Manage Multiple Email Accounts From one Gmail Account

In case you have more than one email accounts, checking them separately is a hectic job. Repeating that every morning or several times in a day makes your days more boring and it cuts down your productivity. However, in Gmail there is an option to manage multiple email accounts from one Gmail account. By this, you can check all your emails from one place. You can also send emails using your different email addresses from the same Gmail account.
Here is the detailed guide to manage all your emails from one Gmail account. You can also enable this feature with your Google apps accounts (Sign-up with Google Apps for free).
The foremost thing that you need to do is choosing a Gmail account as the primary account which you will check daily and manage all the other accounts from it. Then add your other email accounts to this as secondary account and forward all your incoming mail to the primary Gmail address.

Setup Gmail to Manage Multiple Email Accounts

You can setup your Gmail (primary) to manage up to 5 email accounts (both Gmail and other email accounts) from it. To setup the process just add your secondary email addresses using the POP3 service.

Adding Secondary Email Accounts in Your Primary Gmail Account

To add an email account at Gmail, follow these steps.
1. Log in to your Gmail(primary) account and go to the ‘Settings’ page.
2. At the ‘Account and Import’ tab, you will find the ‘Add POP3 email account’ option. Click on it.
Add POP3 email account
3. A pop-up window ‘Add mail account you won’ appears. Put the full email address of your secondary account, put the user name and password of that account, keep the POP server field as it is (it is automatically chosen according to the domain of your email address), select 995 from the ‘Port’ drop-down list, tick the additional check boxes according to your need and finally, click the ‘Add Account’ button.
Add gmail account
4. The next dialog window asks you that whether you want to be able to send mails as that email address you just added. Simply, choose ‘Yes…’ and then the ‘Next Step’ button.
You can now add additional information for your secondary email account. Put the information and click the button ‘Next Step’ and then again.
5. You are just a step away. You need to verify the account by sending a verification mail. Click the ‘Send Verification’ button. This will send an email at your secondary email address.
6. Open your secondary email account and click the verification link. This completes the verification process.
You have successfully added the secondary email account to your Gmail account.
This way, you can add up to 5 secondary email addresses (both Google and non Google addresses can be added). However, by the above settings, you can now send emails from the primary account using your secondary email addresses. But, the new emails are still going to the secondary accounts. Therefore, setup an email forwarding at each secondary account pointing to the primary one.

Forwarding Incoming mails to the Primary Gmail Account

Log into your secondary account(s) and forward all incoming mails to your primary Gmail address. Here is how to do it.
Go to the ‘Settings’ option and switch to the ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ tab. Just click the appropriate button to enable the email forwarding option.
That’s it! Now, you don’t need to open every account to check for new emails; you can read all the new mails from a single Gmail account. Not only that, you can also send the emails using your secondary email addresses as the from address.

Organizing Your Gmail Inbox

If you add more than one email account, it becomes tough to identify them at your primary Gmail inbox. Here is how to organize the inbox of your Gmail.

Create Label Filter to Organize Mails from Different Email Accounts

1. Open your primary account. Go to the ‘Settings’ page and head to the ‘Labels’ tab. Here, create a ‘New label’, give a suitable name so that you can easily identify its source email account and save the label.
2. Again, flip to the ‘Filters’ tab and select ‘Create a New Filter’. Type your secondary email address at the ‘To: ‘ field.
3. Click ‘Next Step’ and select ‘Apply the label’. Pick up the label that you created earlier.
Now, all the forwarded emails from your different accounts will be labeled with the given names.

Using Gmail Lab feature – Multiple inboxes

Alternatively, you can use the Multiple inboxes – a Gmail Lab feature. This is pretty useful feature which lets you to organize your emails, forwarded from different accounts in different inboxes at the same Gmail account. Here is how to utilize the ‘Multiple inboxes’ feature.
Go to the ‘Gmail lab’ from the ‘Settings’ page of your primary Gmail account. At the labs page, look for the feature ‘Multiple inboxes’. Once found, click the ‘Enable’ button and save the changes before leaving that page.
This will add another tab to the settings page called as Multiple inboxes. Head to that tab and put your secondary email addresses at the search query boxes.
Select the position for the additional inboxes and click the ‘Save changes’ button. All the emails will reach to their corresponding inboxes at your primary Gmail account.

