How to Get back the Save and Quit Feature in Firefox 4.0

Firefox has been upgraded to its latest version with some major changes in the older version. The latest version, Firefox 4.0 is fast enough to work, lightweight and good looking. But some features of the older version was really lifesaving, which are not available in Firefox 4.0. One such useful and popular feature is the Save and Quit feature.
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In the older version, if more than one tabs are opened in the browser, closing the browser would prompt you to decide whether to save the tabs before quitting, so that the tabs can be restored automatically when you launch Firefox next time.

This feature has been removed from the latest version Firefox 4.0. Closing the browser with multiple tabs does not give the option of saving the opened tabs before you quit. Though there is an option at the Firefox default homepage to restore the previous session, but that can’t be a good replacement of the previous Save and Quit feature.
This tutorial describes how to get back the old Save and Quit feature in Firefox 4.0. Here is the step-by-step guide.
Step 1. Open the Firefox 4.0 browser and type about:config at the address bar, then hit Enter.
Step 2. You should get a warning message like this:

Step 3. Click on the “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button. It will take you into the configuration page which contains a bunch of rows with different preferences with their value.
Step 4. Now, type “showQuit” (without quotes) at the Filter bar. The preference, named as browser.showQuitWarning will automatically appear along in the top.

Step 5. The value of this preference is “false” by default. Our goal is to change this value to “true”. Right-click on the preference name and select “Toggle” to toggle the value.

You are done! Now whenever you want to close the brower containing multiple tabs, it will show the Save and Quit dialogue box.

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