How to Create Greeting Cards in MS Word 2007/2010

    Greeting cards are some thing like that by which you can express your words and emotions to your loving persons with colors. There are tons of website to download the greeting cards. Some services also allow you to create your own greeting cards with some limited options. But if you really want to make a greeting card with your won meanings, the hand made greetings are awesome. And here the MS word can help you to create your own hand made greeting cards for your loving persons- be it for Christmas Eve or Valentine’s Day.

    In this guide, I will be telling the procedure step-by-step for MS Word 2007. Though, you can also use Word 2010.
    In general, the greeting cards are folded in middle i.e it has front, inner and back portions. In Word, flip to Page Layout tab from the main ribbon. Under Page Layout, click the Orientation button and select Landscape.

    Under the same, click on the Column button then select Two.

    To view the whole page head to View tab and select One Page.

    You can see the cursor is currently at the left side of the page and which is actually the back of your card. Place the cursor at the center of the page and type something you wish. For example,  My Own Card Inc.

    Press the Enter key for several times until the cursor reaches to the top of the right half of the page. The right-half section is actually the front section of your card.
    Now, choose a cool font and type the greeting like: Happy Christmas Day, etc.
    Again, set your cursor leaving a couple of lines and head to the Insert tab under the main ribbon, then click on Clip Art.

    Once you are done, you should see the Clip Art pane at the right side of the window along with the search box. You can search the clip art according your need from the search box. Make sure that you are connected with internet.

    Type whatever you wish in the search box and hit Enter. The search results appear at the bar. Double click on any graphics to embed in your card. At this stage the card should look like this:

    While you’re completely satisfied with front section of your card, keep pressing the Enter key until the cursor reaches to a new page. The new page is the inner section of your card. Add graphics or texts that you want at the left side as well as at the right side.
    Note: In Word, you might be facing some problem with placing the graphics. To easily place in your card, right-click on the graphics and then select Text wrapping > Tight.
    The inner side of your card should look like this:

    Again, clicking on View > Two Pages will show the actual view of your card.

    In the above snapshot, the left part contains the front and back portion of your card and the right side contains the left and right part of inner side of the card.
    Once you are done, print it into both side of a high quality page. You can make your card more attractive, appealing and professional by adding a sweet and wonderful color combination.
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    1. Have just gone through your sequence for making a greetings card.I found it very easy to follow (I am a beginner in computing) and it is so flexible in that it can be adapted for almost any greeting.It is so much better to send a personalized card.Thank you.

    2. Thank you so much! After saving ideas for pet loss cards for yrs I found the poems to bulky to send with graphic card, but also had trouble finding those cards. Really is comforting to send something pertinent to a grieving ‘doggie dad’to know someone cares. Thank you again!


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