Check Internet Speed Through Top Five Online Tools

Are you an avid internet user? You can’t live without internet? If so, you would like to check out your Internet speed whether it is enough or not for your needs. These 21st century people are smart enough at their internet life. Folks are now living their lives at various social media like Facebook, Google plus etc. But if you want to get most out of the social sites like Facebook video calling or Google plus hangout, you should have a good internet connection.
Tips: Speed Up Your Slow Internet Connection & Speed Up Dial-Up Internet Connection.

Not only the social media but also people are now too much reliable on cloud computing. Saving important document files at the cloud is more reliable than your local hard disk. Again Google docs can be a good replacement for your desktop office tool as you can get access to your documents through Google docs from anywhere on the go. But all the things need a good internet speed to work properly.Therefore, check your internet speed before you start accessing internet for a better cloud life.
Here we are offering 5 best sites to check your internet speed which will help you to make it sure that you are having a good internet speed according to your data plan.


This is one of the best sites for measuring the internet speed of internet connection from the server. You should have Java installed in your computer to make it work. After visiting this website, you can select the server from the world map.The test results from the nearby servers are more accurate. So its is recommended that you always choose a nearby server according to your service provider.
Basically, this is a website doing the test for your Internet speed automatically and process the data for the nearest server from your location. It will test the upload as well as the download speed for the internet connection. check-internet-connection-speed


This website will test for the internet connection speed and compare the test result with other users. After testing the internet speed it will create a chart illustrating the time taken to download a file through your internet connection. Apart from just testing the internet connection, it also has tools like Virus Scan Software, Spyware, IP Address look up, etc.


This one is quite simple to test your internet speed. The website will show you the Download Speed and Upload Speed result just by clicking on ‘START TEST’ button.
bandwidthplace speedtest -check-internet-connection-speed


This is another way to check your internet speed. Although it take some more time with respect to the above websites but it provides more exact data of internet connection speed. Therefore, I think it is the best in this business. This website will also help you to get the exact result of internet speed by providing you some important tips.

5. Broadband Speed Check

This website has the user interface with two speedometers. One displays the internet connection speed where as the other will show you the details of progress result of last test. Alike other websites it also shows you the test results of both the Download and Upload speed.
broadband speedcheck-check-internet-connection-speed
If you really interested to know your Internet Connection Speed then go ahead and check it by tapping on the links provided. You are free to choose any one of them as almost all above websites are good.


  1. My favorite for some time has been, which also has a host of tools and articles for analyzing and optimizing your “system performance, with areas including Broadband Internet connections, Windows, Overclocking, all targeted towards a technically aware audience… …stressing on improving TCP/IP performance over high speed/latency networks.”
    I’ve found them to be the most accurate and most helpful of the various speed test sites I’ve encountered. If you sign up for a free account (no spam or advertising!) they will store your speed test results “indefinitely” and you can check the difference from various locations, different computers, etc. over time.
    (Nope – don’t work for ’em – just giving credit were credit is due!)


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