How to Read Blogs Without Internet Connection on Android

To read blogs or any news website, you are supposed to have internet connection. Otherwise, this is not possible to open any website. It does not matter whether you are using Android, iOS or Windows Phone or even personal computer, you must have internet connection to open any website.
However, here is a trick that will help you to read blogs without internet connection on Android. Android has an awesome and very useful application that will help you to download the entire website and let you read any webpage whenever you need. After downloading the website’s cache version, you do not need any internet connection in order to read that website or blog on your Android mobile.
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How to Read Blogs Without Internet Connection on Android

This is however very easy with the help of Offline – An Offline Browser. This small yet very effective offline browser is available at free of cost for Android 4.0 and later version. It can deal with almost all types of websites. Although, this is not reconnected to use it on any software download or movie download websites, yet you can still use it.
To get started, follow the next steps by downloading Offline Browser for Android. After opening it on your mobile, you will get a screen something like the following picture,
You cannot find anything on the material designed UI. Just tap on the plus (+) button to add website. After tapping on, you will get the following screen,
Now, you have to enter your website URL and a name so that you can recognize it quickly if you wish to download loads of websites on your mobile using this offline browser.
If you want to download images, let the option (Include images) as it is. Otherwise, you can also exclude images by just unchecking it. If you download images, obviously, it will consume a lot of bandwidth. After setting up everything, tap on “Save” button. The following screen will be appeared immediately.
Give it a few time so that it can download all the webpages. After downloading all the pages successfully, you will get a success message that looks as follows,
Now, you can open any webpage of your downloaded website.
Read Blogs Without Internet Connection on Android
The browsing speed is very fast and much time saving. It’s just a matter of moment to navigate through the webpages. That’s all!

Disadvantage of Using Offline Browser

This is not actually a drawback. As it works without internet connection, you cannot post a comment. On the other hand, it consumes more than usual bandwidth to download the cached version of website. In addition, it doesn’t download the style sheet of any website. Hence, you cannot get the exact layout of any website while using this offline browser.
Editor’s Note
Nowadays, we all are connected with internet to execute different jobs. The era of traditional newspaper has gone few years back. Now, we read daily morning news on iPad, mobile and tablet. There are more other commensurate gadgets to fulfill our demands.
Now we read different news blogs to know the recent updates. Sometime we become upset when the internet connection interrupts us. Therefore, if you use this offline browser, you can easily read any blog without having a valid data connection. This is where it excels.



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