How to Send Emails from Different Addresses

Similarly, you’ve to switch your accounts frequently to send new emails from different addresses. With Gmail, you can get rid of such boring task and set things in such a way that you can send emails from multiple addresses without switching the accounts.
Thus, you can deal with multiple email addresses when sending mails from your Gmail account. If you’ve already added a secondary email address, you don’t need to do any thing. Just make sure to enable the ‘Send mail as’ option.
If you want to add email addresses for which you don’t want to get any incoming mail at the primary account but want to send emails using those addresses then proceed with the following guide.
Get into your Gmail account, head over the Gear icon from the right-hand side, and select ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu. Now flip to ‘Accounts and Import’ tab (for Google apps account, it should be ‘Accounts’).
accounts tab google apps
Under the ‘Send mail as’ section click ‘Add another email address you own’ and put the address you are likely to use as sender email address. Click the ‘Next’ button.
Here you get two options. You can opt for configuring the SMTP servers if you want, but Gmail can take care for all the settings you need. Just make sure to select the option ‘Send through Gmail’ option’ and click ‘Next Step’ button.
The next step is nothing but a confirmation window asking you to verify the email address that you’ve just added. Click the ‘Send Verification’ code. It will send a verification code at the newly added email address.
Head over that email id, grab the verification code, and put it at the required place.
You can also use the verification link sent along with the verification email as your verification method. If you opt for the link verification method, click the returning link at the ‘Confirmation Success’ window.
Whatever the method you choose, you will be redirected to the ‘Accounts and Import’ tab. Now you can choose the reply option according to your need.
When you compose any mail, you can choose the address from which you want to send the mail by clicking the down-arrow of the ‘From’ field.
Send Emails from different addresses
Gmail still remembers the main email account as default email address to send mails from your account if you do not opt for your preference. Though you can change the default email address from the ‘Accounts and Import’ tab.
Gmail is one of the best email service providers which takes all about the care of their users. You can manage all of your email accounts from one place – either you want to consolidate all accounts into one account or send emails from different addresses without having need to keep switching. Thus you can manage multiple email accounts from a single Gmail account.
How do you manage your different email accounts? Have any thing new to add to this story? Do share through your comments.


  1. There is only one problem left when we go for this method. When we use any email client to manage the main Gmail account, we then are not able to send emails as any other accounts we setup in the main Gmail account. We can still add the SMTP server for other accounts in the email client, but then we won’t have the sent email in the main Gmail account.

  2. This article was confusing because it doesn’t say at the beginning what the limitations are as to how many email accounts you can manage.
    Only later in the article does it tell you the limit is 5 additional accounts plus the main gmail account.
    I need a solution that will let me monitor 100+ email accounts from my laptop or desktop.

    • As Google does not allow to add more than 5 accounts with Gmail, there is no way to increase the number if you are managing your email accounts from Gmail.

  3. I wanted to manage all my emails in one place in Gmail, Gmail will fetch mails from email hosted elsewhere,and send as them. Now I have [ in the gmail setting-account tab, I added hosted on dreamhost] -works perfectly,no mess-up. hosted on google business apps[ in the gmail setting-account tab, I added hosted on dreamhost]-works perfectly,no mess-up hosted on google business apps[ in the gmail setting-account tab, I added hosted on dreamhost] is the newly added account, when I send a mail as, or receive any email from, I receive one copy in
    I don’t see any connection between them. I didn’t set any forwarding from to what’s wrong?

      • Thank you for your reply,Tanmay.
        refer to above,i have
        4 email accounts added to
        5 email accounts added to [google business app]
        4 email accounts added to [google business app]
        On the right above corner of, where you can see user profile,i do have added the account of,,in my opinion,it’s for access convenience only and won’t mess up my accounts. as click these link it will open new tab in browser to lead me to the inbox of,,where i can see all mails in them and the mails in label created for the 4~5 add-on email accounts.
        Any ideas? it’s just so strange. thanks!

  4. This isn’t managing two (or more) email accounts, this is more like *pretending* that they are merged, instead. And while doing so, the other mailboxes continue to save and stockpile incoming emails without any attention because you’re thinking you only need to manage them all in one interface and dealt with that email. This maybe isn’t a tremendous concern for services that have large spaces, but for ISP-provided email addresses where it only hold a few hundred MB, this can be a concern very quickly.

  5. What if I set up the”send from different email address” and I want to use the default email app on my iPhone. I would like to only set up my gmail account which is pulling another email address (say Since I set up the “send from different email address” all my emails sent are from when I use the web. Will that be the same scenario when I use the iPhone email app? I don’t want any emails sending from my gmail account. Again i only want to pull from gmail. Thank you!!

  6. I am unable to do this. I am getting different messages. The first time I got an e-mail in my secondary e-mail saying that it blocked an attempt to access it so I changed to a less secure apps. Now I get a message about being Unable to establish secure SSL connection. The account I’m trying to add is also from Gmail!! I mean, gmail feels that my security is being threatened by gmail itself? and the SSL connection from Gmail is not authentic?? It’s weird!


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