Reset Windows 7 Password Without Password Reset Disk

Forgot Windows 7 password? Or, someone else who used your computer changed the login password? In both cases, you’re helpless if you do not have any Windows 7 password reset disk. The only option left for you is to install the operating system again. As it requires formatting, you’ll loose all your data saved at your hard disk. This article is about How to Reset Windows 7 Password without password reset disk or reinstalling the OS.
In addition, you need to keep your patience during this Windows 7 password reset process. Some steps need lot of time and you have to just wait and wait.

How to Reset Windows 7 Password Reset Disk

Power on the computer and the Windows 7 should start. Now, when it displays “Starting Windows” long press the power button to force the system shutdown. Windows 7 will treat this as a start up fault and try to recover from the error. Don’t worry! We’re moving in the right direction according to our planning.

  1. Firstly, restart your computer and you should get into the Error Recovery window. Select the ‘Launch Startup Repair (Recommended)’ option and hit ‘Enter’.Launch Startup Repair to Reset Windows 7 Password
  2. The startup repair wizard appears and the system starts checking for the problem.Startup Problem Search Window
  3. As there is no real problem, it can’t find any solution and suggests to use system restore. But, this time, we are not going to use it. Click the ‘Cancel’ button.Cancel System Restore Window To Start Password Reset Process
  4. Now, the Windows 7 attempts to repair the problems automatically. This takes several minutes. So, wait and wait. As there is no problem, Windows will end up with a message stating that “Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically”. Now click the button as shown in the picture below to view the problem details.View Problem Details Option
  5. Scroll down to the end of the problem details section and click the link to read the local privacy statement as shown in the picture.Privacy Statement Link Window in Windows 7
  6. This opens the local privacy statement into a notepad document. You’re not going to read the privacy statement any way. What you need is to search and open some system files using the notepad.Open Privacy Statement in Notepad
  7. Select File > Open from the notepad menu bar.Discover File Open Menu In Notepad
  8. Naturally, the ‘Open’ dialog window appears. Select ‘Local Disk’ from the ‘Look in’ drop-down menu.Select Local Disk
  9. Now, go to the Windows > System32 folder and change the file type to ‘All Files’.Change File Type To reset Password in Windows 7
  10. Here, find out the file named as sethc, select it and press the F2 key to rename the file. Give the name as sethc_bak.Rename Sethc As Sethc_bak
  11. Similarly, search for the application file named cmd at the same location and once found, right-click on it and select ‘Copy’. Now, right-click on an empty space and select ‘Paste’. Another file named as cmd – Copy is created at the same location.Command Prompt Copy File - Cmd-copy
  12. Rename the file ‘cmd – Copy’ to sethc. You are almost done.Rename cmd-copy As sethc
  13. Once done, cancel all the opened windows and finally, click the ‘Finish’ button at the ‘Startup Repair’ dialog window.Finish Startup Repair To Start Password Unlocking

Finally, your computer will reboot as usual and the log-in screen will appear. Press the ‘Shift’ key for five times. Voila! The command prompt opens without getting logged into the system. Now, you can use this command prompt to reset Windows 7 password.
Windows 7 Password Reset from Command Prompt

Reset Windows 7 Password using the Command Prompt

Now you are a step away from resetting the password in Windows 7. At first run the following command to see the exact user names at the computer.
net user
This will show the list of users in the computer. Choose the username for which you want to reset the password.
Reset Windows 7 Login Password without Password Reset Disk using Net User Command
Now run the following command to reset the password.
net user <user_name> *
Replace the <user_name> with your own. Type your new password and retype it to confirm.
Reset Windows 7 Password
You’ve successfully reset Windows 7 password without any Windows 7 password reset disk. You can now log into the Windows 7 system with the user name and the new password.
Note: After logging in, you would want to get back the original sethc file. Repeat Step One to Step Seven, delete the “sethc” file and rename “sethc_bak” to “sethc”. It will not make any change into the Windows 7 password reset task.
Also check: How To Recover Wi-Fi Network Password in Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Alternative Method to Reset Password in Windows 7/8/10 Without Password Reset Disk

If you don’t want to take the pain of changing Windows 7 password manually then trying some password recovery software would help you reset password if you don’t have any reset CD or disk. I have tried a few number of software and found iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery tool as the best. This is very effective tool for those who want to get back to their lost password. The best thing about this software is that not only Windows 7 but also you can reset password of Windows 8, Windows 10, XP/Vista and Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2012 as well.
What you need to do is to prepare a password reset disk(USB/CD/DVD) using this tool. Once you’ve successfully done that, boot your computer from that reset disk, locate your account and click the reset button to get your computer unlocked.

