Make Free Phone Calls Online to Any Number From Android

Calling any number worldwide is now absolutely free of cost. Did you get surprised? Yes, you can make free phone calls to any number online from your Android phone. You just need to have a data plan (3G or 4G is recommended) activated and an app called as VoxOx installed on your device. Though WhatsApp recently rolled out the Voice calling feature and Viber has this calling feature from a long time ago this method is far more different than those.
The problem with WhatsApp, Viber or similar internet messaging apps is that you can only call the persons who have the similar apps installed on their phone. But, VoxOx allows you call to any mobile or land phone number with free of cost. You will only get charged according to your regular data usage plan. Here is the complete tutorial to activate free calling to any number online from Android phone.

How to Make Phone Calls For Free from Android Phone

The first thing you need is a good internet connection to make the calling clear and uninterrupted. We recommend using 3G internet package atleast. Now, follow the steps below to start free voice calling to any real phone number (both mobile and land).
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1. At first, Install Voxox Android App on your Android device. Once installed, launch the app and you will get into the login page.
Login or Signup to Make Free Call to Any Number Wordwide
If you did not use this app in the past, you need to signup for a new and free account at Voxox. Simply, press the “Sign Up” button from the login screen. Now, put the country code, your real mobile number etc. The Indian users should put +91 as the country code.
Voxox Signup Screen
2. After signing up, it will send a verification code via SMS to your registered phone number. Put the code and get verified. Once verified, you will be awarded with a small credit of $1 which you can use to call any number across the world where the free calling is available. It will also generate a unique caller ID for you. However, you can change the caller ID any time.
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3. After logging into the Voxox app, tap the “Calls” tab, put your desired phone number using the keypad dialer and press the “Call” icon to make free phone calls to any mobile or land line number.
Make Free Phone Calls Online to Any Number
4. When you call to any number from Voxox app, the dialed person will not see your original phone number but an anonymous number.
Should you remember that you can make the free calls till you’ve the credit balance in your account. If you have finished the balance, you can pay a nominal fee to buy credits and continue the free calling.
Though the other internet messaging apps like Viber, WhatsApp etc. do have the calling feature but they only support their native devices or Ids i.e they require to have the same app installed at the other end to make a call. But Voxox made it bit advanced and added the calling feature for any number worldwide including the native Ids. When you call other Voxox user from your Android phone, it won’t deduct anything from the credited balance.
This article was written for the Android users. But if you’re a iPhone or Windows Phone user, you can also enjoy the free calling feature on your device. Just download and install appropriate app from Voxox.
There is another way to make international phone calls for free with Google Voice.



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