How to Install Extension in Microsoft Edge

With Windows 10 Microsoft also launched its new product Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge is a brand new browser, which is preinstalled in Windows 10. Primarily it was introduced as a technical preview build in Windows 10. Then Windows decided to continue to run this browser in the more stable version of Windows 10, when the developers saw the amazing response from the users. Microsoft Edge provides almost all the functions of a web browser but it cannot be used as an alternate to the other more famous browsers, such as, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or any other Browser for that matter.
Microsoft never cease to amaze its users with many useful and amazing features, but in Microsoft Edge there are a few things missing. Never the less the developers of Edge were trying to overcome the some of the issues in the technical preview of Windows 10 and they succeeded in introducing a very important feature in the stable version of Microsoft Windows 10. This useful feature is known as Extensions. Extensions in a web browser makes it smart, more interactive and more user friendly.
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Microsoft Edge is not the first one to introduce extensions to a web browser. Many other browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and all other famous browsers use extensions or add on, whatever you may call it. And these extensions have helped many other browsers to become smarter and adapt to the needs of the user. However, you cannot use these extensions or install them in stable release of the Microsoft Edge because it is no being offered in this version.
But if you are the user of technical preview of Windows 10, you can get this feature in your Microsoft Edge. Through which you can install extensions and use them in your new browser. Microsoft recently launched Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14291 a while back. If you have this version of Windows 10 or any other later version, you will be able to download and install extensions on your Microsoft Edge web browser. The guide explained below will help you in downloading and installing extensions on your Edge web browser.

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How to Install Extension in Microsoft Edge

For now, Microsoft has launched only a hand full of extensions for their new web browser. Du to this reason installing these extensions is a very easy thing to do. We hope that Microsoft will expand its gallery of extensions for the users of Microsoft Edge. But for now you can just follow the steps below to install the extension without wasting much time.

  1. Open you Microsoft Edge web browser
  2. On the top right corner, you will be able to see 3 dots, click on these to open up a menu
  3. Click on the option named Extensions to open the settings for the extensions
  4. Here you can find an option of Get Extensions, click on that

Clicking on the option of Get Extensions will redirect you to a webpage of Microsoft’s website to download the extensions. Here you can select an extension as per your need and click on the download button in front of it.

  1. After downloading an extension click on the option of Run on download complete dialog box.
  2. After this go through the process again explained above to go to the extension settings
  3. Click on the option of load extension button
  4. Select the download folder to load the downloaded extension from your computer or the download destination
  5. Now you can see the extension on your screen and it is running on your Microsoft Edge

I hope you can easily install your first extension on your Microsoft Edge after this tutorial.
Install Extension Microsoft Edge

How to Remove Extension from Microsoft Edge?

Removing an extension from your Microsoft edge is as important as is installing it. Sometimes the installed extensions stop working so you need to remove them to browse efficiently. Or there can be a case where you don’t like an extension no more or the use of that extension has come to an end you might have to remove it then. For removing the extension from your Microsoft Edge you just need to follow the steps described below.

  1. Open your Microsoft Edge web browser
  2. Go to the top right corner and find the 3 dots, and then click on them to open a drop down menu panel
  3. Find and click on the option named as extensions to open up the extension settings on the same panel
  4. Now you can see your installed extensions in one place, including the one you want to remove
  5. Hover your mouse on the extension you want to remove and click on a button as a gear, that is in front of the name of that extension
  6. This will open up the settings for that extension, including the setting to remove the same extension.
  7. Click on the option to remove the extension, hence removing the particular extension from your Microsoft Edge

From these few clicks you can add or remove the extensions from the all new Microsoft Edge. This new feature in Edge will certainly gain your attention and adding these extensions will definitely help you make your browser smarter and user friendly. I hope this solution and tutorial works for you in the best way and you can enjoy your browser at its fullest.



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