Run”.
2. In the “Run” box that appears, type “regedit” and click OK. The Registry Editor opens up.
3. Navigate to the following location

KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software> Microsoft>Windows> CurrentVersion>
 Policies > Explorer

4. On the right hand part of the Registry Editor box, right click on the file “NoFolderOptions” and select “Modify”.
5. Change the value in the “Modify” box to 0 and then click OK.
6. Exit the Registry Editor.

Repeat the above 6 steps making sure that this time, instead of navigating to the location mentioned in step:2, navigate to

HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software> Microsoft> Windows > CurrentVersion>
 Policies > Explorer

After exiting the Registry Editor, reboot your system.
On resuming from the restart, the “Folder Options” is restored back to its previous positions.
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Fix 2 : Using Group Policy Editor

Restoring the Folder Options can also be accomplished with the help of Group Policy Editor.
1. Click “Start” and then select “Run”.
2. Type “GPEDIT.MSC” in the “Run” box and click OK. The Group Policy Editor opens.
3. Navigate to

User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components
> Windows  Explorer

4. On the right hand part of the “Group Policy Editor” double click on the file “Removes the Folder Options menu item from the Tools menu”.

In the properties box that appears, select “Not Configured” and click “Apply”, then OK.

  • Exit the “Group Policy Editor” and reboot your system.

The “Folder Options” is restored when Windows resumes after restart.
[See : How to re-enable Registry Editor using Group Policy.]

Fix 3 : Downloading and Installing a Registry Tweak

Another solution to this problem is to import a registry fix file or “.reg” file, named “folderoptions.reg”. Download this file to any location in your system. Make sure to save it with a “.reg” extension.
Double click on it to run. Click “Yes” when asked for confirmation to import this file into the registry. After the process completes, reboot your system.
“Folder Options” is restored to your system in its original positions.


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