77 Keyboard Shortcuts For Gmail to Save Your Time

Gmail is the most popular, advanced, user-friendly and well featured email server that is used by a huge amount of people. Yesterday, I was talking about Facebook Shortcut Keys to save your time in Facebook. Luckily, Gmail also offers a series of keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail to move through the Gmail from the keyboard.
By default the Gmail keyboard shortcuts are disabled. Before starting, make sure you have enabled the “Keyboard Shortcut” for your account. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard Shortcuts and turn it on using the radio button.
Turn on Gmail Keyboard Shortcut
Don’t forget to save the changes before you leave the “Settings” page. Once done, you can check the Gmail shortcuts which are listed in this article.
For instance, if you want to compose a mail, just press Shift + C from the keyboard when you’re in your Gmail account. It will open the composing interface as a pop-up window. There are so many Gmail keyboard shortcuts to ease your movement in Gmail. Here is the list.

Some Gmail Shortcuts you might not Know

A. Composing Mail:

  1. To compose a mail press C. It will redirect you to the Gmail mail composer panel.
  2. If you want to compose a mail staying at where you are at present, press Shift + C. It will open a new pop-up window with the composing panel.

B. Message management:

  1. Go to Inbox: Press g then i.
  2. Open starred conversations: Press g then s.
  3. Go to Drafts: Press g then d.
  4. Go to sent messages: Press g then t.
  5. Go to all mails: Press g then a.

C. Contact management:

  1. Go to Contacts: Tap g then c.
  2. Select all the contacts: Tap * then a.
  3. Deselect all the contacts: Tap * then n.
  4. Delete contact: Tap #.

D. Contact navigation:

  1. Go to next contact: Press k.
  2. Go to previous contact: Press j.
  3. Select or deselect an individual contact: Press x.
  4. Open a contact: Press O or <Enter>.
  5. Return to contact list: Press u.

E. Applications:

  1. Search: Pressing “/” will take you to the Gmail search box and the cursor will blink there.
  2. To focus chat contact search press q.
  3. The ? will open the help window in Gmail.

F. Some Actions:

  1. Escape from the input field: Press Esc.
  2. More actions menu: Press .(Full-stop).
  3. Move from the current group: Press e.
  4. Undo the recently completed action: Press z.
  5. Change group membership: Press l.

There are more Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail by which you can completely control the Gmail in your web browser just from the keyboard. Refer to the following lists.

The Complete List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail

Compose & Chat
Use the the following Gmail shortcuts when composing email messages or chatting into Gmail.

[Shift] + [Esc] :Gmail Shortcut to focus the main window in Gmail
[Esc] :Shortcut to focus the latest chat or compose in Gmail
[Ctrl] + . :Shortcut for advance to next chat or compose in Gmail
[Ctrl] + , :Shortcut for advance to previous chat or compose in Gmail
[Ctrl] + [Enter] :Shortcut to Send button in Gmail
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + c :Shortcut to Add cc recipients in Gmail messages
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + b :Shortcut to Add bcc recipients in Gmail messages
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + f :Shortcut to access custom from in Gmail
[Ctrl] + k :Shortcut to Insert a link in Gmail message
[Ctrl] + ; :Shortcut to Go to previous misspelled word in the message body
[Ctrl] + ‘ :Shortcut to Go to next misspelled word in the message body
[Ctrl] + m :Shortcut to Open the spelling suggestions in Gmail


[Ctrl] + [Shift] + 5 :Gmail Shortcut to Previous font
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + 6 :Shortcut to Next font
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + – :Shortcut to Decrease text size
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + + :Shortcut to Increase text size
[Ctrl] + b :Shortcut to make text Bold
[Ctrl] + i :Shortcut to make text Italics
[Ctrl] + u :Shortcut to make text Underline
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + 7 :Shortcut for Numbered listing
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + 8 :Shortcut for Bulleted listing
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + 9 :Shortcut to create a Quote
[Ctrl] + [ :Shortcut to Indent less
[Ctrl] + ] :Shortcut to Indent more


