How to Fix Windows 7 Problems with One Click

If you use Windows 7, you need to fix several problems that you face over time. You might face the problems like “Command prompt has been deactivated by administrator” or “Registry editor has been deactivated by administrator” which are very common in Windows 7. Again, it is very hard to find out the problems and fix them one-by-one. FixWin is an awesome tool which fixes Windows 7 with one click.
This tiny utility can fix almost 50 types of common problems in both Windows 7 and Windows Vista. So, if you get any problem in Windows 7 ( the list of possible fixes are given later in this article), you can give it a try.
About FixWin
The application FixWin was developed by Mr. Ramesh Kumer who works for this site. This tool is very small in size ( 529 KB) and it is portable. It does not need any installation and can be run in any Windows 7 or Vista computer.

How to Fix Windows 7 in One Click with FixWin

Download FixWin from here and unzip it at any where you wish. Run the executable file and you will see the welcome screen. It is recommended that you scan your system files using FixWin before going for any particular fix. Run the tool and click the ‘System File Checker Utility’ button.
system file scan with fixwin
Once completed, it will ask for a reboot. Reboot your computer and the corrupted system files (if any) will be replaced automatically.
If it does not solve your problem, you can choose your problem from the list which are categorized at the left side of the welcome screen.
fix windows 7 problems
Here are some common errors or problems it can handle.

  • It fixes the problems with task manager, command prompt, registry editor when those are deactivated by virus attacks.
  • It can Fix the problem with the windows explorer at the start up.
  • Fixes CD or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other applications.
  • Fixes ‘run-time errors’ in Internet Explore.
  • Fixes the internet connection problems. It fixes the problems when TCP/IP configurations are reset to default.
  • Reset Windows Media Library and library sync issues.
  • Automatic Update is not working for Windows media player.
  • Reset System Restore to Defaults. When creating restore point, you may get a message: “System Restore has been turned off by group policy. To turn on System Restore, contact your domain Administrator”.
  • Fix ‘Aero Snap is not working’.
  • Fix ‘Aero Shake is nor working’.
  • Fix ‘Aero peek is not working’.

Identify the problem of your computer from the list under the appropriate category shown at the left side of the FixWin window and click the ‘Fix’ button’ to fix windows 7 problems.
Restart your computer after each problem recovery to get the perfect result. According to the author, restarting the computer after five or six fixes is not a good practice.
Using this utility does not guaranty the recovery from any serious problem. Try to find out the exact problem and its solution. If nothing works for you, try to Repair Your Windows 7 by System Repair Disc.


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