Get The Most Out of Dropbox

For those who simultaneously work with internet and access multiple computers from different locations, Dropbox works like a lifesaver. It is popular for its robust syncing feature and user friendly interface.
I am a great fan of Dropbox as it made my cloud computing safe and easier. Initially, Dropbox gives you a free space of 2 GB on the cloud to store your data. But surprisingly, that 2 GB free space can be utilized in various way to make things easier, advanced and reliable. You can implement Dropbox in your cloud life as well as in daily needs. Here is some tips to make the most of Dropbox.
1. Remotely shutdown a PC from a mobile phone: Most of us often forget to shutdown computer at our workplace and realize about that after returning home. You do not have any choice to turnoff your computer without going back to office or asking some one else.

Dropbox could help you in that scenario and you could able to shutdown your office computer remotely from your mobile phone. Learn how to remotely shutdown computer using mobile phone.
2. Schedule WordPress Database backup: The database is the heart of your blog and you should always protect it from any kind of disaster. But there is no guaranty that you will always be able to protect the database as all the things are not in your hand. Suppose, your hosting server got a serious problem and lost all its hard memory. Then you will have nothing left without chopping your own head.
So, it is always recommended to keep the backup of database routinely. But if you don’t like the damn boring backup task every day manually, you can setup your Dropbox to schedule the WordPress Database backup to Dropbox. This scheduled backup will stored at your local hard drive and cloud as well which reduces the chances of losing your database backup in any case. read the complete tutorial for scheduling WordPress Database backup to Dropbox.
3. Send or upload Email attachments to your Dropbox: Some emails as well as the attachments are very essential and you should store them safely. But manulally downloading the attachments to your computer and saving them one by one is a tedious task. Here is Dropbox to help you. You can automatically send / upload the attachments of the email from a particular address to Dropbox. Here is how to send email attachments to Dropbox.
4. Sync Google Docs Documents with Dropbox: Editing Google Docs document offline and syncing them with multiple computers would be possible with the help of Dropbox. This approach also ensures the security of your Google docs account. Learn how to Sync Google Docs with Dropbox.
5. Sync Windows Live Writer Local Drafts Across multiple computers: If you are a blogger and use Windows Live Writer for editing your blog posts then you might be feeling the crisis of the synchronizing feature of the local drafts across multiple computers. But you can configure your computer as well as Windows Live Writer with Dropbox to sync local drafts across multiple computer. Read the detailed tutorial on Syncing of local drafts in Windows Live Writer.
6. Allow blog readers to upload files to your Dropbox: If you have a blog and want to allow your readers to upload their files to your Dropbox, you can create an upload page for your blog . The code was originally developed by Jaka Jancar and modified by Read more in details.
Though Dropbox provides only 2GB of space for the free users, you can still cross the limit by running multiple instances of Dropbox.
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  1. As a (former) Dropbox user I’d like to recommend SugarSync as an alternative way to backup and sync your data in the cloud. Free accounts provide 5GB of disk space and you can choose which folders to sync in your hard drive, not only one single dropbox.
    If anyone wants to register for an account, feel free to use my referral link that will add 500 MB further bonus to both mine and your account 🙂


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