Fight Malware On Chrome With Software Removal Tool

Google released Software Removal Tool that fights malwares on Google Chrome. If you’re one of those user that choose Recommended Installation instead of Custom Installation process, while installing the newly downloaded random third-party software/tool. Chances are, that it’d install few other web browser utilities and browser add-on, tool-bars that adds to our woes and worries.
All these unwanted web browser add-on, tool-bars, utilities pops-up at unusual times and hinder your work flow. If you’re new to the technology and all things computer, you’d be wasting your worthy time rectifying the issue.
Google chrome software removal tool beta
To save you a lot of hassle and pain, Google released a Software Removal Tool for chrome users, which lists all the malicious add-on, tool-bars and other start-up pages that affects the working of Google Chrome.
Though, if you’re well versed with Google Chrome and know your way around computers, you’d remove all those web browser add-on and tool-bars manually, but it’s nice to have a Software Removal Tool that lists down all the programs known to cause problems with Chrome and promise to remove them in a minute.
There’re few things you should know while you use Chrome’s Software Removal Tool.

How To Remove Add-on, Tool-bars Using Chrome’s Software Removal Tool

Software Removal Tool works more like a portable utility that looks out for malwares, add-on and tool-bars that alters browser settings and hinder the work-flow.
google chrome software removal tool for windows
Download Google Chrome’s Software Removal Tool and run it. It’d immediately scans your computer system for suspicious programs. It’s in beta and only available for Windows users.
A message will be displayed post scan, displaying all the suspicious programs, which could be removed upon clicking Remove suspicious programs. Once the removal is complete, the process is complete. It’d either ask you to restart Google Chrome or reboot your system, if needed.
reset software removal tool for google chrome
Add-on, tool-bars are few of the creepy software are sane and safe in the eyes of your Computer Antivirus programs, but you know it, they’re not the one you probably need on your system.
If you’re not geeky enough, if you’re not sure how these tool-bars and web browser add-on end up on your system Software Removal Tool is for you.


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