How To Keep Your Google Chrome Passwords Safe

It’s nice and easy, when Google Chrome offers to remember our passwords. And how Google Chrome fills the information without us having to really type our web credentials over and over again. But upon a closer look, you’d note that the passwords saved in Google Chrome browser are not safe at all because anyone who can access the browser’s settings page can see your passwords in PLAIN TEXT. Yes, you read that right.
This is one major security flaw in Google Chrome web browser that could reveal your web credentials to anyone having access to Chrome browser on your system.
Just to give you a fair idea about the danger involved, go to chrome://settings/passwords (copy and paste the address in Chrome’s address bar) and hover over one of the stored password to see the actual password hidden behind those asterisks. And there, all your web credentials are exposed to the guest user.
how to keep google chrome passwords safe
But here’s a work-around that would keep your Google Chrome passwords safe. Read the tutorial.

How To Keep Your Google Chrome Passwords Safe

  • Make sure your Chrome browser is up to date. If it’s not, update it before proceeding to the next step.disable password manager reauthentication in google chrome
  • Go to chrome://flags and find ‘Disable Password Manager Reauthentication’. Turn it off, i.e. Disable it. Restart Google Chrome.

With that, we’re one step closer to prevent unauthorized access to Google Chrome saved passwords.
Google Chrome uses your Windows account password to protect the saved passwords in the web browser. So, set up Windows account password, if you haven’t. If your Windows account already, skip this step.

Setup Windows Account Password

For Windows 8
To setup Windows account password, press Windows Key + C to open up charms menu. Then follow the path, Settings -> Change PC settings.
Scroll down to Users -> Create a password and Create your password. It’s the same password you’d be needing to reveal the passwords behind the asterisks in Chrome.
For Windows 7
Please follow this path to create a Windows account password in Windows 7.
Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts and Family Safety -> User Accounts -> Create a password for your account.
Moving on to the third step

Test Whether The Passwords Stored In Chrome Are Safe Or Not

Go to chrome://settings/passwords
google chrome settings passwords and forms
Try to see one of the many saved passwords using the Show button next to the asterisks(saved password). If everything went well, you’d be prompted for your Windows Account password before you could actually see the saved password in plain text.
windows account password prompt
That’s how you can keep your Chrome passwords safe from unauthorized access. Got questions? Shoot it right now.


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