How to View Posts from Specific People or Pages on Google+

Google + has a very interesting feature that has amazed many people around the world including myself. The ability of Google + to view posts from a specific circle as a single stream without any distractions from any other story from different circle, is rather more than interesting. This amazing feature not father than a few clicks for your own use. You just have to turn on a single option in settings to get this feature.
The new update of Google + has brought in a lot of collections and communities. This is a good thing but it can become a hassle in no time. if you are connected to any of the community in anyway then any post, poll or a link if posted in any of the community will be shown on your home stream. Due to this reason your home stream will crowded all the time. if there is no proper moderation then most of the posts you will be viewing on your home stream will be irrelevant for you. If you use Google + regularly then this situation is not new for you in anyway. This problem is not just on Google + Facebook users also face this problem in different terms such as unwanted sponsored ads or posts on their news feed and many other group posts notifications and the notifications from the pages they like. All of these irrelevant notifications and posts are the cause of missing the real important stuff that is actually relevant.
Getting all the important posts and notifications from friends and family is a really hassle in social networking. If you are the kind of a person who follows many pages, collections and have joined many communities then for you Google has introduced something called Circle Streams. So that you ca come on top of this problem and you do not miss any important post or notification from your friends or family.
Circle Streams can be used by the Google + users in two of the ways. Firstly, it is possible to see all the posts from the specific circles you have selected without any distractions. Secondly, you can get all the notifications for those specific circles, in case you missed any post from these circles. You can be updated without any distractions from the use of both the options. As Google + allows you to create as many circles you want, and add as many people or pages as you may wish, so you can create circles according to the priority of the people on your Google + and view all the posts from them.

How to enable Circle Streams from the Google + settings.

To enable Circle streams on your Google + account you would just have to make few click. To enable Circle streams just follow the steps below.

  • Open your Google + account on any browser
  • Once it is logged in, from the left pane go to Settings and click to open.
  • As you go to the Settings page, scroll down to find Advance Settings, click to open

  • Now you may see an option named as Enable Circle Streams, turn it on to enable Circle Streams

As you have enabled Circle Stream on your Google + account, now you will be able to see a new item named as Circle Streams in your left pane. The next step is very easy you just need to click on the option of Circle Streams to expand it. Once expanded, now you can see all the circles you created enlisted in an orderly fashion. You can select any of the circles to view the posts from that circle.
This feature of Google + can also be used to see the specific posts and receiving of notifications from a specific person. For this purpose, you need to create a circle including that one specific person in it, you may or may not turn on notifications for this circle, according to the need of notifications from this specific person. Notifications can be turned through the Circle settings. You can also hide circles from appearing on your profile if you think people might know people inside your circles.
I hope this feature article has helped you in getting to know a great feature of Google + that you never knew.



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