How to Embed MS-DOS Games in Twitter

Twitter, the social media king is growing day-by-day. Yes, it is the same community where people try to express everything they want to say within 140 characters. The site became a lot popular in a short period of time and since then, it is trying to evolve itself. Recently Wired discovered that you can embed MS-DOS games in twitter which are available in an exclusive archive of MS-DOS games by Internet Archive.

Play MS-DOS Games on Twitter

Here is a sample game which you can try yourself! Just click on that preview and it will start loading!

How does it works?
If you are an avid twitter user and have been using it for a long time then I am sure you might be knowing the one of the twitter’s feature known as Rich-media Cards. Rich Media Cards are a kind of thumbnail which displays the photos, videos and Gifs in a viewable form from the links in the tweet.
MS-DOS games in twitter follow the same principle of rich-media cards which converts the link of the MS-DOS game derived from Internet Archive’s collection. The rich-media card allows MS-DOS game to run with the help of open-source MS-DOS emulator named DOSBox along with Javascript, this allows you to run the game in the browser itself, although when you start the game it takes some time to load the necessary resources but after that it is smooth as butter! Now the question comes how to embed the games on your twitter handle?

How to Embed MS-DOS Games in Twitter?

Adding MS-DOS games on twitter as easy as pressing Ctrl  + C and Ctrl + V! Literally, it is the same. All you need to embed the MS-DOS game into your tweet is just copy the link of the game from Internet Archive’s archive of MS-DOS games which have been created by Jason Scott who is an activist as well as a technology historian and paste into your tweet.
So, all you need to do is to head to the archive  and then just copy the link of the game you want to embed and then paste the same in your tweet, rest would be managed by Twitter itself!


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