How to Enable Face Recognition Login With Windows [Security Tip]

The face recognition is a good authentication system which makes your confidential files or folders more secured. Having the face recognition login system with the Windows computer ensures that no one can break into your system without you as there is no chance of stealing your log-in password. In the earlier of this decade, this was a myth for the general computer users since the use of webcams or any security camera with compute was rare.
But, from the last 2-3 years, the usage of webcam has been grown significantly. Almost every laptop or note book is now featured with an inbuilt webcam which can be used for not only communicating with your friends but also integrating the face recognition log-in system with Windows or other operating systems easily and costlessly.
If you do not have any inbuilt webcam with your computer (Desktop PC or older laptops) you can always assemble a webcam (is not so much costly these days) with it.

Preparing Face Recognition Log-in with KeyLemon

To setup the facial recognition authentication system at your computer, you need a simple software called as KeyLemon. It is small in size and easy to install. No complicated stuffs are needed. Here is the step-by-step guide.
Install KeyLemon

  1. Download the utility called as KeyLemon from here. Choose the appropriate version of your system when downloading the tool (a MAC version of the tool is also available).
  2. Once downloaded, run the application, choose your preferred language (I prefer English) and click the ‘Next’ button.
  3. In the next wizard, you mast be agree with the license agreement to use this utility. So, check the box to agree with the agreement and click ‘Next’.
  4. Now, choose the location where you want to install this app or simply live it as it is and click ‘Next’.
  5. In this step, you can choose the start menu folder and whether to create a shortcut or not. Once decided, click the ‘Install’ button.
  6. Once completed, click the ‘Finish’ button.

Create the Face Model with KeyLemon

As soon as you complete the installation part and run the application for the first time, the webcam at your device automatically gets activated and the face model creation wizard appears. This face model will be used for the authentication when logging into the Windows. Sit carefully in front of your webcam and follow these guidelines.

  • Make sure that the light of your room is not too much strong.
  • Your face gets fitted completely and clearly into the shape which appears into the wizard.
  • Do not move your body, try to be still.

Now, the application will capture your face model and a green tick will appear to tell you that every thing did happen without any issue. This will also activate the ‘Create new face model’ button, click on it.

Enable Face Recognition Login in Windows

Next, the app will be checking your face model. Look into the camera and see whether the green bar is close to the top. More green the bar is, the more perfect your face model is. Click the ‘Next step’ button.

face model quality for Windows face recognition

Now, your profile with your face model has been created. You can give a different profile name or keep the profile name as same as the current user name. You can also put the current user password to add this face recognition to the current session.

face thumbnails for Face Recognition Login

You are done! Press the [Win + L] key combination from your keyboard to check whether the new authentication system does work. You should find the new login system has been added in to the login screen. Look into the camera and you will be logged in within a few moments.

face recognition login Windows 7

How to Improve Your Face Model

However, even if you can get into your system through the face recognition without any problem, you can always improve your face model database to make the app work better. To improve the face model data, go to KeyLemon Control Center from the start menu and choose ‘Improve’ under ‘Profile’.


The latest version of KeyLemon works for Windows 7, Vista and Windows 8. But, it recently stopped releasing the app for Windows XP. If you want to use KeyLemon at Windows XP, you can download an earlier version from here.
Should you keep in mind that KeyLemon doesn’t kill the traditional login system. You can always log into your computer with the usual password input method. Forgot the Windows 7 Login Password? – Reset it without password reset disk.



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