Press g then i :Gmail Shortcut to Go to Inbox
Pres g then s :Shortcut to Go to Starred conversations
Pres g then t :Shortcut to Go to Sent messages
Pres g then d :Shortcut to Go to Drafts
Pres g then a :Shortcut to Go to All mail
Pres g then c :Shortcut to Go to Contacts
Pres g then k :Shortcut to Go to Tasks
Pres g then l :Shortcut to Go to Label

Threadlist selection

Press * then a :Gmail Shortcut to Select all conversations
Press * then n :Shortcut to Deselect all conversations
Press * then r :Shortcut to Select read conversations
Press * then u :Shortcut to Select unread conversations
Press * then s :Shortcut to Select starred conversations
Press * then t :Shortcut to Select unstarred conversations


Press u :Gmail Shortcut to Back to threadlist
Press k / j :Shortcut to Newer/older conversation
Press o or <Enter> :Shortcut to Open conversation; collapse/expand conversation
Press p / n :Shortcut to Read previous/next message
Press ` :Shortcut to Go to next inbox section
Press ~ :Shortcut to Go to previous inbox section


Press c :Gmail Shortcut to Compose
Press d :Shortcut to Compose in a tab (new compose only)
Press / :Shortcut to Search mail
Press q :Shortcut to Search chat contacts
Press . :Shortcut to Open “more actions” menu
Press v :Shortcut to Open “move to” menu
Press l :Shortcut to Open “label as” menu
Press ? :Shortcut to Open keyboard shortcut help


Press , :Gmail Shortcut to Move focus to toolbar
Press x :Shortcut to Select conversation
Press s :Shortcut to Rotate superstar
Press y :Shortcut to Remove label
Press e :Shortcut to Archive
Press m :Shortcut to Mute conversation
Press ! :Shortcut to Report as spam
Press # :Shortcut to Delete
Press r :Shortcut to Reply
Press [Shift] + r :Shortcut to Reply in a new window
Press a :Shortcut to Reply all
Press [Shift] + a :Shortcut to Reply all in a new window
Press f :Shortcut to Forward
Press [Shift] + f :Shortcut to Forward in a new window
Press [Shift] + n :Shortcut to Update conversation
Press ] / [ :Shortcut to Remove conversation from current view and go previous/next
Press } / { :Shortcut to Archive conversation and go previous/next
Press z :Shortcut to Undo last action
Press [Shift] + i :Shortcut to Mark as read
Press [Shift] + u :Shortcut to Mark as unread
Press _ :Shortcut to Mark unread from the selected message
Press + or = :Shortcut to Mark as important
Press – :Shortcut to Mark as not important
Press [Shift] + t :Shortcut to Add conversation to Tasks

You can learn more about the Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts from here.
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Enabling Gmail Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Gmail has introduced a lab feature called as Custom keyboard shortcuts to customize the Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail. If you use some shortcuts frequently but do not feel comfortable with the combination, you can create your own shortcut combination by using this lab feature. It is not enabled by default. To enable it, sign-in to your Gmail account, click on the “Lab” sign

and enable the lab feature “Custom keyboard shortcut” from the list and save the changes by clicking the proper button.
enable gmail custom keyboard shortcut
This will add an additional “Keyboard shortcuts” tab.
Keyboard Shortcut tab
You can only change the shortcuts assigned under “Action” list. Head to the “Keyboard Shortcut” tab which opens the “Current keyboard shortcut mapping” window.
Customize Gmail Shortcuts
Put your preferred key(s) at the white boxes and save the changes – you’re done!
How do you access your Gmail account – by mouse or by the Gmail keyboard shortcuts?


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    • Thanks Moumita for your valuable comment. Not only Gmail but also there are shortcut keys for Facebook, Windows, MAC etc. We’ll be publishing more articles on Shortcut keys in near future. Keep visiting my site.


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