How to Enable Voice Calling on WhatsApp For Android

WhatsApp is about to roll out free voice calling features for Android with the version of 2.11.508 so that users can call their friends in their WhatsApp contacts or anybody without leaving WhatsApp. We’ve been informed that many WhatsApp users were able to use the WhatsApp voice calling feature on their android phone after getting a call from their friends who’re already using this service. Here is the complete tutorial to activate Voice Calling Feature on WhatsApp for Android.

How to Activate WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature on Android

The voice calling feature is there in the latest build of WhatsApp which you can download from its official website. As this feature is still in beta testing mode, not everyone would get this with their Android devices just by downloading and installing the latest version of WhatsApp. If you don’t know how to enable it, follow this tutorial.
Minimum Requirements
The minimum requirements to get this feature on your Android device is as follows:

  • Android OS version – 2.1 or above
  • Tablet devices are not supported
  • An internet connection

Once you meet the above criteria, you can start getting this feature at your device. The first thing you need to do is updating your app to its latest version.

One can download the latest version of WhatsApp by clicking on this link.

Update to latest version of WhatsApp to enable voice calling
Once downloaded, tap on the file to install it on your Android phone. After the successful installation, WhatsApp calling feature should be automatically activated on your device.
WhatsApp Voice Calling is activated
Now, you need to find one of your friends who are already using this feature and ask him/her to call you at WhatsApp. Once your friend calls, the WhatsApp voice calling will automatically included into your app screen with the grant of inviting other friends at your contact list for the same feature.
Enable WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature on Android
But as I told earlier that this feature is still in beta mode, you might not get this activated at your Android device even after you followed the above steps. In that case, you can follow an alternative trick to activate the WhatsApp Voice Calls, but you need to have a rooted Android device.
So, if you’re ready to root your device, follow the tutorial below.

How to Enable Voice Calling on WhatsApp For Android [Root Required]

As of now, the trick has some barriers. Just like this – it can only be executed on rooted Android device. Other mobile users cannot use it now. They may have to wait until it is launched globally.
To enable WhatsApp voice calling, you need two things. First, obviously WhatsApp. Just make sure it is the latest version.
Secondly, ES File Explorer File Manager which is an all-in-one file explorer for Android.
If you have already installed this application, go ahead. Open up ES File Explorer File Manager and enable “Root Explorer”. To do so, just swipe from left to right, expand “Tools”, scroll down and tap on Root Explorer’s ON/OFF button.
Enable root explorer on Android to activate voice calling on WhatsApp
Now, navigate to the following path.
Device >> data >> data >> com.whatsapp >> shared_prefs
On this screen, you can find some .xml files. Open com.whatsapp_preferences.xml file using the ES File Explorer File Manager app.
open XML file
Tap on the menu button and select Edit.
edit XML file
Go to the bottom and you can find the </map> tag in the last line. Just add the following lines before the </map> tag.

<boolean name="call" value="true"/>
<string name="call_allowed">all</string>

Add code to enable WhatsApp voice calling
Now, save your changes. To save, you can tap on back button and the save window will appear automatically. After that, open your stock Settings app, open Apps section and tap on “FORCE STOP” button to stop WhatsApp.
Then, open WhatsApp again. If everything is successfully done, you will get the new tab on your screen along with Chats and Contacts.
Whatsapp Voice Calling is Enabled
To call someone, just tap on the NEW CALL button that is positioned at the top navigation menu bar and select contact.
That’s it! You’ve successfully enabled WhatsApp free Voice Calling feature.

News Update for Activating WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature

There is a buzz in Reddit regarding the new calling feature of WhatsApp with some screenshots. Reportedly, this new voice calling feature allows the WhatsApp users make voice calls to their online buddies for free of cost (corresponding data transfer charges are only applied according to the data plan) by simply tapping the “Call” icon to start voice chatting with their WhatsApp friends.
The above screenshot was posted by a Reddit user, Pradnesh Patil. He said that the feature is like an invite thing where any person does not having the “voice call” feature should get a call from a person who is already using this calling feature. He also posted that it only seems to work for users running Lollipop 5.0.x on Nexus 5.

