How to Prepare USB Installer for Any Operating System(OS)

Gone are the days when you had had only 1.4 MB space in your floppy disk. Now, the USB drives (pen drives) come with at least 1 GB and up to 32 GB as the storage volume. Those days, the CD or DVDs were the only installation media but, now we can use USB disk as the installation media as it is re-writable and performs faster than the optical disk drives. But problem is that no operating systems are available in the form of a USB installer. All of them are available in CDs or DVDs according to their volume.
But, we can easily prepare the USB installer by using some advance techniques. Here in this article, we’ve focused the ways of preparing the USB/Pen drive to install almost all major operating systems from it. The preparation techniques vary for OS-to-OS.

How to Prepare USB Installer for Different OS

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