How to Prepare Password Reset Disk Free To Recover Password in Windows 7 (Both home and ultimate edition)

  1. Download the program and install in any computer with administrator login. Once installed, run the program as administrator (right-click on the shortcut icon choose “Run as Administrator”).
  2. Prepare the password resetUSB disk using this tool. Though you can do the same in a CD or DVD. When you start the program, it prompts for the media type you want to make the recovery disk. Here, I will show the example for the USB drive. So, click the USB Device button and following screen will appear.Prepare Bootable USB or DVD Disk
  3. Select the USB drive from the drop-down list and click the “Burn USB” button. This will start writing the image file to the USB device. After completing the process it will show the success message in a pop up box indicating that your USB drive is ready to use.
  4. Insert the USB drive to the password-locked computer and boot your computer. Set the boot priority from your computer BIOS in order to boot from USB drive.Boot Computer From USB Device
  5. Finally, once the computer is booted from the USB drive, the password recovery process starts. Select the target user and press the “Reset” button.Reset WIndows 7 Password Without Password Recovery Disk

That’s it. Do you know any other technique to Reset Windows 7 Password? – Do share with us.


  1. Thank you Tammy. So glad I found you. You deffo saved my bacon. Had n’t bothered setting up my Admin account, had no discs and couldn’t get passed the login screen. STUPID! Sorting it out now. Thanks.

    • I reset my password using PasswordResetter in about 5 minutes. Last night, my wife decided she needed a password for her computer (this is after using it for 2 years without a password). Today when she powered it up, guess what? Wrong password. I found this website which helped me unlock her account in just a few minutes. Amazing! Kinda scary that it works as well as it does!

    • I reset my password using in about 5 minutes. Last night, my wife decided she needed a password for her computer (this is after using it for 2 years without a password). Today when she powered it up, guess what? Wrong password. I found this website which helped me unlock her account in just a few minutes. Amazing! Kinda scary that it works as well as it does!

  2. Brilliant, helped me a lot. By-the-way is the any need to change the files sethc files back, seemed to run OK without changing them.
    Yours Gratefully

    • Changing the sethc back to its previous state will prevent opening the command prompt at start time if some one press the SHIFT key five times accidentally. So it will be safe if you change it back.

      • Sir good evening I.followed all your instructions but at the end it didn’t work. What appears is this administrator,guest, user pc. Whike on my desktop it is divine. Can you help me again? Thanks

      • Hi there, after cracking the admin password throught this method, does it slow the pc down. i tried this to crack my sisters pc, it worked but her pc is slow now?? I tried cleaning the pc from viruses and malwares but still runs slow, just wondering if it was because i created the folders seth again

  3. No bs people…..IT WORKS! No need to burn ISO image disc of offline registry editor. So simple. I would buy tanmay a beer inperson. Thanks bro.

  4. This works flawlessly. No need to burn a recovery cd or anything annoying like that. Simply, easy directions I am extremely impressed.

  5. This worked for me also so thank you very very much. This tutorial requires no software download or password reset disk to recover a forgotten password on windows 7. This is the first solution that i have come across that presents a REAL SOLUTION after having read/viewed many instructions offering no help whatsoever when your computer fails to allow you access to the command prompt screen.
    I did encounter 1 problem whilst following your instructions. After step 12 where you are required to type in a new password for your chosen user, when i typed, nothing happened, the cursor didn’t move so i couldn’t type anything in. Therefore i just pressed enter twice which resulted in no password being created but this works out okay & the problem is solved.
    Despite what you advise about changing the sethc file back, i’m choosing no to do that as I prefer to have that shortcut there.

  6. Hi everything was working great until i pressed finish my computer did not reboot it’s self,so I turned it on and pressed shift 5 times and nothing happened please help me.

