How to Enable Reactions on Facebook

Facebook was recently in a lot of talks for the addition of dislike button in it’s interface. Recently Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that there is going to be nothing like a dislike button and instead there would be Facebook Reactions. According to Mark Zuckerberg reactions will help in decreasing the hate among people which would not have been possible due to a dislike button.
Reactions are kind of emojis for the posts, you have the following reactions: Like, Love, Haha, Yay, Wow, Sad and Angry.
They look really cool but as of now this feature is just restricted to users of Ireland and Spain. According to Facebook, if they enabled this feature for some other countries then the users who got this feature won’t be able to show it to their international friends. As a result of a survey it was found that people of Spain and Ireland are the most isolated ones and have the least amount of international friends which made them the perfect users to get reaction feature!
Since this announcement, everyone’s head has one question, “How to enable reactions on Facebook?” Well I have the answer to your question and with this tutorial I am going to share how you can enable reactions on Facebook even if you don’t live in Ireland or Spain. And believe me, enabling Facebook reactions is as easy as 1,2 and 3.

How to Enable Facebook Reactions

  • To enable Facebook reactions you need to be on Chrome or Firefox.
  • Now log out of your Facebook account
  • Go to and create an account for yourself
  • After creating your account, download their VPN extension for Chrome or Firefox, depends on what browser you are using. This is the most important step to enable reactions for your facebook account.
  • After you have installed Hola, open it and choose the location of Ireland as the country you would like to browse from.
  • Now open
  • Voila! There you have Facebook Reactions enabled for your account!

But one important thing you should know is that reactions would be only available to you, if you want your friends to see them then you need to tell them as well how to enable reactions for facebook account from anywhere!
Hope this post was helpful for you, but if you get any problem then tell us in the comment section below.


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