How to Record Gameplay Videos on Your Android Device

Gaming is something that we all love. It is one of the many activities that has the power to entertain you by providing you virtual ways of interacting with virtual objects. Gaming has been around since a long time. Starting from consoles, then dominating the PC and now even smartphones, gaming is something that kids as well as elders love with same passion. And why not?
Gaming helps us release stress and also enjoy while we are doing so. Gaming on phones is on the rise today thanks to the rise in demand in the market for Android phones. We get Android phones within all kinds of price ranges. Hence an Android device has become a go-to gaming device for many people out there.

How Record Gameplay Videos on Android

Sometimes people would want to capture their gameplay on their Android device to watch them later, or to upload them on some video sharing website like YouTube in order to share it with people.
Anyway, in this post I am going to list some of the best game capture apps for Android that you can use to record gameplay on your Android device. Lets get started.
Infinity Play Screen Recorder
record gameplay on android through Infinity Play Screen Recorder
This is definitely one of the best screen recording apps on Play Store at the moment. Not only does it let you record the gameplay of the game you are playing, but it also lets you record the game along with the game sounds! You can also create VR videos with this recorder using the same app and then you can directly upload the recorded video footage on YouTube right from the app. Download link.
PlayCast Game Screen Recorder
Record Gameplay Videos by PlayCast Game Screen Recorder
This is another one of the screen recorders that can easily record gameplay on an Android device in full resolution with sound. Just like the screen recorder that we mentioned above this, this app also allows you to upload the video that you recorder directly on your YouTube account. So, this app not only lets you record the gameplay, you can also upload it directly without exporting it anywhere else. Play Store Link.
GameDuck – Play, Record, Share
Record Gameplay on Android using GameDuck
GameDuck not only allows you to capture the gameplay on your Android device, but you can also start sharing your gameplay on the GameDuck network in order to get reactions and responses from people. You can also team up with friends to play together in a game. You can record the gameplay and even record your face while playing the game to stand out from the rest who just record the gameplay. Recording your face along with the game is a really nice idea if you want the viewers of your videos to connect with you on a more personal level.
Game Recorder+
Record Gameplay on Android using Game Recorder +
As the name suggests, this app will let you record the gameplay and also optimize the game and your Android device in order to provide the best gameplay experience. The stutter in the games will not be there as you start playing it. You can also record your face and your voice while recording the game along with the game sounds which is actually a really nice thing. There is a game optimize button that lets you optimize the games before you start playing them. Here is the download Link.
Mobizen is also a great screen recorder application for Android. It can easily let you record gameplay using any game that you might want to record. The games are recorded in full HD quality which makes it good for you to be able upload it on video sharing websites. You can record games in 60fps which will make sure that the gameplay videos turn out buttery smooth and they are a pleasure to look at.
There is a special Samsung version of the app for Samsung devices that you can use on your respective Samsung Android model.


So, these are some of the best gameplay recording apps that you can look for on Play Store and you can use them to record gameplay videos on your phone.
Personally I would prefer using the GameDuck app as it has so much more to offer along with the community that I can instantly share the recorded videos with. Which one do you like?


  1. Hi Kumar,
    Thanks for sharing this awesome list of Android screen recorder. I’m only familiar with PlayCast Game Screen Recorder, But you mention here some more cool screen recorder apps. Going to Try them.

  2. Wow, You just made my day. was wondering how to save the actions and amazing moves of the characters I play in games. I wanna know,does this tools works equally in MOBA games?

  3. Hi, Thanks for your best article stated above,regarding game screen recorder and letting me know about new features in for my Android phone.I will certainly try out these apps.


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