Quick Guide to Install Google Chrome 64 bit for Windows 8,7

Google has released 64 bit version of Google Chrome for Windows 8 and Windows 7, the same day, they also released the 32 bit chrome 37 as well. Before releasing Google Chrome 64 bit version for Windows 8, 7 in a stable channel, it was available but only in the browser’s Dev and Canary channels.
If you’ve simply updated your existing Google Chrome version via Settings menu in the app, chances are, you’re not running the Google Chrome 64 bit version, but newly released Google Chrome 37, the 32 bit version.
But, what’s the difference, why I should update my Google Chrome to 64 bit version? We’ll talk about it later. But first,

Check Whether You’re Using Google Chrome 64 bit or 32 bit version

It’s easy!
Open Google Chrome, click on the icon, situated at the far right. Now move down to Settings > About.
Google Chrome 64 bit version
If there’s no mention of 64-bit version of Google Chrome in the About section. You better update it to the 64 bit version of the same. The image shows the Google Chrome 37, 64-bit version.
Coming back to the question, why you should update your Google Chrome to 64 bit version. Though, I’ve experienced slight swiftness in the 64 bit version of the web browser. But, here read what Google has to say about it.

64-bit Chrome offers many benefits for speed (read additional tips to speed up Google Chrome browser), stability and security. Our measurements have shown that the native 64-bit version of Chrome has improved speed on many of our graphics and media benchmarks. For example, the VP9 codec that’s used in High Definition YouTube videos shows a 15% improvement in decoding performance. Stability measurements from people opted into our Canary, Dev and Beta 64-bit channels confirm that 64-bit rendering engines are almost twice as stable as 32-bit engines when handling typical web content. Finally, on 64-bit, our defense in depth security mitigations such as Partition Alloc are able to far more effectively defend against vulnerabilities that rely on controlling the memory layout of objects.

Pretty much every machine these days is based on the 64 bit architecture, and nerds believed that 64 bit machines performs better with 64 version of the same third-party software. Earlier, it was not available to us, we’ve had no options, but now we’ve every reason to update Google Chrome to 64 bit version.
If you’re convinced, here’s how you can update Google Chrome to 64 bit version.

Google Chrome 64 bit version for Windows 8, Windows 7

Google Chrome 64 bit version download
Head over to the Google Chrome website, and hit the download link button. To be sure, please do read the fine print that says “For Windows 8/7 64-bit”.
If you’re facing any issues downloading Google Chrome 37 64 bit version, if it’s not working for you. Download the same using offline installer.

Google Chrome 64 bit version for Windows 8, Windows 7 – Offline Installer

Note that there are two Offline installer available for Google Chrome 64 bit version. Download the one that suits your needs. Download link : Offline Installer for Google Chrome 64 bit version.


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