How to Install Windows 8 from USB Drive

We have already told you how to download and install Windows 7 on Virtual machine, you can follow the same procedure to install Windows 8 Virtually or create a USB bootable installation disc to install Windows 8 from USB stick on any system. You would need a 1 GHz or faster CPU to run Windows 8. Microsoft recommends minimum 1GB of RAM to run Windows 8 32 bit and 2 GB for 64 bit version. You would also need a 20GB or more hard disc space for installing and storing files, DirectX9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 is recommended graphics.
We are going to provide you the updated direct download links for Windows and a complete guide on how to create a bootable Windows 8 USB drive using the Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool. Windows 8 has many features and right now, developer edition is freely available. There are options to download 32bit version and 64 bit version (with or without developer tools).
Here is the direct Windows 8 download links and all packages required for installing Windows 8 on your system.
Download Windows 8 and Windows Bootable USB Creator

 How to Create Windows 8 Bootable USB Drive

  1. Install the downloaded Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool on your computer.
  2. Run the tool and you will get a box to choose the ISO file, provide with the Windows 8 developer ISO file you have downloaded earlier, hit the “Next” button. This will take you to next step, just choose USB device and go ahead.create Windows 8 bootable USB drive
  3. Plug in your USB and select the ‘Begin Copying’ button. This will format the device and copy the required files and set up the bootable USB drive. (Tip: Backup any Critical data on USB drive before using it for creating bootable Windows 8).Install Windows 8 from USB drive
  4. It will take few minutes to copy files and setup everything on your USB Drive. Once finished, close the tool and un plug the USB device.

Tip: How to install Windows XP from USB Flash Drive.
That’s it. The bootable USB is ready to install Windows 8 on any system.

How to Install Windows 8 from the Bootable USB Drive

To start the installation, you will have to setup the BIOS of the computer to enable booting from the USB device. Enter into your BIOS (Press F2 or the specific key for your motherboard) and change the boot device priority.

Once changed, restart your computer and it should automatically start booting from the USB. Follow the onscreen instruction to complete the Windows 8 setup.
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