    • This is my case also, sad to say but the pc will be forced to log off 🙁 it didnt reboot at all. After turning on shift(5x) isnt working no more.

  7. Hi
    After changing the cmd-copy to sethc and finishing the repair my laptop is not stating at all and getting restarted once it reaches the log on screen automatically.

  8. It asks for the password before it suggests recovery, you can’t access any file before you login. If this could have been possible every window 7 PC would have been a failure in the matter of security.

    • No, Rahul, it should not ask for password before suggesting the recovery. Which version of Windows 7 you are using? We’ve tested it several times for Windows 7 Ultimate. But did not with the other versions. So, if you let us know in which version you are being asked to put password before the recovery suggestion, we’d test it ourselves and find out the hack.

    • Sorry to say , but it worked perfectly for me. Some systems could be different but I followed the instructions to the letter a it worked great. And I am NOT a techy person at all. You are awesom Tanmay!

  9. Hi,
    I did all the steps,but it does not logon and give the message ( the user profile service Service failed the logon , user profile cannot be loaded),so could you please help me to solve this problem.

  10. I am forget my Win 7 Password.
    When i start the computer, Black screen appear and asking for password.
    when I try to go bios setup by press del & try to go safe mode by press F8, but there is also asking for password.
    What Can I do know??
    Please help me.

    • Seems that your BIOS is also password protected. We recommend you to refer your motherboard’s manufacturer’s manual and reset the BIOS for your computer.

    • enter the wrong password three times, this will generate an error code. Go to and enter the 4 digit error code…a password will be generated for you.

  11. Thank you so much for the info. I felt more secure using this fix than using a third party software. BTW you were not kidding when you said you need patience 🙂 (old school smiley face)

    • Thanks, You can choose free tools: Ophcrack and Offline NT Password & Registry Editor; or paid tool: Anmosoft Windows Password Reset.

  12. It didnt worked on my laptop i followed your instructions but after pressing shift key 5times sticky came not cmd help me out

  13. Hey tanmay great article. It would work for me too but aftr reaching that screen where i am supposed to click on privacy statement to open a notepad, mouse is not working. Otherwise it works on the screens before n after.pleas help me. Tell me what do i do.i will start using this computer as i have got work from home assignment .i have to get this working please help me asap

  14. I got the “access denied” error while executing the net user command. Later I booted my laptop from PCUnlocker Live CD and it removed the password successfully.

  15. When i hited net user it shows Administrator and Guest rather than old username i selected one of them followed by * opened with one or more error ata hai…
    Despite it asked for password i carried all commonds and success msg appear but when booted again user name didnt appeared which i created

  16. Working perfect!!!! It’s just one user I not can change password on: Administrator. Hmmmm. Hate my computer! using windows 7 ultimate. I dont get any error massage, just wrong password. Thanks anyway, maby it can be useful another time 🙂

  17. i am able to view the users but with a message that there are errors..
    i cant figure the way to choose the username i want to crack and cant get the change password textbox

  18. thank, that’s really genious, i can’t believe that it worked, it’s the best tutorial i have found osn the Internet, thanks a lot.

  19. I just want to say that you, my friend, are now #1 on my list of favorite people that I don’t personally know lol… This was so simple to follow & worked like a charm!!! The ONLY person I could find that had the answer… I knew there was a way… Thank you so much poster, kero up the great work!!!

  20. It works! I nearly too it into the repair ship and payed $50 to repair:/
    I am having a little issue with changing the Sethc files back though. I went into the repair screen and it actually doesn’t give me the option to cancel. It tells me it’s finished and will restart. Is there another way? Computer is running fine though.

    • My computer will not let me use certain characters when I’m trying to rename “sethc” and “cmd – Copy” in Notepad “mode”. It will not let me use the “s” key at all and when I type an “a” (for the-bak extension) it shows as “a'”. Any suggestions?????? I think I’ve got a problem because I no longer have a file named “sethc” after trying to rename it. It is currently named “ethc_bk”.

  21. Thank you so very much!!! My girl was about to kill me tomorrow….saved my hinny…you sir/ma’m have my mark of approval…we need pple like u on the net…true Samaritan!

