How to Export Download Backup Instagram Photos

Instagram, a famous photo sharing application that allows users to take photos which can tweaked using many digital filters, further for sharing on number of social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and including Instagram’s own network.
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It differs from so-called another similar application and offers unique features and more, you’ll get to know more about it, if you could get to try your hands on it. Initially, it was only available for iPhone or other Apple products, but recently Instagram debuted its Android app and is now available on Android smartphone running on Android OS v2.2 and above.
So that was a quick prelusion about Instagram, but that’s not what we are here for. We are here to secure all your photos that you took using the Instagram application. There are not many options available for us to export, download, backup photos from Instagram application, but is the web service that allows us to export, download, backup our memories which we captured using the Instagram application. So how to Backup, Download, Export photos from Instagram application.

How To Export Download Backup Instagram Photos

It’s easy, as the two services are different from each other, we’ve to connect and bridge the gap between the two services. Here’s how you can go ahead.

instagram grant access

  • Sign into Instagram account and grant to access your Instagram account information.
  • Now the two accounts are connected.
  • Now choosing the export service, you can either download all your photos to your local disk in a .zip file, plus by time, there would be more functions using which you can download share all your photos to other social networks like Facebook, Flickr, Google Plus and more. Click on Start Export button to start the export.instagram photos download
  • If you want to download, share or backup selected Instagram photos, you can use the Advanced Options which provides plenty of features. Please be patient, as exporting photos from Instagram can take time. Once it’s done, a link will appear, using which you can download the whole set to your local drives.
  • Either download all, dated between, last few photos and more. Most of the much-needed options are covered in Advanced option menu.
  • Last Option is a bit unique and quite a nice feature, using which you can download all your photos sharing a specific tag. Good option if you are a Instagram user and categorize your photos based on Tags, which offers easier downloading. is in early stages I think, as they are working to cover more features, till then stay tuned.
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