How To Solve This Webpage has a Redirect Loop Problem

The vast web is full with lots of problems, but the solution are always around if you are a good seeker. One such problem out of many is “This Webpage has a redirect loop“. Also known as “Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): there were too many redirects”. Every time I try to reach my Gmail account in Google Chrome, this redirection loop was avoiding to get me access of it. Have you ever faced this problem, where a user every-time is redirected to this web page shown below?
There are several situations which force the webmasters  to redirect from one URL to another. Specially, if the webmasters change the structure of an URL, redirection becomes necessary to route the traffic from the old location to new page. And, over the time, improper redirection causes the problem :  This Webpage has a redirect loop. And, these errors are technically displayed by the modern browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as “Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): there were too many redirects”.
Although, the solution is displayed right there on the web page itself which suggests the user to clear the cookies and try the URL again, if and only if, the problem is not from the servers side.

This webpage has a redirect loop

What is a Webpage Redirection?
The URL is the unique address of a webpage in the Internet. Every webpage is a part of a website with an unique domain name. For example, you can compare the domain name as a country name and the webpages as the street address of that country. Now, if you give someone your home address, you will give the street address as well as the country name. Now, if you changed your location recently, what will you do?
You would put a board at your old address that you have recently changed your address. So that, if any letter comes to that old place, it can be re-sent to the new address. Similarly, if you change the URL of a webpage, you need to tell the visitors that this URL is left and you should visit the new URL. Technically, you can route the visitors to the new webpage address without telling them anything. This is called webpage redirection.
What is Webpage Redirect Loop?
The webpage redirect loop mainly happens due to mistakes from the webmasters. If you are a webmaster, you should always take care of redirecting webpages in a linear flow. But, redirecting to page from already you have made a redirection creates a never ending loop.
In simple words, Redirect loop is similar to a situation wherein page “X” points to page “Y” and page “Y” points back to page “X”. That will keep browser busy in an infinite loop and it will never able to show the webpage. In earlier days, such type of redirect or infinite loops used to hang the browser. But, thankfully, modern browsers are smart enough to recognize that problem thus showing “This Webpage has a Redirect Loop”. Here’s how to implement the procedure to get rid of this error.

How to Solve This Webpage has a Redirect Loop Problem

This problem can come from both the server side or client side. If you are a visitor having no control of the webpages and getting the error in your browser, you should first try clearing your browser cookies. Sometime, clearing out the cookies would solve your problem. Follow this tutorial to clear the cookies.

  • In Google Chrome web browser, click on the Menu icon located to the top right.
  • Choose History > History from the dropdown menu.
  • A new Google Chrome tab with web browser’s personal settings will open, choose “Clear browsing data”.Google Chrome History Settings Option
  • A new pop will open up.clear cookies to solve this webpage has a redirect loop
  • Tick the check box beside “All Cookies and site data” option.
  • You will also see list of other history options based on the local data about some frequently visited web pages. Upon clearing of which, we can hope for the solution of the above problem.
  • To clear the cookies and other data, click on CLEAR BROWSING DATA.
  • Close the settings tab completely. Restart the Google Chrome web browser.

This will clear the web browser’s cookies. Now, try to re-open the web page which was showing the error shown in the image above.

Use Third Party Tools to Delete Cookies

If it’s resolved, very well, if not, you can also try some other tool like CCleaner to clear out the cookies and other data from the web browsers directories, where all cookies are stored. Now it should have probably solved our problem.
This problem might not occur when you’ll try a different web browser to access the URL. But switching web browser to access a URL is not the solution to the problem.
But as said earlier, problem will be solved if it’s on client side, if it is the server side issue, I would recommend you to try joining one of these forums to resolve your problems.

Solve Redirect Loop Problem For your Website

If you are the webmaster of the page which is causing the redirect loop problem, you should check the htaccess file at your server root location and find out the redirection which is causing the infinite loop. The htaccess file works on Apache servers. In case, your webpages are hosted on Windows server, check the web.config/route.config file.

Solve This Webpage has Redirect Loop Problem in Android

If you are facing the same problem at your Google Chrome browser in Android phones, you can follow the above workaround to get the problem solved. Do let me know if you still face any problem?


  1. This is still happening and the cookie fix or the change the date/time for chrome fix are useless. This is hitting when I go to other sites. How do i turn this error ability in chrome off?????????
    I don’t care how may redirects a site has as long as I can get to the site!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hello there, I read your comment and some people find it very useful.
      Could you help me to? I can’t access to my web admin as it says ‘This webpage has a redirect loop’
      Thank you in advance

  2. Check javascript codes for update location.href, use with fixing .htaccess file
    Disable cacnocical filters if is needed
    Probably can helps.

  3. Yes, it’s a solution, until the next time you want to log into to gmail.
    Having to delete all your cookies every time you want to collect your email is definitely NOT a solution, especially as the damned thing worked perfectly until recently.
    It is not a user problem, so why are useres required to resolve it?

    • It’s not necessary – or, as you point out, advisable – to delete ALL cookies. We can delete only the ones relating to the website giving us the error message.
      In Chrome, go to Settings >> Show Advanced Settings >> under Privacy, Content Settings >> All Cookies and Site Data >> type in the first few letters of the site in the search box (upper right).
      We’ll see a list appear of cookies for those sites. Hover over each line applicable to the problem site and delete it and its cookies.
      I’ve just done that to fix my own problem with RATEMYPROFESSORS.COM.
      However, I’ve just noticed that all 14 cookies have returned after just one visit to the website (to test if deleting cookies fixed the problem) (which it did).
      So yes, deleting the cookies works, but the question for me is why it’s necessary, why it happens at all.
      By the way, using a different browser (Firefox in my case) works fine. So far, anyway.
      Hope this helps.