  22. I followed your steps to step 12 with my windows 7 home edition and got to the point in the cmd prompt under “Admistrator: sethc.exe” where I selected the admistrator net user name and it listed all the data for the admistrator. One of the items said “User may change password”, but how do you get to the next step to put in a new password???

  23. Thanks, worked like a charm. One question I had is: the article says to repeat steps 1 to 7 to change the files back to as before. But why do we need to repeat steps 1 to 7 for this? Thanks for the clarification.

  24. Doesn’t work for me, when using the Computer’s repair option it asks for a password which I forgot. Using the install disk I was able to change the files I needed to change but when the computer starts the Accessibility menu works like it’s supposed to and not like cmd prompt.

    • i figured out that if your user name has a space in it, put quotes around it.
      for instance your user name is Tom Jones, you would type
      net user “Tom Jones” *

      • mine is mary peppers. I’ve tried net user “mary peppers” *
        with a space after the last ” and before the *. Also tried with no space after the last ” and *. Should there be a space between ” and first and last letter of name?

        • this is what shows up
          NET USER
          [username [password : *] [option ]] [/domain]
          username {password : *} /add [options]
          username [/delete] [/domain]
          username [/timex:{times : all}]

  25. Dear Tanmay,
    Thanks a million for this article. This helped me a lot and I could easily access my pc in few minutes.
    Respect for you????

  26. if we dont have “lunch startup repair” what should we do?
    can we bring that?
    is there anything else way to use repair lunch?
    when i press shutdown power and windows want to coming up, there is nothing tab which named “repair…”, its 1. safe mode 2. safe with network 3. safe with cmd !!
    help me plz
    tnx ♥

  27. I am having some problems at step 2 . My windows 7 do not show that step 2 screen. It finishes for searching problems and asks for finish. What should i do now???

  28. Unfortunately for myself, this does not work on lenovo thinkpad laptops, it appears. It works until you get to get to where you get the, “Windows Cannot Repair” window. There is no option to, “view more details”.
    This renders the rest of the tutorial unusable, I’m afraid.
    Quite the dilemma since I’m to restore this for a company’s use. The previous owner of the laptop was fired and did not give the company the password. It lacks a CD-drive, and despite putting USB to the top of the boot order in bios it does not appear to read USB drives. Thus leaving this method my only seeming option… Except it does not work, it appears. =/
    If anyone is able to throw a solution my way to continue with this diskless/softwareless method or has had a similar situation, then please let me know.
    Thank you in advance!

    • Yeah, it works fine, but it also requires you to purchase the full version before you can reset any passwords. You may want to mention that next time you suggest this software.

  29. Wow… Thanks a million… It worked great for me on Windows 7 computer. Really appreciate your detailed instructions with screenshots. Great work !!!
    Do you happened to have any workarounds (recovering password) for Windows XP computer ?

  30. Can anyone please advise -Re Windows 7 (Home Basic)
    Is this fix still current as of 27th December 2015 or have Microsoft blocked this method with a patch ?
    I get the whole way through the lesson only to have ‘denied’ when I try and enter new password for Administrator (

  31. Dear fnd I hve an hp windows 7 ultimate version. After finish button I hve press 5 time shift key, then in command show me not enough storage. Hw can I solve this

  32. Pls help me all the above processing I hve done but net user name not match our old user name which hve in my computer. So I can’t change my user name.

  33. When finally reached Step7 the ‘net user’ command worked fine and three User A/C’s given:-
    Administrator Guest Tony Law. When typed in net user Tony Law * and hit Enter it tells me that syntax is wrong or that there is no such User. I’m running Win 7 Pro 64bit, and BIOS is not password protected. What am I doing wrong?

  34. Very good information. This helped me to reset my windows password when I was unable to open my computer. It protected a number of my data. Thank you Tanmay.

  35. Guys just follow the instruction of the author, no bogus it really works!!! A million thanks for for your sharing Tanmay keep it up Godbless.

  36. Guys just follow the instruction of the author, no bogus it really works!!! A million thanks for your sharing Tanmay keep it up Godbless.

