How to Identify Fake Facebook Profiles

Facebook, being the most popular social media website out there has billions of people, using it everyday. Among those huge numbers, you can find almost every type of person; thieves, cooks, burglars, pirate etc. – who are not in the list? The reality is that not 100% of the Facebook profiles are real, not 90% too, not even 70%; many of them are fake! Do you know that how a fake Facebook account can badly ruin your life? Mainly, the new Facebook users do the mistake in distinguishing between the fake and real profiles and get into the trap. Let me tell you something more about Fake Facebook accounts and how to identify them!

How to Detect Fake Facebook Accounts?

Fake Facebook profiles can be a real pain for you. Hence, it is really important to know that if you are talking or dealing with a real person or not! There are plenty of examples of cheating people online using fake Facebook profiles. They can take out your money from your bank or get your property on their name by cheating or stealing your sensitive information – these guys can do almost everything. Therefore, it is mandatory that you check your friend list in Facebook and then remove the fake IDs!
Let’s check how to determine that if a Facebook account is fake or not.
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Is it a girl?
It may sound little weird here, but that’s the truth, most of the fake accounts are created with a fake girl! No, I didn’t mean that the girls make fake accounts, it can be anyone who makes a fake account but on Facebook they pretend to be a girl. So, if you get a lot of requests from girls whom you don’t know then it is better that you don’t accept them as you don’t know actually who’s behind that profile!
1st January will tell you!
Yes! You heard it right! The biggest mistake which is seen in fake accounts is the date of birth. People usually make such accounts in a hurry due to which they don’t change the date of birth. So whenever it is 1st January and you see a lots of b’days on Facebook you know what to do! Double check those profiles and kick them out from your friend list. Even you can go one far step. Just report about the fake accounts to Facebook.
Profile Picture
fake facebook account
This is one of the biggest factors which helps you determine the authenticity of a Facebook profile. If you see a profile picture which looks a way of more professional or high quality then something fishy is behind that profile for sure!
It doesn’t limit to a good profile picture if you see a profile picture which is kinda too attractive with some explicit parts. For sure it is a fake one!
Same group of people will add you
Sometimes, a person makes 5-6 fake accounts then tries to add you by all those accounts, and that is a big plan so as to con you, he will message you from all the fake accounts and try to win your trust from a single account. Therefore, it is suggested that you carefully check about friends of the person who adds you and if someone is trying to behave over-friendly with you or sending phishing emails/messages in Facebook, better you stay away from him/her!
That’s all I had to tell about fake accounts on Facebook and I think this article would help you to get some information and tricks to identify fake Facebook IDs!
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  1. I have someone telling ne I wlon some money thtu Facebook they not asking for no money back or nothing. All they asked as for me to get an iTunes card to b able to activate my winning check once it gets hrre. The one lady name is Janet rice the other Vicky dong. I don’t know if it’s a scam or not because they also sent me pic thru messanger of winning certificate I’m confused . If I use an iTunes card how do they get my info


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