Steps to Install Android Market on Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire has generated a new craze in the market. This holiday season, people are buzzing all over about this budget Android Gingerbread Tablet. Amazon has created this ultimate budget Android Tablet to attract customer who are looking for a viable option for eReader that has more functionality. The Kindle fire has a 1Ghz TI OMAP Cortex A9 dual core processor which is the very same of Blackberry Playbook. And it has a 7 inches IPS capacitive display that supports 1024x600pixels. It has enough processing power to handle moderate gaming and almost all productivity apps. Equipped with a 512RAM and 8Gb of internal Storage, Kindle fire is available for $199. I am sure that this was the specs and price you were looking for.

Install Android market on Kindle Fire

Well, there is a flaw with Kindle Fire, it does not come with pre-installed Android market. It has Amazon App market. This is not a big disappointment as Android market has already been ported to Fire.
We will be telling you the procedure very soon. Before that you would need to download some essential files that will install on your Kindle Fire Android Tablet to support Android Market App:
Before going ahead you will need a rooted Kindle Fire, data cables, a PC.
Download Files to install Android Market and Framework for Kindle Fire:

  • Google Services Framework.apk File (Download Link).
  • Vending apk.file (Download Link).
  • Astro Filemanager or Root explorer premium to change the read/write permission of the File.
  • Go Launcher EX (Download Link), just to create a manual launcher for Android market.

Now, let’s go ahead and try installing Android market on Amazon Kindle:

Step-by-step instruction to install Android Market Place in Amazon’s Kindle Fire

  1. Extract Google Services Framework.apk file using an archive tool (e.g WinRAR). You will need to transfer the 2 .apk files to the storage Amazon Kindle Fire. And install the FileManager application on your Amazon Kindle Fire.
  2. It is obvious that you select the Google Service Framework.apk file to get it installed in your Amazon Kindle Fire. Once you’re done with the installation process, click “Done”.
  3. You have to move the Vending.apk file to the folder “/system>app folder” path.
  4. Now, open “Astro File manager”, Change the permission of vending.apk to “Read and Write” after which you need to paste the Vending.apk file and verify that permission match (rw-r–r–) pattern. This is just to make it installable.
  5. Just install Vending.apk and reboot the kindle Fire.

Finally, you will see an Android Market icon in the apps list, tap on the same and it will prompt you to enter in the Google Account Credentials and the Market will be up and running. Enjoy!
Tip: Get HTC Droid Incredible 2 Rooted.


  1. Hi d steps looks complicated. R there easy methods on installing android market on kindlefire. Any person in Bangalore could helpmen install this. None of the amazon app works in India.neither I have any game installed


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