How To Create ifttt Recipes – Guide for Dummies

We’ve already covered a lot about ifttt and some of its really helpful ifttt recipes tricks. Here are some of the examples, if you are not aware about how powerful ifttt and ifttt recipes can be. You can automate the backup of Facebook Photos to Dropbox, or why not try integrating the Instagram photos backup to Dropbox. These are some mere examples for how you can automate any possible task on Internet using ifttt. Though, you can choose already created tasks known as ifttt recipes, but you should learn too, how to create ifttt recipes for your own. It’s easy and one powerful web app on the internet, as it can automate some pesky tasks you don’t want to do on a daily basis.
It’s one kind of programming, but hey, you don’t have to get dirty with those programming codes, symbols and program basics which might even faint you. Consider it as a light programming. Here’s how to go ahead.

How to Create Your Own ifttt Recipes

If you are already an ifttt user, good, login to your account. Newbies, please create one account on ifttt. From the ifttt dashboard, click on Create a task. On a new window(a big ifthisthanthat, right?), click on the that big this link.

Step 1: Choose a Trigger Channel

Choose Trigger Channel to Create Ifttt Recipes
Now choose one trigger, if you are using it for the first time, then you’ve to authorize in order to let ifttt access your data from the trigger channel chosen. So please activate, grant access and authorize the channel you’ve chosen. Like I’ve chosen Facebook Pages.

Step 2: Choose a Trigger

Choose a Trigger for Your Ifttt Recipes
Through Facebook Pages as a trigger channel, you can automate few tasks which are listed below.

  • New status message on page
  • New link post on page
  • New photo on page

So these are some tasks you can automate if you choose Facebook pages as a trigger channel. Now from that, I choose “New photo on page”.

Step 3: Complete Trigger Fields

Complete Trigger Fields for the Recipes
Now, we’ve to create trigger fields. By trigger fields we mean, what other web application you want to use for the automation of task. We are actually looking for another application required here to connect with Facebook Pages(Trigger Channel chosen in Step 1). So click on big “that” link.

Step 4: Choose Action Channel

Choose Action Channel for Ifttt
Now choose the action channel or the other web service which you would like to connect with Facebook Pages for automation purpose. I choose Dropbox here.

Step 5: Choose an Action

Choose an Action for the Recipe
There’s only one action, which can be used for automation between Facebook Pages and Dropbox. And that’s,

  • Add file from URL.

Upon automation, this will download all your Facebook Pages photos to one of your Dropbox folder.

Step 6: Complete Action Fields

Complete Action Fields
Now this is a bit complicated step, as here we’ve to complete the action similar to what we deal with functions in programming. Now, we’ve two fields here.

  • File URL
  • Dropbox Folder path

For the File URL, from the drop down(in sidebar), choose the appropriate action. I chose “Photo Source URL”
And for Dropbox Folder path, set the Folder path, where you want it to be stored on your Dropbox account. And click on the big button “Create action”.

Step 7: Create & Activate

How to Create Ifttt Recipes and Activate it
Now, we are done creating the ifttt recipe, you can add the description here, if you want to made this newly created ifttt recipe public by displaying in ifttt recipe. Just add, what it does, so that people can have a mere idea about its working. And finally, click on “Create task”.
Once the ifttt task is activated, then, every time your upload a photo to your Facebook Fan Page timeline, it will be downloaded to the associated Dropbox account.
Keep your ears to the ground, I’ll soon compile a list of some really useful ifttt recipes.


  1. Is there a way to create a recipe that converts a powerpoint saved in one dropbox file to a pdf and then place it in another dropbox file?

  2. How can I get IFTTT to execute three recipes with the SAME trigger IN THE ORDER I desire?
    For instance, I have a single (#lostphone) trigger that executes three recipes when I send a SMS to IFTTT that should do the following in the order shown below:
    1. Turns up my Android phone’s volume to 100%, then
    2. Calls my phone with a “Lost phone” voice message to whoever answers the call, then
    3. Send a SMS message to my Android phone with a “Lost phone” text message to whoever reads it.

  3. I am trying to use a WEMO switch with IFTTT to automate charging a 12V batter once a month fo 24 hours.
    My WEMO switch is not being detected by IFTTT and there
    are several old recipes that I am unable to remove or
    Delete from my IFTTT directory.
    I have created two recipes for this task.
    1. Turn on WEMO switch on the same date an time ever mont
    2. The second recipe is designed to turn the WEMO
    switch off the next day of each month
    These recipes are not detected by IFTTT and I am unable to delete them from the IF directory.


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