How To Send And Receive Fax From Windows Computer

    Wouldn’t that be comfortable if we could send and receive Fax from computers? We can deal with Fax just from the computer, but it requires a small setup to get carried out.
    We’ll make use of the ‘Windows Fax and Scan’ feature to setup the computer which lets you to send and receive Fax right from your computer. We’ll even tell you the way to send Fax from your Computer without a Fax Machine. So, let’s get started.
    Requirements For The Setup
    These are some requirements to setup Windows Fax and Scan feature.

    • Make sure, an analog phone line is connected to your PC. Digital phones won’t work here
    • If you are having an in-built Fax modem, Windows will recognize it at the time of setup, if you are having some external modem with you, then please connect it using the manufacturers manual guide
    • Modem – turned on.

    Setup Windows Fax and Scan Feature Using Modem

    • Click on ‘Windows Fax and Scan’ link, which can be traced by clicking Start >> All Programs. A new window will pop-up

    windows scan and fax feature

    • You can see that no fax account is configured to access and use the ‘Windows Fax and Scan’ feature. Click on Fax, at the bottom of the left pane to setup a fax account
    • A short button is created to connect the modem. Click on New Fax button (located at the top left).

    fax setup windows 7

    • Go through the ‘Fax Setup’ and click on ‘Connect to a Fax modem’. In the next step, choose the modem name the click ‘Next’ again.

    fax setup options

    • There are three options to choose from, first two are self-explanatory. If you are choosing the third option that says “I’ll choose later; I want to create a fax now”, then let me remind you that this option will only allow you to send fax only and not receive fax. So, choose the one that suits you
    • You might be prompted to allow firewall access too, so do allow it in order to use the service, Windows Fax and Scan.
    • Now, you are ready to send and receive fax using the modem. You can also change the settings you’ve chosen here by going Tools >> Fax Settings in the menu

    new fax window

    • To create a new fax, simply click on ‘New Fax’ and you are good to go.

    If you want to setup your server to send and receive Fax, then follow this tutorial.

    • Your computer should be connected to a network
    • Also make sure you know the network address of the fax server (for example, mycompanyfaxserver) and that you have permission to connect to it. Contact your server administrator for that.

    How To Send And Receive Fax Using A Server

    To setup process of sending fax using server in Windows is almost same at the starting. Here is in details.

    • Same step, Start >> All Programs >> Windows Scan And Fax. Click on it
    • Move over to Fax Accounts by clicking on Tools

    fax accounts server

    • Click on Add, new pop wizard will guide you through the rest of the steps

    fax setup server choose connect server

    • Click on ‘Connect to a Fax server on a network’
    • In the next step, choose the server name. Ask your server administrator for the name and other server related data
    • For rest of the steps, administrator setup is required. Contact the server administrator, who will guide you to the rest of the steps
    • That’s all. how you can setup the ‘Windows Scan And Fax’ feature on a network.

    So, that’s how you can use Windows Fax and Scan Feature to send and receive fax from your computer.

    Send or receive Fax From a Computer Without a Fax Machine

    So the above tutorial is one way to setup Fax and Scan feature for Windows PC. If in case you want to avoid all that setup, you can use a Google Chrome Extension HelloFax which allows you to send and receive Fax.
    You do not need to have any fax machine to do it. This Google Chrome Extension lets you to send your fax to the desired fax number from your Chrome extension. Similarly, it also allows you to receive the fax at your own fax number.
    The extension has both the free and paid versions. With the free version, you can only send faxes (5 pages with free of cost then 99 cents/fax). You can’t receive any fax as the free version does not provide any fax number for you. If you want that, you can go for the paid versions. Read the pricing details.
    Some salient features of this Google Chrome Extension.

    • No need to sign, print fax
    • Can read, edit 30 different file types, so no issues when it comes to file type not supported
    • Just put in your fax number, they will send it to the fax machine, hence totally avoiding the clutter of Fax machine setup. Received Fax are mailed to your E-mail address as a PDF File, so that’s how you can access your Fax
    • Provides the facility to add signature online.

    If you are facing any issues, please comment them down. We will be happy to assist you. Also read how to use iPad as keyboard for PC.


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