  37. Tanmay,
    I did everything you said to do all the way up to the net user *, but as soon as I hit enter it doesn’t give me the option to enter a new password.
    It tells me: username /ADD [options] [/DOMAIN]
    username [/DELETE] [/DOMAIN]
    And then one last line, though I can’t remember what it says.
    Please help. Thank you.

  38. You saved me my good friend, Thanks so much for posting this. To those that have had “problems” read carefully it does work be sure to follow each step. I will note that instead of “finish” I selected “cancel” to get the reboot instead of a shutdown on WIN 7 Home Premium.

  39. Appreciate the tip – couldn’t get into WinRecovery mode (?), used Kaspersky boot disk to rename files etc then your method worked like a charm – many thanks.

  40. Hello Sir,
    You are genius. I searched on Google but haven’t found a clean solution like your’s and thought of giving it a go and bingo…
    Amazing!!!Brilliant…Many thanks

  41. Does it needs internet connection and can u tell me can I reset windows xp using this method please notify me immediately
    And does it have any risk of formatting computer system

  42. nice one…. if u’re stock in step 12 try spacing every command… . I mean there is space before the * symbol. .. . . Then press enter twice to erase password. .. . hope it helps.. . it’s awesome I was able to unlock my system after a year… . tnx a lot

  43. Hello sir, I followed all steps till last but at last when I type the new password, why I can’t enter new password_? I can’t write new password at last step. All above steps I did perfectly. Help please.

    • I followed all the steps but I got stack on how to change password after I entered the former user name. Please explain to me this part clearly.

  44. ok sir I hv done all the things as u suggested and also got my password reset but when i am trying to change the sethc _bak filename back to sethc it says trustedinstaller permission is needed
    what to do Sir? please help sir please

  45. I followed all steps but since I am looking on mobile I can’t get pictures. what to do after I write net user mine is abde and I want to clear password
    no password sign is shown

  46. I did all d steps u metioned above..but when command prompt opened..i typed user name..and den the command as u mentiond (net user username *)and pressed enter ..but it is showing username /ADD [options] [/DOMAIN]
    username [/DELETE] [/DOMAIN]
    And then one last line, though I can’t remember what it says.
    Please help. Thank you.
    Pls pls plsss…

  47. I personally suggest you try iSeePassword, iSeePassword has a very detailed tutorial on how to reset windows 7 password. First download and burn Windows ISO image, then change boot order on the computer. Insert the disk and choose an account name to reset the password.

  48. Very smart but im running into the issue of the command promt wont accept my user name name for some reason so it doesnt bring up the new password prompt so im still locked out

  49. Anybody online there,please explain me tha last step,i am not able to do it ,please tell me how to do it,my username is Bad Rapper.anybody can tell me!!!????

  50. God bless u guys. this really helped me… net user without the greater than and less than sign will create new password of ur choice for u after pressing enter key. then just log in with ur new password. that’s what I discovered after several trials…. u guys rock.

  51. Unbelievable. I couldn’t change my regular user password with this, but I could change the administrator password! Thanks for a great tutorial!

  52. Thz is really helpful sir ,except I have 1 confusion ,after step 12 how should I select the user name to reset pasword in cmd. Plzz help me out sir…..

  53. Hello I’ve followed the steps for Windows 7 ultimate and after the new user username * I get a message about password domain

    • This is a tool. A computer is a tool. Any tool can be used properly and legally. Any tool can be abused and/or used ilegally.

  54. I did everything as per the guidelines but I not able login even after changing the password ????. Please help.

  55. Viola! It worked. Thanks for sure.
    It worked on our Windows 7 Professional, 2009. HP elite book.
    We were clumsy and slow and flub up and made mistakes. It took several tries but we finally used the cure properly and it worked. The Dos boxes tended to disappear quickly unless attended to.
    By the way, THANK YOU!

  56. When I type: net user *
    The following command appears:
    [username [password | *] [options]] [/DOMAIN]
    username {password | *} /ADD [options] [/DOMAIN]
    username [/DELETE] [/DOMAIN]
    username [/TIMES:{times | ALL}]
    What should I do? :/
    And, can the username has spaces between if originally it has?

  57. OK me again! Played about with it slightly different start but got all the way through to sethc.exe. Did not get your Type a password etc just got the following so near but still not complete:
    Plus 3 other quite similar lines. Help please!

