How to Move Microsoft Edge Favorites to Another Computer

Windows 10 has been one the most popular versions of Windows. The reason for its popularity is the new inclusion in Windows operating system. These new inclusions include Cortana, Task view, new start menu and Microsoft Edge along with many other improvements. But Microsoft Edge gained most of the popularity among all the other developments. Without any doubt the Microsoft Edge is far behind from any other browser online as it does not support many of the essential features of a web browser such as it doesn’t even have add-ons. But it surely supports bookmarks. We all know how important it is for us to bookmark the important websites on our browser. Whether the browser is on a smart phone or on your personal computer it never loses its importance.
In Microsoft Edge the developers improvised a little and made things interesting. Therefore, they went from classic terminology to some new interesting ones. In Microsoft Edge the bookmarks are called Favorites. This means that whenever you bookmark a website or a page you will be saving it to the Favorites Bar and Folder. The distinguished feature in Microsoft Edge is that you can create folders to manage your bookmarks in a better way. This feature is not available in any other browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.
Most of face problems with our computers or we just feel the need to change them or replace the existing ones with the new high tech stuff. Or we just decide one day to back up our stuff on our existing PC and reinstall the Windows to remove the bugs. But if you do any of these or even thinking of doing this you may lose all the favorites from your Microsoft Edge. But we don’t want that now do we! So here is a solution to this problem, an alternate method to save all the important bookmarks which you would not want to lose. There is a solution which involves importing all the bookmarks to the Google account but it would consume much time.
But there is an easy solution to this problem. This solution will transfer your Microsoft Edge’s Favorites from your existing PC to any PC you want. It is a very simple method and does not involve any third party app. It would not take more than few minutes and few clicks to do the job.

How to move Microsoft Edge Favorites to another computer

For this method to work you need to follow the steps below. These will make it a lot easier for you to complete the task.

  1. Book mark all the pages and websites you want to transfer on your other PC
  2. After bookmarking all the pages, you need to close the Microsoft Edge
  3. Press Win + R to open Run Prompt, you can also open it from Start Menu
  4. You need to enter the following text in the empty typing space to open the desired location “%LocalAppData%\Packages\ Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\ AC \ MicrosoftEdge\User \Default
  5. A new window will open and you will find a folder named Data Store

  1. You need to open the Data Store folder and follow the following path (Data\nouser1\120712-0049\Favorites)
  2. In this location, you will find all the bookmarked pages and websites in your Microsoft Edge
  3. Copy and paste the Favorites folder to an external storage device to move it from the existing PC to the other one. You can also use email or any other mean preferable to do this task. Just be careful and do not alter anything else from the folder as this could harm your Windows
  4. Now paste the Favorites folder in the same location from which it was copied, on the other computer. The folder where Favorites folder should be posted in is named as 120712-0049 folder in your new computer.

This will do the trick and now you can get all your favorite bookmarks from Windows edge to any computer you want. But you should be very careful in doing this trick, as if you alter any of the other folders or messed around with them this trick might not work. I hope you get your desired results.


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