6 Ways to Play Android Games on Windows PC

It is not always possible to go with the installation and un-installation processes for checking each and every app on your smart phone or tablet. Better, you find some way to play the Android Games on a Windows PC which have a sufficient memory and space.
Playing Android Games on a Windows PC is not so hard as Intel has decided to launch “Dual OS” PC with Windows 8 and Android platform. This lets you booting your computer directly into the Android system, hence installing the apps or games on your PC. But, you won’t have to buy a new PC only for the purpose of playing a Game. Plenty of Android app emulators are available to run Android Games and Apps in almost all Windows environment.
In this article, we’ve brought 6 various ways to play Android Games on Windows 7, Windows 8 and even on Windows XP. Not only the games but you can also run any Android app at the Windows system.

1. Install BlueStacks to Play Android Games on PC

BlueStacks is a Android emulator which does not actually replace your operating system. Rather, it acts just like another software which is easy to install. Once you install it, you can run BlueStacks into a separate window at your Windows desktop.
The BlueStacks environment is very similar to that of Android. It allows you to connect with Google Play store and install the apps and games at you emulator. If you grab the APK file from your friends device or download it from somewhere else, you can still install that game/app at your computer using BlueStacks. Thus, you can install and play any android game at your Windows computer. This way you can also run WhatsApp on a PC.

2. Install Android SDK to run Android Games on PC

Another alternative is the Android SDK, the official emulator for the Android app developers by Google. This tool is not a suitable choice for the daily use as it is slower and difficult to configure. This is actually useful for the developers to test the apps.
If you are willing to go with it, download the Google’s Android SDK and open the SDK manager program. Now, select Tools > Manage AVDs. Here, you can create the Android Virtual Device with your own configuration. Once created, click the ‘Start’ button to launch it.

3. Play Android games on Genymotion, an alternative to BlueStacks

Another Android emulator is Genymotion which is quite impressive with its speed and features. It can be considered as the best alternative of BlueStacks.
It allows drag-and-drop installation of apps and games. You can test any app or game in a big screen. It also supports the sensor system and open GL.
You can download Genymotion from here.

4. Run Android Apps and Games from your Browser

Unlike the above desktop based Android emulators, Manymo which is a browser based emulator does not require any installation or complex configuration to run the Android apps. Just browse this link and upload your app to test. The interesting thing about Manymo is that you can embed any Android app or game at any webpage by using this browser based emulator.
5. Use Android X-86
This is a the desktop version of the Android OS which can be run natively in AMD and Intel processors. You can install this version just like you install the Windows or Linux operating systems in your x-86 based computers.
As Android X-86 is a community project, it currently supports a few number of devices like Del Inspiron Mini Duo, Samsung Q1U, ASUS Eee PCs, Viliv S5, Lenovo ThinkPad x61 Tablet and Viewsonic Viewpad 10.
Another interesting thing about Android X-86 is that you can install it on a virtual machine using VMware or Virtual box.
6. Use Live Android to run Android Games on PC
Live Android is another complete OS for Android games and apps which can boot separately in a laptop or desktop computer. As it is an OS, you can also install it in VMware or Virtual Box to test the Android apps and games.
A lot of Android emulators has been available from the past few years but to be frank, they did not have any purpose. The touch screens with Windows 8 and Tablets gave a reason of using them to test various Android games and apps out of almost 750000 in count.


  1. There is one more user friendly option to consider, DuOS(www.amiduos.com ). It has good performance compared to other software’s in similar categories. I am using it and it runs smoothly.

  2. Bluestacks is worst program ever. Too many problems market , blackscreen , graphics , games not loading , slow internet connection , lags a lot , requires very high processor and ram. Should I go on?

  3. I agree with that comment about Bluestacks being the worst app. It’s not even free, it’s slow and it makes you download sponsored apps if you won’t pay for it.

  4. This Bluestacks really sucks and its very worst program , It lags like Hell & many Android App when open it wrote “Unfortunately has Stop”, even initializing it takes times .

  5. Is there any latest android emulators available? Coz, I also tried Genymotion, Andy, Duos, Youwave, Windroy, Xamarin etc. But they all are non-supported my windows 7. If any one know any new emulator or trick to download Google play apps easily on any laptop so please tell me.

  6. Bluestack crip all the time. There is new software called Redstack. It is blooded, piru, damu, SUWU all day, everyday. 9Trey is the set and OG is G-Kush. And I am a Baane Chaid. Just to let you know once you read this im coming for you. Word Life. John Cena.

  7. This doesn’t mention that using Bluestacks is against most games TOS, thus if you lose your game, you’re screwed, aannd it also doesn’t mention that Greymotion is hella expensive.

  8. Hai Tanmay,
    Thanks for the nice list. I personally tried only BlueStacks. But it uses lot of RAM. Now I’m planning to try Android X-86 as it seems very light and fast.
    Will let you know about it after having my hands on Android X-86

  9. Bhi……..mera …laptop …..may Blustak …… me jo viii Game open karta hu …. o sub ……. open hone ke bad kuch kuch jagh pe….black……. Black Ho jata hnnn…… ab may kay karuuuuu

  10. Okay…People please date your comments. As this article was made in 2014 and it’s now 3/26/2016, there are a lot of things now wrong with this article 1.) BlueStacks opens the Star Trek Timelines app, but then crashes. 2.) Is so complex with just way too much information thrown at you. I was unable to find and run Google Play. 3.) Genymotion could not open Google Play as an error pop-up window came up instead. 4.) The Manymo browser returns an error webpage “This browser is no longer supported.” 5.) Reads that it only works on a minimum list of computers. Well, that helps 1% of the people. 6.) Live Android is an Operating System that needs to be booted. I don’t want to boot into an Android OS, I want a window. Nor do I want to take the time and energy to figure out how to set up a virtual machine. NONE OF THESE SIX WAYS WORK TO RUN THE JANUARY 2016, STAR TREK TIMELINES ANDROID GAME ON MY AMD 8-CORE, 32-GHZ, 16 GB OF RAM, PC.

  11. Unforuantly only bluestars run in windows 7 and its the only free…its slow crases a lot..if someone can find sometging else please share..

  12. Yes, these are great ways to play, but I’d any day use an OS over emulators, The Remix OS and other chrome extensions now allow people to use Android apps on PC without having Android OS installed.

  13. anybody know how to play with manymo? because it works but it doesnt have the google play app and when i try to look it up and install it says i cant someone please help

  14. All these are trash. I have to start me games over that I’m playing on my phone. What is the sense of putting my google info in if they won’t transfer the game? Any one know of something that does that???


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