How to Copy Un-selectable Text on Android

There are many operating systems for smart phones and tablets. But without any doubt, Android stands in the first row. But whichever the operating system there will always a shortcoming for some users. Most of the users find all they need in Android for every operation and function. But many of these users need more than one solution to their problems. As for this feature, a problem faced by many Android users is copying the text that is un-selectable. This means a text that cannot be selected over different websites or any other in your Android.
A common shortcoming that is faced by the smart phone users is to copy text from different places. For example, you want to send a description of a video or any other text to your friend as a message for any reason but you cannot do it because the text is un-selectable.  There are many pages on the internet which do not offer selectable text, so you cannot copy and paste the text as you will. On computer this copy paste action is pretty simple by selecting the text through your mouse but on your android phone it gets really tough and sometimes impossible.
Many people face problem in copying the description off of the YouTube videos. By default, Android phones are not programed to select and copy the text in YouTube video description. For this purpose, you can use a third party software. this software is known with a name or Universal Copy. It is a freeware app available on Google Play Store. This app can be downloaded on Android 4.1 or any later version. This app is very easy to use and very helpful in selecting the un-selectable text.

How to copy un-selectable text on Android using Universal Copy

As mentioned above it is a very easy to use app and its operations don’t include any complex or many features. The only function it has been developed for is to select the un-selectable text from any place on your Android phone.
To copy the text with the Universal copy you need to follow the following steps.

  • First of all, you need to go to the Play Store to download and install the app.
  • Once it has been installed, open the app by tapping on the icon on your Home Screen
  • When the app is opened now you can see a Start Screen. On the top of the start screen, there will be an option named as Enable or Disable Universal Copy.

universal copy android

  • Enable the app by toggling the button in front of the option.
  • When the button is toggled a pop up message will appear on the screen with an option to Open Settings, click on the option.
  • By clicking on the option you will be taken to the Accessibility options, here you need to enable the app so that it can overwrite on any app.

Now your Universal Copy is enabled on your Android device. As it is enabled you will have an option appearing in the notification center to enable it for a particular time when you need it. You may click on this option whenever needed in a particular app.
For Example, you want to copy a description a You Tube video. You will have to do a simple procedure. Just open the desired video in the YouTube app. Now open the notification center and tap on the option to enable it. Once enabled now you can copy any text to the clipboard. What you need to do is that tap and hold on the text you need to copy and the whole area will be lit up while the other things will get blur. Then an option will pop up tap on the option to copy the text.
As the text is copied to the clipboard by taping on the copy button. Now you can paste it where ever you want, and even whenever you want. Through this option, it is also possible to select a particular text from a swarm of text through this app.
That’s the full procedure to use this small yet useful app. I hope it works for you and your problem is rather solved through this.



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