How to Remove "Earlier Version of Windows" from Windows Boot Menu

The term”Earlier Version of Windows” appears to the Windows boot menu just after you uninstall a Windows Operating System from a computer that previously had a dual boot configuration. Dual boot configuration can be found on a Windows PC when there are two separate Windows OS installed on a same PC. Whenever, you uninstall any one operating system, in the boot loader the option “Earlier Version of Windows” continuously appears. As a result of it, you have to choose the current operating system name each time you boot into your system. To bypass this annoying issue here I post a simple solution about how to remove earlier version of Windows from the boot menu.
The ‘earlier version of Windows’ option only appear if you have a dual boot Windows PC. The option will become useless only when you uninstall any Windows version among two installed OS. I have faced the problem even after installing a separate OS in the separate Windows drive. At the time of uninstalling an operating system I have formatted the associated drive completely. Yet, I get the “Earlier Version of Windows” option at the time of boot for several days.
There are several ways to remove earlier version of Windows option. This problem is very common and can be found in any major version of Windows e.g. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Here, I discuss two methods to remove Windows earlier version option.
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How to Delete Unnecessary Boot Loader Options from Windows Boot Menu

Method 1: Delete “Earlier Version of Windows” from Windows Boot Loader Using Command Prompt
At first, boot into existing Windows operating system and open command prompt with Administrator privileges. If you are a Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 user then, in the search box just type “cmd.exe”, right click on the perfect finding and select “run as administrator” option. Windows 8.1 user have to choose Command Prompt(Admin) option after pressing Windows+X keys together.
Type bcdedit in the command window and press enter.
Boot Configuration Data Editor Tool is a built-in tool of Windows and is used to edit boot menu text, and manages your Windows boot loader. It can be controlled using bcdedit command.
Now, in the command window you will see “Windows Legacy OS Loader” entry. Under description section you will find earlier version of Windows option.
To delete the entry you have to enter the below command:
bcdedit /delete {ntldr} /f
Just press enter button and this will immediately delete the entry. Windows will make you confirm with the following message – The Operation Completed Successfully.
Now, you will not see the boot option anymore after restart the PC.

Method 2: Remove Unnecessary Boot Loader Entry Using EasyBCD

EasyBCD is an easy alternative for you to remove boot loader entries when you fail to remove by using command prompt. Just install the free version of this application and open it with administrative privilege.
Go to “Edit Boot Menu” and select the OS version you want to delete from Windows Boot loader.
Just press the ‘delete’ button and confirm it.
That’s it. Now, restart your computer and you will be able to boot into the existing Windows operating system without any selection.


  1. Thakc a lot,but i still have black screen with only one option,wich i wanted.Can i raise my system dyrectly without that stepp?


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