How to Write Lengthy Tweets More Than 140 Characters

There are times when you need to write lengthy tweets but you can’t post longer tweets due to the limitation of 140 characters in Twitter. Here are few tools which for sure will help you post lengthy tweets in Twitter.

Use TwitLonger to post long Tweets

If you want to tweet your messages longer than 140 character, you can use TwitLonger to bypass the limitation in Twitter.
Post lengthy tweets with TwitLonger
All you need is to go to the TwitLonger home page and sign-in with your twitter account. This will take you to the New Post page and you can write your lengthy tweets there – no matter how much longer they are. Once completed, just press the “Post it” button and the app will take care of the rest. You don’t need to do anything more.
How does TwitLonger work?
When you write some thing on TwitLonger more than 140 characters and press the “Post it” button, it automatically takes the first 100 characters or so and creates a tweet with a link of the actual post at TwitLonger and posts at your Twitter account (you need to authorized the app when signing in). You’re actually writing the message at TwitLonger and posting only first 100 characters (which maintain the 140 character limit of Twitter) with the link of your actual message.
When the users read your tweet, they read the first group of characters at Twitter and the rest from the TwitLonger by following the given link into that tweet.
lengthy tweet message
Downside of TwitLonger
Though the TwitLonger sounds pretty tricky while posting lengthy tweets (without word limit) but there are some downsides of using TwitLonger which you may not like.

  1. The users will have to leave the Twitter website to read the full message.
  2. The free version of TwitLonger includes ads into your post which may distract the user experience. Although it has a premium versions to disable the ads but spending money for this purpose may not be acceptable for many people.

If you want to avoid such drawbacks described above, you may give Tall Tweets a try. Its perfect for posting lengthy tweets without forcing the users to leave Twitter website if they want to read your tweets. Eventually, the veteran Bollywood actor Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is also a fan of Tall Tweets.

How to Post Lengthy Tweets with Tall Tweets

Whenever you write or paste the long message at Tall Tweet, it will automatically slice the whole message into the parts of 140 or less characters and post them sequentially to Twitter. All the parts are arranged in a reverse-sequence method so that your tweets can be read from top-to-bottom into the Twitter website or any Twitter client. All the parts of your Tweet get numbered so that they can be read easily.
Alternatively, Tall Tweet allows to post your tweet as an image. With this choice, you can post the whole message at one place. Your entire message gets converted into a single image and gets published at Twitter.
To use Tall Tweets, just sign-in with your Twitter account, type or paste your message and press the “Tweet as Image” or “Tweet as Text” button.
Post lengthy tweets with tall tweets
Advantages of Tall Tweets
The advantage of using Tall Tweet is that the readers of your lengthy tweets won’t need to leave the Twitter website. They can read your entire tweet inside any Twitter client as well. If you choose to post your long tweets as an image, there will be no problem to read them from the Twitter clients as almost every Twitter client offers inline image preview.
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  1. Hello Tanmay,
    wow! there was no way I ever thought I could go beyond the 140 characters limit from Twitter. Thanks for this and I will obviously be trying it out.
    Tall Tweets is my favourite.

  2. Hii Tanmay,
    Thank you so much for sharing this super useful article with us. The above mentioned tricks seems really very simple and i am going to try out it right now.
    I hope TwitLonger will fulfil my expectation. Thanks again Bro 🙂


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