DU Speed Booster Review: A Necessary App to Make Your Android Faster

Android phone users often complain about the lack of efficiency shown by their smart phones after initial usage for few months. Their intolerance with lack of performance keeps increasing until one point where a decision to switch over to another smart phone is taken and the existing phone is done over with by selling it at cheap rates.
Most users never realize that there is a quick and easy fix to their common issues with their smart phones. Very often genuine android run phones tend to get slow over time owing to wasteful usage of RAM and internal memory. The Android system works in an analogous manner as a computer operating system. To take care of cleaning and keeping your phone up to date, the new DU Speed Booster App has been developed by DU Group.
The application proves to be an essential tool to keep your Android phone clean of junk and secure it for smooth operation. With a host of vital features, the application achieves a level of favorable performance in a smart phone.

Top Features of DU Speed Booster App

Graphical interface
The application provides a user friendly and vivid interface that enables a user to operate the application frequently and effortlessly. The display of icons conveys in clear terms the various features that can be used by a user to achieve complete security boost.
Phone Boost
DU speed booster provides an excellent feature of detecting the applications running on the phone at any given point of time and calculating the memory space that can be released by shutting down those applications. In one click, the user can attain faster CPU performance by closing down unnecessary applications and removing any memory debris that exists on the phone. The feature also provides a CPU cooler that can be used to bring down the temperature of the operating system of the phone.
Trash Cleaner
The advanced trash cleaner feature of the application provides a user with the option of cleaning unwanted and useless junk from the system in a single click. The application is designed to detect the amount of MB’s that are being consumed by various applications and cleans out the junk in a jiffy. It also categorizes the junk in cache junk, system trash and memory trash, which allows a user to select the junk that they wish to remove from their phone.
App Manager
The unique app manager of DU speed booster allows the user to manage the applications installed on their phone. It provides the options to uninstall apps, install related DU apps, and move eligible applications from internal memory to SD card along with APK manager. Again, this feature enables a user to benefit one click operation.
The app specializes in providing complete security to your phone through features such as Antivirus, privacy adviser and App lock. It enables a user to secure their phone from unauthorized use and upgrade the level of security of the apps.
Network Boost
The network boost feature of the application enables a user to identify the networks and their type, operating on their phone. The app calculates the speed configurations of those networks along with calculating the downloaded and uploaded data. The user can use the boost option provided with this feature to instantly kill applications that use network speed unnecessarily, thus optimising performance of the phone. The feature also provides a report of the percentage of boost added post use of the feature.
Phone Info
Another feature of the app, phone info, enables a user to gain precise specifics about their phones. It is commonly observed that most users are not very well aware about their phones and hence are also not aware about memory wastage. This feature informs a user of every tiny detail about their phone such as CPU usage, RAM usage, ROM usage and phone signal. Users can also get details about CPU frequency, Available RAM and SD card space and firmware. An added feature with this is hardware details that let a user get complete information about their phones such as CPU, storage, GPU, Screen, Sensors and more.
User Settings
The app makes user experience more convenient more friendly by adding certain additional options for settings that makes the app highly customization as per user needs. Features like shortcuts, quick switch, float window, toolbars, scheduled booster, enable a user to choose how he wishes the app to operate on his phone.
Game booster
For all the game lovers who wish that their favorite games would run smoothly on their phones, the app provides a unique option to boost the performance of games existing on the phone and to create a separate games folder for the same. Even single boost for individual games is allowed.
Final Say
The DU secure boost app is the one stop solution to all your woes when it comes to using your smart phone conveniently. The level of customization and features offered with the app are unbeatable. Users stand to benefit immensely with the host of features provided with this app. The app can be easily downloaded on any Android operated smart phone from the play store. The multiple functions of boosting performance and securing the phone are hard to come by on any other application.
Most importantly, the level of graphical interface and multiple options enable a user to comprehend the app and their phones in a better manner. User experience has revealed a highly satisfactory response from using the app, with almost 60% level of improvement in phone performance. Thus, the application can be downloaded by users conveniently and used instantly to provide a boost to the level of performance to their phones. There are no risks associated with the use of this app as it is highly user friendly and is developed by authentic developers. The DU group also provides several other applications that aim at optimizing user experience. Users can access the group’s webpage to understand any related FAQ’s and products from them.
Check out below YouTube Video to know how DU Speed Booster makes your smart phone fast.


  1. The problem with this ‘review’ is that there is not one bit of “Before/After’ data presented. What did the phone report as apps running before and after apps were ‘closed’? What apps were actually ‘closed’ when the Network section ‘closed’ some apps? Did any of these actions actually DO anything other than show a pretty picture on the screen?


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