ES File Explorer Review: Most Powerful Android File Manager

The present day smart phone user often faces a number of issues related to operating their phones in a hassle free manner. Although, technology has brought us closer to accessing the power of reaching the world in an instant, most smart phone users tend to develop a sense of dissatisfaction with their phones over periods of continued usage. The major reason that can be attributed to this dismay is slow and lagged performance of phones, owing to which, a user has to suffer discontent. Most users fail to realize that their phones are capable of operating smoothly and efficiently at all times, provided they are equipped with a manger that can remove unwanted files and keep the system secure. ES File App comes to your rescue with its unique features that enable a user to manage phone applications in a sophisticated manner. ES File is an application available free of cost and acts as a full featured resource manager for your smart phone. It offers a host of features to its users which can be used to customize the operations of the application on the phone.

Topmost Features of ES File Explorer App

The homepage feature of ES File Explorer is designed to display a detailed synopsis of the contents of your phone. Here, you can easily view the number of images, videos, documents, and applications etc., presently stored in your internal and external memory combined. You also get to view the storage capacity and available capacity of your phone storage. A user can also access various tools available with the application on this screen.
Sending files
This feature of the application permits a user to easily transfer files to target network in an instant. The user gets the benefit of instant sharing of files between another user and a network instead of waiting for low speed of Bluetooth transfer.
ES File cleaner
The ES cleaner detects wasteful storage in the phone and displays the results to users and also provides the option to choose the junk that a user wishes to remove from their phones. The feature categorizes the junk into different categories like Recycle, residual junk, obsolete APK’s, Ad junk and download junk. The feature displays a list of files that is advisable for the user to clean so that their phone can run on optimum speed.
The cloud feature of ES file enables a user to add server networks on their phones so that they can maintain their data over a cloud across various devices. A cloud network offers various benefits to a user. The requirement to access different devices over and over again is diminished. Adding a new server is easy and can be done in an instant.
Remote Manager
ES File Review by users reveals that users find it most convenient to make use of the ES File explorer application for remote management utility. The application allows users to connect their network with a PC system to collaborate work across multiple devices. Setting up this feature on the phone is simple and easy and can be done in a minute’s time.
Network selection
The ES File explorer enables a user to select various networking options from their phones. All that a user has to do is to scan for available networks that are compatible with his phone. One the system scans and identifies available networks and further displays a list of those networks which can be further used to operate on the phone. The application even categorizes these networks as LAN, Cloud, FTP, Android TV etc.
Adding to the customization of the application is the windows feature that lets a user select the different views of the screens from available options. Users can choose to create new screens, make a default screen and close other irrelevant screens.
The sidebar on the home screen of ES File explorer enables a user to select different features and tools available with the application. The sidebar provides an exhaustive option for selection of tools to operate the application.
Local application display
The application display screen gives the user an opportunity to view and select respective folders of various applications installed on their phones. As per the ES file review, users find this feature a highly convenient option to instantly view the contents of various applications stored in the internal and external storage. It gives them an idea of junk existing in specifics apps which can otherwise be removed to enhance the performance of the phone.
User applications
This feature not only enables a user to view the applications installed on their phone but also allows them to control the operating behavior of each application individually as per user’s usage of the application. The application precisely displays the current version of the application along with the memory capacity utilized by the app. Also, the user has the option to view specific permissions granted to the app and the option to uninstall and lock the app.
Final Say
With over 300 million downloads all around the globe, ES File review has revealed in combination that users have found this application highly useful for their smart phones. ES file Explorer has set a trend on the Android platform for being the perfect file managing application. Supported in more than thirty languages, ES File review has found a favorable spot with users using Android. The reason for the immense popularity of the application is that it acts as a multi-purpose application providing the benefits of file management, application management, task killer and cloud storage client.
It is compatible with DropBox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Yandex and many more apps. The utility of this application lies in collaborating all documents and files from your phone across your PC systems as well as sharing them over Wi-Fi and telecommunication networks. ES File explorer also offers a host of other applications in sync with this app such as ES App locker, ES task manager and more that add utility for a user. Here is a short Video about ES File Explorer:


  1. I used to love this program but I had to drop it recently after an update installed “ES App Locker”. It seems to have installed this without prompting me and there was no way to disable the annoying ‘feature’ without remove ES File Explorer completely.


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