  58. Well,i just wanted to write a comment but I actually had scroll down much more just for finding the comment box.It really works and saved me quite some time.

  59. You’re a genius and Windows 7 is unbelievably insecure. Thank you for posting this. I have been in an Apple / Mac only world for quite sometime and I just KNEW there had to be a way.

  60. As of July 2016 this workaround is still working beautifully! Thanks Tanmay for clear instructions and especially the step-by-step screenshots. And appreciate MS building in a process that is just complicated enough the merely curious will not easily find it but those in dire need will gratefully wrestle with it.

  61. Thank u so much for this it was a life saver , but I am not able to change Sethc_bak to Sethc,
    “You require permission from trustedInstaller to make change to this file
    File description:Accessibility shortcut keys
    Company:Microsoft corporation
    File version:6.1.7600.16385
    This is the message showing please help

  62. Password reset worked ! At least I think it did… Now when I log in I get a blank screen, no desktop at all ! Right click nothing left click nothing ! Just a blank screen, please help. Thank you in advance !

  63. Worked perfectly, thanks so much! We had an old laptop that we needed for school, and the 12 year old kid had changed the password and completely forgotten it…….!! Now we’re back in business! I appreciate the real world solution that didn’t want me to pay money, burn discs, download something…..

  64. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I got all the way to the end and freaked out because when I was typing new password nothing appeared but I typed and confirmed and it worked. Haven’t used this thing in years and I was about to waste money on a new one I wouldn’t use either. Thank you so much!!

  65. It worked for me, thank you very much…you are awesome.
    One question I have though is that when I redo steps 1 to 7, my PC does not give me the option on the repair where I either restore or cancel, it just reboots at that point…
    My fix oin that though is I wait for awhile and repeat steps 1 to 7 and then I get the option…..I guess that is where patience is really needed….
    FOr those with a few issues like the following:
    > when you enter the new password, nothing is showing up, even the cursor is not moving….it is ok, just make sure you type your password correctly both times (and they mathc) and it should work.
    > after pressing “finish” the PC did not restart, that is ok also, just power up your PC and it shoukd work just fine…
    Again, thanks a lot….AWESOME fix…

  66. I choose the repair menu, it loaded the file, however i did not get to the scanning problem. My monitor just turn grey white at the bottom.

  67. Thanks Tanmay! You are awesome!! I am not a tech person at all and followed your instruction to the letter. Only problem I had was when I entered in the new password it didn’t show on the screen. I hit enter anyway and it prompted me to retune password. I did and again it did not show on the screen but I hit enter and it worked. You might want to put a note in the instructions that the new password may not actually show on the screen but type it anyway and hit enter. Then remote and hit enter. THANKS A MILLION!

  68. This doesn’t work in Windows 7 enterprise edition, please suggest any other method that will work in Windows 7 enterprise edition

  69. Help! School started yesterday! When I get to the privacy statement it says can’t find the privacy link? Anyone know how to get around this?

  70. Absolute MAGIC on Win 7 Home Premium. Steps well described with excellent “lead you through help” screen shots that matched with those on my computer. A BIG thank you.

  71. Thank you very very much, struggled to get rid from this tragic situation and installed several free trial softwares, using password reset disk and still failed on those and finally with this wonderful solution relieved from all the pressures and now able to log in to my system successfully.
    Once again thanks a lot TANMAY…

  72. Restart your PC, and hold the F8 keyboard button and as You enter the Windows® Boot Menu
    you will see some different choices, choose Safe Mode with Networking.
    Now Windows® will start in Safe Mode. Select the default Administrator account
    from the login, the password can be blank. If you are lucky and passed the login,
    then you’re able to edit your original account.
    I hope you find this information useful and if you need any further assistance (
    I hope this information was helpful…

  73. for anyone having trouble resetting the password – it’s because you have a space in your name….. * i.e. – john doe – all you need to do is quote your user name –
    your final prompt should be
    net user “john doe” *
    reset password will appear

  74. Thank you Tammay. I needed to access my old laptop to get some missing files from my PhD. This worked. Like some other responders, I also had a bit of trouble working out how to write dos. It was a long time ago when I last did that!