How to Activate WhatsApp Voice Calls for iOS Devices

Good news for the iOS device users. WhatsApp voice-calling feature is now available for iOS also. Here is how to enable the WhatsApp Voice-calling on your iPhone.

  • At first, download the WhatsApp beta on your iPhone. Click here to download new version of latest WhatsApp version for iOS
  • Now add iMokholes repository to the list of Cydia sources. This is mandatory so you need this step in order to get the Voice-call feature. Click here to Add iMokholes Repository to the list of Cydia sources.
  • Once you’ve added the iMokholes repository to the list, install the WhatsApp call Enabler from the Cydia Settings.Activate WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature on iPhone
  • And finally, ask someone of your friends to call you to activate the WhatsApp voice call on your iPhone or iOS device.WhatsApp Voice Calling is Activated

This calling feature is still not available for the Windows Phone users but we’re expecting that they will be able to call their WhatsApp friends very soon.
WhatsApp, which is having couples of hundred million active users, is now owned by Facebook. They are probably the largest instant messaging service having dedicated app for almost all mobile platforms. It has unveiled WhatsApp for Web just few days back.
Earlier, it let you call anybody but that was chargeable. You must had to pay the bill from your carrier. But, this new voice calling feature is absolutely for free. However, the problem is WhatsApp has not unveiled it globally. They are testing it within their developer circle. Nevertheless, if you wish, you can easily get WhatsApp voice calling feature on your rooted Android device right away. After enabling, you can certainly call anybody you want. We’re working to enable the same feature when you run WhatsApp on PC or MAC.
By enabling voice call on WhatsApp, you can call anybody at free of cost. As of now, there is no limit or any other restrictions to call someone, who is your WhatsApp friend.
The WhatsApp rival i.e. Viber has the voice calling feature since long time now. It seems WhatsApp wants to compete and overcome this particular failure by enabling free voice calling feature.
On the other hand, WhatsApp for Web is a massive fail because of tons of restrictions. In 2015, more other things are set to launch by WhatsApp. Let’s seen what works and what fails.


  1. I followed this method and I did get the calling feature but I don’t know why I can’t call anyone in my contact list when tap on calling button it shows caller id for a sec and goes away. If any one has any solution to this please let me know I’d really apriciate any help from you. 🙂

  2. I tried the whole thing not activated.My device is rooted.Whole ES File Explorer changes done nothing has activated it.Please solve it.

  3. Guys I followed the guide but changed the order of the steps, however like days before the calling feature still doesn’t work:
    1) Stop whatsapp
    2) Modify the xml file
    3) Look for this same sentence:
    As you see it says “false”, when it should say “true”, so just delete it, anyway you will add it later at the end of the file.
    4) Now add the specified sentences but now the way they should appear:
    5) Launch whatsapp
    The call tab will be enabled but even so the voice feature is not active yet. Try calling one of your friends. You’ll see.

  4. I am using WhatsApp calling feature since last 3 days. If you need invitation WhatsApp me on +918869917889. I will call you back.

    • I tried many methods. Even received calls from my colleagues. But still no use. This method worked. Thanks guys. Hoping for more future posts.

  5. I got the call tab enabled using the above instructions, but when I try to make a call, the call fails within seconds. It shows the calling screen for a second or so and then it fails suddenly. Is this happening with others also? What should I do to make it work?

  6. Hi, I managed to enable whatsapp calling through terminal emulator, and i can now see voice icon on my nexus 5.
    but when i start a call, the call is disconnected immediately, any idea?

  7. I got the three tabs but whn i take a call it closes down. I tried activating it from my friends phone but when I answer his call the call function terminates….
    can someone please help me with this..


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