How to Build Your Own Operating System

How many operating systems have you ever used? Windows, Linux, Mac OS and many more can be added into your list. But you would be wondered after knowing this that you can add your own operating system at that list.
Yes, you are reading absolutely right. You can build your own operating system with built-in software, web browsers, office suite etc.
Benefits of using your own operating system than the standard OS
No doubt, the standard operating systems from the reputed companies are complete and perfect for the users in a whole. They built their OS considering about the mass people. But in real life, we work on some special part of computing and use only some particular components of the operating system. Rest of all remain unused and they are useless for a particular user.
Now, the question that arises is whether there is any drawback of using the standard OS. The answer can be both ‘No’ and ‘Yes’.
‘No’ because the standard operating systems are standard and any user can start their computing with it believing that they will get their required components inbuilt in that OS.
‘Yes’ because the useless components create extra loads on your hardware and make your machine slow. They also take an extra space in your hard drive and consume extra memory as well.
So if you have your resources limited, better choice is using an operating system that does not waste your resource.
Here is how to build your own operating system, suitable for your light machine.

Build Your Own Operating System by SUSE studio

SUSE studio is the web application that lets you to build your own operating system within your browser. Once you build it, you can run it within all compatible devices. You can also create a live CD if you don’t want to install the application in your machine. All the workarounds are simple and easy to understand.
1. Visit the home page of SUSE studio for getting started. You can use your existing account credentials of Facebook, Twitter, Novell, Yahoo or Google account for signing in. If you do not have such any account, you can create a new Novell account or get an Open Id using the given links in that page. It will send an account verification link at your email id. Click the link and activate your account.

 OpenSuseStudio Sign-in page

2. At the next step, click on the “Create new appliance..” link.

Create new Appliance

3. Choose the platform that you want to create from the list, select 32-bit or 64-bit as your OS type, give a suitable name for your own operating system and finally press the button “Create appliance”.

Configure your Own OS

4. Now, you can add various software, choose some specific configuration for the OS, add some files etc. using the different tabs.
5. After completing the above jobs, click on the ‘Build’ tab. Here, you can select the type of the installation media of your operating system. Choose it from the drop-down menu. You can also select an additional format for the installation media. Once completed, click the ‘Build’ button and it will immediately start to prepare your OS.

Build the Operating System

After completion, you can download the file by using the given download link. That’s all. You are now ready to install your own operating system at any supporting device.



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