How to Disable Ads on Windows 10 Lock Screen

Microsoft introduced a very user friendly interface with Windows 10. This included a beautiful and very attractive Windows 10 Lock Screen. On this Lock Screen the wall paper is changed every time you turn on your computer. But not long ago Microsoft also started to push ads on Windows 10 Lock Screen. It made the Lock screen all the more colorful but then again not everyone appreciated it. Nobody wants to see the unintended ads on their login screen of their computers. For all the people who does not like these ads on their Lock Screen of Windows 10 below is the solution to this problem.

Disable Ads on Windows 10 Lock Screen:

The advertisements shown by Microsoft mainly includes the new products on windows Store. This means that if any developer or a company with a new paid app has enlisted their app on Windows 10 Lock Screen, you will see the ad of that app on your Lock Screen of Windows 10. At the start there were no apps on the lock screen, but as the users of Windows 10 has increased so has the unwanted ads of new apps on the Lock Screen.
For the users of Windows 10, they should be aware that they can customize the appearance of their Lock Screen with three options. These options namely are Spotlight, Picture and Slideshow. If the user use Spotlight to customize the Lock Screen, then Windows can show unwanted ads on your Lock Screen. Meaning that if you use Windows Spotlight to apply a wallpaper on your Lock Screen from third party sources, you may surprisingly find unwanted ads instead of the pictures you intended to see from the selected sources.
So we have devised a trick to disable these unwanted ads on you Windows 10 Lock screen.

How to Disable ads on Windows 10 Lock Screen:

To disable these ads, you must follow the steps below.

  • Press Win + I to open the new setting panel on Windows 10.
  • Find the option of Personalization from different options presented to you
  • Select the option named Personalization to go further in its settings
  • Find the option of Lock Screen on the next page and click on it

You must have chosen Windows Spotlight by default if you see the ads we need to change this.

  • Click on the drop down menu and select either Picture or Slideshow from the menu
  • Now select a picture or a range of pictures you want to see on your Lock Screen, according to the option you choose

After selecting the images, you can find another option named as ‘Get fun facts, tips, tricks and more on your Lock Screen’. Due to this option you can view ads on your Lock Screen. It is better to turn it off if you wish to stop seeing those annoying ads on your Lock Screen

  • If you have this option enabled just toggle the button to turn it off.

After all these steps you just need to do one more thing. There is no other way of doing except from the Windows 10 Lock Screen itself. On the Lock Screen there is an option of ‘Like what you see?’ just select ‘Not a fan’ from the options you will see by clicking it.
Now you are free from all the annoying and unwanted ads you previously saw on your Microsoft Windows 10 Lock Screen. I hope these few clicks did the trick for you. As it is the easiest way of getting rid of these ads on your Lock Screen you were smashed before by Microsoft.


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