  75. Dude…!
    Warm greetings from INDIA. You are the genius. You are save my laptop…!
    So many people said to me,”There are impossible to recover my laptop”.
    But you did it. Your blog save my user.
    Great thanks to you dude.
    +91 9629750202 (WHATSAPP)
    +91 9942383502 (WHATSAPP)

  76. Another available solution is UUkeys Windows Password Mate. Before i saw this post, i managed to use the program to reset my windows 1o login password. It worked but it costs me a few bucks.

  77. Aw, this was a really nice post. Taking a few minutes and actual effort to generate a superb article…
    but what can I say… I hesitate a whole lot and never seem
    to get anything done.

  78. I have been trying for months to find my password on my windows 7
    I am the owner of a personal computer I have not been able to get it can you help
    I am not to smart on computers but can follow directions please help I tried all the stuff online I don’t have reset disk and am locked out of doing anything else

  79. So many thanks!!! It took over the IT dept . after two It guys have resigned , so help was down to nothing , I now can log into laptops in order to set them up , I owe you a beer

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    to claim that I acquire in fact enjoyed account your blog posts.
    Any way I’ll be subscribing to your augment or even I achievement you get entry to consistently quickly.

  81. I tried mine till where I was to find the net users then it showed me “there is not enough storage is available to process this command” any help?

  82. i cant get the error promt to come up i had it up earlier befre seeing this but now i cant get it to come up. my windows7 doesnt say starting windows so not too msuremwhen im supposedto hold the power button in.mi will keep trying thanks

  83. I’m at the final step to reset password however it won’t allow me to type anything in the new password prompt so I can’t reset it. Is there any workaround or reason why this is happening?

  84. Excellent! Using your step-by-step instructions I was able to access my brother-in-law’s computer! (At his request, of course!)
    The only place I stumbled was when I failed to put the * symbol after the user name. When I corrected that error, everything went according to plan. Instead of typing in a new password, I just hit the ENTER key twice. No more password, no more problem!
    Thank you very much!

  85. I can’t reset my accounts password it’s an administrator account..
    However it’s working on the standard account but on the administrator one which I want to open….
    What should I do

    • In fact, there are many free windows password reset tool like there like ntpassword, ophcrack, or using Command Prompt. You can check how to reset windows password by using Command Prompt.

  86. Hi, can’t find sethc file……
    1> I don’t have “Local Disk{D} ” Instead I have system D
    2> I have windows 7 , Home premium.
    So can someone please help me Please

  87. Linda I also came across that glitch and to clear ones conscience, when you type in your new password nothing appears on screen however what you typed in is been noted so type in your new password then hit enter DONE. Oh and to those whose accounts have spaces in between say for instance it is Tumelo Me you would type in
    NET USER “Tumelo Me” *
    make sure that you typed in the user account name exactly as it appears and do not forget the Astrix at the end.
    if your account is just one word then you do not need the “”
    for instance if your account is just Tumelo then you will just type
    NET USER Tumelo * then it will give you an option to change your password, and remember that though what you type as your new password does not appear, it is encoded and will take effect after you retyped and hit the enter key. from another happy chappie lol hope this helps others who had my problem

  88. Hi Tammy
    Superb………..great information and it worked at the initial step without any difficulties. If u r visiting Sri Lanka please keep me updated…..
    Feroz CASSIM from Sri Lanka .

  89. If you’ve forgotten your Windows password and you’re on a domain, you should contact your system administrator to reset your password. If you’re on a workgroup (most home users are on a workgroup), you can reset your password by using a password reset disk or by using an administrator account.
    Create a password reset disk: .
    or use this method to reset your windows. If you forget the administrator password and don’t have a password reset disk or another administrator account, you won’t be able to reset the password. If there are no other user accounts on the computer, you won’t be able to log on to Windows and will need to re-install Windows.

  90. Followed all the step and when I tried logging in my new password the message “you cannot log on because the long on method you are using is not allowed on this computer. Please see your net administrator for more information “. What’s the problem?!

  91. To effective and fast recover Windows 7 password , i think the Recoverywindowspassword tool is the best tool and w can use it to complete the Windows 7 admin password recovery task.

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