  4. Let’s face it. Google Tech support is zero. Yet they still have the cheek to complain about last year’s version of IE and say Chrome is a “modern browser”.

  5. This not only failed to solve the problem, it’s not a Chrome problem because it happens in multiple web browsers.
    It happened previously on Deviant Art, and it was happening to multiple Deviant Art browsers across multiple web browsers. People wouldn’t be asking for help if the solution suggested by the browser didn’t work.

    • Hi, it seems that you have a problem with the .htccess file of your site. You can follow this step to check whether the htaccess file creating the problem:
      1. Browse Public_html of your server using cPanel or FTP.
      2. Look for the .htaccess file.
      3. Download it for a backup.
      4. Delete it from public_html.
      5. Now Check if /wp-admin is working or not. If it works Login to your WP admin and go to Settings > Permalink
      6. Temporarily change the permalink structure and save it. It will re-create the htaccess file with proper rewrite rules.
      7. Revert back to your original permalink and save it.

  6. Hi Guys,
    I use to keep getting an error message saying this webpage has a redirect loop. Can someone please help? This would be greatly appreciated as it is so annoying. Last year, I could enter into a particular URL by typing the Website. Now I am getting this. Have been in contact with them about this issue but still not resolved.

  7. Hi,
    I also faced the same issue. If you are using Drupal as a CMS tool, whenever this type of issues comes, try to check with the redirection stuff. Some time by mistake we added landing page URL to the same node URL. Have a Happy Day 🙂

  8. This works, but only very temporarily. I shouldn’t have to clear the cookies 2 – 3 times a day. That means having to re-sign into every website that requires a login each time I clear them. Surely, you have a better solution?

  9. This will be a fantastic site, will you be interested in doing an interview regarding just how you designed it? If so email me!

  10. How to solve it if it’s my website causing the redirect loop? I keep going back and forth with my hosting provider ( technical support, and it keeps coming back.

  11. I was having same problems and after some checks found it came from the wifi extender I was using had firmware which had the problem associated it. Switch the device off and solved it.

  12. There is Redirecting issue on my page Please help!
    “Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/pconmobi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/easy-adsense-lite/easy-adsense-lite.php:816) in /home/pconmobi/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1121″

  13. Thanks for the advice, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work for me. I get this redirect loop message every time I try & log into Youtube. It’s only just begun happening today and despite clearing my cookies & browser history in 3 different browsers (Chrome, Opera and IE) it still persists. I can log in fine if I use the wife’s laptop which connects to the web via the same WIFI, so it definitely seems to be something specific to this PC. Any thoughts?

  14. Had this problem with for ages. The version of chrome I have did not appear to suggest clearing cookies (maybe i missed it) – but doing so solved the problem. Thanks for contributing to the internet! 🙂

  15. Every time I want to open it shows that the page contain too many server redirects. How can I fix it from my samsung GT-S6802

  16. The WP admin part is working fine but when I view the page its showing
    the error “This web page has a redirect loop”. Please help to solve it.

  17. I’ve been getting this “This webpage has a redirect loop” when trying to download a file from Google Drive. Solution: Make httpswitchboard (extension) allow cookies from * Did that by going to (failed to display any page btw) and making green that spot about the cookies.

  18. After changing my theme of my website this comes up all the time and ive tried some of these things and nothing changes. please help

  19. I had also this type of issue but I just solved my issue with very fast speed and I am very satisfied with this work, he is just great man with very sharp skills.

  20. Hey there, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your blog site in Chrome, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!
    Other than that, terrific blog!

  21. Awesome work it really worked well I facing this problem so frequently that irritates me a lot now it fully resolved ..

  22. I simply restarted my computer and that solved it.
    Personally, I don’t want to delete my cookies as then all my favorite websites will no longer recognize me, and I’ll have to re-enter my usernames/ passwords all over again. But I’d delete the specific problem cookies if I knew which ones they were.

    • I addressed this a few minutes ago. If you’re reading this, scroll up a bit. Sorry, too tired (lazy) to do it again, even with copy/paste. You’ll find it.

  23. Hi i have a using dreamweaver cs5 now each time i try to restrict access to my page its bringing this error “This webpage has a redirect loop ERR_TOO_MANYA_REDIRECTS

  24. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Hi i have a using dreamweaver cs5 now each time i try to restrict access to my page its bringing this error “This webpage has a redirect loop ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

  25. Hi i have a using dreamweaver cs5 now each time i try to restrict access to my page its bringing this error “This webpage has a redirect loop ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

  26. It’s great tutorial!
    It’s solved my redirect problem in
    I have solve this “redirect loop” problem in different method.
    That’s also cool!
    This is my method!
    Thank’s for this tutorial.
    Sajjad Hossain

  27. am using moodle on xampp and am having this problem “This webpage has a redirect loop
    ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” plsss what can i do ASAP

  28. After 3 hours of work and searching for a solution that would solve my redirect problem, I have finally fount this website and I would like to thank tha author thousend times for this post.

  29. Guys I did research for 2 days and at the end I noticed that I was only getting the error connected to my home network , so I went inside my router and reset it , and problem fix


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