How to Change Notification Priority in Windows 10 Action Center

Microsoft has launched an amazing version of Windows in summer 2015. It was distributed among millions of users for free. It might be the most spectacular operating system by Microsoft yet. The developers of this version which is known as Windows 10 included many new and distinguished features. These features gave this operating system its new identity. These features include a new start menu, Cortana, Task view, Action Centre and many more. One of the features includes the notifications from different apps on your Windows 10. The major problem faced by Window’s users is to manage these notifications. But here in this guide you will learn how to solve this problem through Windows 10 Action Centre.
Action Centre is a very great development in Windows 10. It allows you to see and manage all your notifications in one single area. This in return makes it possible for you to open or skip these notifications one by one according to your priority. It is a preinstalled feature in Windows 10 by its developers. So you do not need any other software or app for this amazing tool. Installing any version of Windows 10 will give you the access to this amazing feature.
Actions Centre has its own way of dealing with the notifications and presenting you with them. The developers programmed it in a way that it does not show you the notification when you actually receive them instead it shows you the notifications according to the apps. This thing is an advantage and can be unlike by many users at many times.
The advantage to this feature is that you can go through the notifications of one app at once and can move on to the next one later. For example, if you received 10 notifications of your Facebook app at different times and some other notifications from other apps. So you can go through your Facebook once and then you can go to the other notifications by other apps.
Meanwhile the disadvantage of this feature is that you may get notifications by the default priority set by the developers. The developers have set the priority to different apps according to them and so you will see the notifications according to that priority.
Although its set to default priorities but you can change these settings and set priority to the apps that are most important to you. Below you can find the solution to this problem. For this solution you do not need any other software or app developed by any third party. You wouldn’t even need any registry tweak. This solution requires just a few clicks to get it done. And the procedure will be carried out in the new settings panel of Windows 10. So just follow the steps described below to get notifications as you want them.

How to change notification priority in Windows 10 Action Center

This procedure is very easy and you would not have to spend much time to fix this problem. As mentioned earlier you do not need any other third party software for this solution. But one thing you should know is that you cannot change the notification priority for all the apps. Notification priority can only be changed for the regular apps which includes social media apps and built in Windows 10 apps e.g. mail, calendar etc. Just follow the steps below to open the notification settings on Windows 10 to change them.

  • On your task bar you can find an icon for Action Centre right beside the clock, click on this icon to open the Action Centre
  • If you see any notification, right click on the notification and hit Notification settings button from the menu
  • Or, you can click on the option on Settings in the Action bar, this will open up the Settings panel

  • Click on the first option in Settings Panel named as System
  • Now you can find Notifications & actions on the left side between many other options, to open the notification settings click on Notifications & Actions

Now, scroll down. Here, you can find all the apps that show notifications in Action Center. Click on any app that you want to change the notifications for. Here, you can find Priority of notifications in action center. Under that, you should get Top, High and Normal.
Select any app you wish to change priority settings for and change the priority from normal to high or vice versa.
After following this procedure, you will get your notifications according to the priority you set for them. These few clicks will make your notifications more manageable and will able you to view the notifications that you want to see. You can also enable or disable the notifications from the Notification Settings. I hope this solution works for you and you get the best out of your Windows 10.



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